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Welcome to a new edition of the boot land newsletter, this time we've began using a new format to display them so I hope you like the visual changes. 

All topics are also sub-divided into sections so that it easier to read them quickly.


Every 10 PCs that switch to Windows Vista is the equivalent of taking an automobile off the road
, Words of wisdom from Microsoft itself

It's true, read the story to find out how.

Happy birthday TFTPD32, 10th year of existence

Congratulations to Philippe for his great work with this tool, visit the topic to see the gifts he made available on this birthday party.

Boot Land Userbar

How awesome is this?
boot land has it own that can be placed on member signatures - thank you benxhi.

Happy birthday Oleg_II

Many happy birthdays to a well known boot land member.

What Operating System do you use?, Likes and dislikes about your favourite OS's.

What OS do you use at work and at home?


Guides on all sort of questions that can help you get things done

Overview - "What is BootSDI"?, by the "Fantastic 4" or perhaps 4 & 1/2

An amazing piece of work for those who seek to understand the secrets behind the SDI technology and how it has been employed on Windows XP/2003 and Vista.

Install XP from USB, Prepare Bootable USB-drive with USB_MultiBoot.cmd

How about installing Windows XP from a USB pendisk instead of the CD/DVD?

Fast Booting With Windows XP, (windows XP Tips)

Another good and quick tutorial from Shirin that explains how the prefetch feature can be disabled to save boot time.

[How to] UPX compress all files in subfolder, Simple example from command line that can be used for other tasks

Here's a nifty trick to run a command line program on all files that match a wildcard.

Make Many "Portable Programs" with 2No Programs, with Universal Extractor (Autoit Progey) & WinRar

A tutorial that explains how to create your portable apps to take everywhere with you.

Project Forge

Freeware programs or projects that are published and developed by boot land members

 [tool] regCompact, Removes unused junk from registry hives

Peter has just updated this tool with some bugfixes.

LitePHP - run websites with PHP support from your CD

Nuno published a solution for running self-contained CMS or small webpages with PHP code

Vistalizator, change display language in all Vista editions

A very cool program made available from froggie, also contains the links to where you can download your language from the MS site.

UXTender 1.2, SP3 UXtheme patcher

Damian666 has published a new version of this program. UXTender can be used to patch your windows so that you can use your own themes.

Questions & Answers

How can I use internet folders as local ones?

Some nice tips and ideas to make this possible.

Automatix Alternative?

If you're a linux user then you probably know how time consuming it is to get all codecs properly installed since Automatix can be used anymore. Read this topic to get a script that does that task for you.

wb development

All discussions around wb projects, scripts and improvements.

WinBuilder 075 beta 2

A new beta version of WinBuilder was released this week, it contains several improvements when compared to the previous beta - only one detail - the webget command still needs to be improved.

BootSDI, zCopy and ImageCreator utility

The wimpack tool by nikzzzz has got improved following the suggestion made by other members.

Support for 16 bit apps

Galapo has improven this script from Smiley that allows (for example) to run DOS programs and made the updated version available on the liveXP project 

How can I use Explorer as the default shell in VistaPE v.12 beta?

Sure you can, read how.

No auto-mount hard drives

If you want to keep your encrypted partitions away from being mounted then this is a good topic to read.

MOA 2.3

A new version uploaded by Sanbarrow to support the new releases from Vmware.

Reimage distribution of boot CD

A company called ReImage is using a custom built winbuilder project to help customers create a boot disk that can be used to get online with support services. This boot disk project is freely available  on their site.

App scripts

Scripts with programs included inside that you can include in most winbuilder based projects

HashTab Windows Shell Extension
, Adds File Hash Info Tab to File Properties (mamisano)

VMware Tools e.x.p Build-91182 of VMware Workstation 6.5, (Max_Real_QNX)

Avast Virus Cleaner

Recuva 1.14.321
, Freeware file un-deleter (JonF)

MBRFix 1.0.9
, Tool for fixing & manipulating Master Boot Records (JonF)

JkDefrag with GU
I (mamisano)

These news are provided by the members on the Boot Land community. 

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