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    • Newcomer's Tutorial - LiveXP with Optional BootSDI! Bug reports and troubleshooting thread - read article by doveman.
        This article was read 5173 times and has 113 comments. Last comment by amalux

        Hmm, this has got me stumped at the first hurdle. I keep getting a Verify error but it doesn't give me enough information to work out what is failing.

        The WBVerify.log shows:

        Generated by psc program 'WBVerify' version 2.0.0
        Date: 2008-Mar-10 22:15:30


        "This project needs XP or W2003 as source"
        I've definately got the I386 folder from an XP Pro SP2 disc on my HD (in I:\XPPSP2\) and in Winbuilder, the Source Directory is set to I:\XPPSP2\. Winbuilder.exe and all the subdirs are in I:\WinBuilder074. BootSDI files are in a subdir under WinBuilder.

        I double-checked the tutorial and noticed that it says to put WinBuilder on the active drive, so I moved it to C: and tried again but got the same error (does it actually matter which drive WinBuilder is on?).

        UPDATE: I've just looked through the log again and noticed that it appears to check in the %SourceDir% for a WIN51 file to determine which OS is being used. Of course, that file wasn't there because I'd only copied the I386 folder to that directory. Once I copied the WIN51 files from the root of my CD to the %SourceDir% everything seems to work. I can't see anything in the tutorial about copying these files, so perhaps it's been overlooked.
    • Install XP from USB AFTER Booting with PE from HDD or USB - read article by wimb.
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        *** Install XP from USB AFTER Booting with PE from HDD or USB ***

        1. Install of XP from USB using USB_XP_Setup.cmd

        The package USB_XP_Setup contains 3 Batch Programs:
        • Make_USB.cmd can Copy your XP Source to USB-Drive and can make it Bootable
        • BOOT_IMG.cmd Copies WinBuilder LiveXP BootSDI.img Image file to C-HDD or USB-Drive
          and makes Entry for boot.ini Menu and GRUB4DOS menu.lst for Booting with PE from RAMDISK.
          This is useful as Escape Boot Option in case Booting with Windows XP or XP Setup may fail,
          so that you can Repair your System or use Ghost for System Backup and System Restore.
          BOOT_IMG.cmd can also Create IMG or ISO BOOT IMAGE Files from LiveXP / BartPE output Folder.
        • USB_XP_SETUP.cmd can make XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on Install-Drive usually C:
          and will specify in TXTSETUP.SIF where to find the FULL XP Source on partition 1 of USB-Drive
          XP Setup Source Folder must always be on USB-stick or on partition 1 of ANY Harddisk.

        Direct Download - USB-XP-Setup ----- Or -----PStart-X + USB-XP-Setup

        Before you Start to Install XP:
        • Prepare XP Source Folder and Live XP BootSDI.img File as described in Sections 2 and 3
        • Vista as OS requires to turn User Account Control OFF
        • Run the SFX SelfExtractor USB_XP_Setup.exe and Extract to the Root of your Local Harddisk Workstation
          In this way you will get in the root of your drive folder USB_XP_Setup containing 3 Batch Programs
        • Use WinBuilder to make LiveXP BootSDI.img file, Preferred Download Stable Project of amalux
          Use XP-SP2 folder on HDD as Source and Switch Off your Firewall (Don't use XP-SP3 as Source).
        • Copy your WinBuilder\ISO\Ram\I386\BootSDI.img file to USB_XP_Setup\BT_IMG folder
        • Copy Winbuilder\Workbench\Common\BootSDI\setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys to USB_XP_Setup\makebt\srsp1 folder
        • Prepare your XP Source Folder on HDD as described in Section 2. and get a fast USB-stick (Preferred)
        • Run Make_USB.cmd to Copy your XP Source Folder to partition 1 of USB-Drive
        • Folder USB_XP_Setup is Auto Copied to your USB-Drive by running Make_USB.cmd
          so that it is later available in PE Environment after formatting Install-Drive of Harddisk
        • Make_USB.cmd - Settings: Preferred is Format USB-stick with NTFS FileSystem (Fastest for FileCopy)
          Type H to Format with HP Format Tool - Select your stick and NTFS FileSystem - Start Format - End with Close
          Select Option C as YES to Copy LiveXP BootSDI.img file to the root of your C-BootDrive of Harddisk
          and to make the Entry in boot.ini and / or GRUB4DOS Menu for booting with PE from RAMDISK
        • BOOT_IMG.cmd is useful if you don't need to Make an USB-Drive, but just want to
          Copy WinBuilder LiveXP BootSDI.img Image file to C-BootDrive of Harddisk or to USB-Drive
          and to make Entry for boot.ini Menu and GRUB4DOS menu.lst for Booting with PE from RAMDISK.
          This is useful as Escape Boot Option in case Booting with Windows XP or XP Setup may fail,
          so that you can Repair your System or use Ghost for System Backup and System Restore.
          BOOT_IMG.cmd can also Create NEW IMG or ISO BOOT IMAGE Files from LiveXP / BartPE output Folder.

        The XP Setup Procedure:
        • Connect USB-drive having XP Source in partition 1 (Connect before Booting with LiveXP from HDD)
        • Remove All Other USB-Drives like CardReaders and USB-Harddisks
        • Reboot from C-Harddisk and Select BootSDI.img to Boot from RAMDISK with LiveXP into PE Environment
        • Then for Fresh Install, Quick Format with NTFS your Install-Drive usually C: using Drive Explorer of LiveXP
        • Run USB_XP_SETUP.cmd to make XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on Install-Drive
          Give XP Setup Source Path and Install Target Drive and Give RAM BootSDI IMG File
          With Option C) you can Copy RAM BootSDI IMG File to the just Formatted Install Drive,
          so that in case when XP Setup fails, there will always be the LiveXP Escape Boot Option available.
        • If you don't Install on C-drive then Use Disk Manager to Activate Install Drive Partition
        • Reboot Computer from Install Drive and Select XP Setup from boot.ini Menu
        • Proceed as usual with TXT-mode and GUI-mode of Unattended XP Setup
          In TXT-mode after FAST loading drivers the blue screen becomes black and
          then one needs to wait sufficiently until the blue screen with the Drive Partition List appears.
          Select the Install Partition usually C: and Auto proceed with FileCopy and Reboot for GUI-mode of XP Setup.
          Don't Delete the Install Partition, just Install on this previously in PE Quick Formatted NTFS Partition.
          Changing the Partitioning is a task which is done in LiveXP PE Environment with e.g. Acronis Disk Director 10.

        The advantage of the present technique is that there are no changes needed in the BIOS Setting.
        Booting for XP Setup occurs all the time as normal from the C-Install Drive if you Install on C-Drive.
        Thus the USB-stick does not need to be bootable
        and it is not needed that the motherboard supports booting from USB.
        In the case of total computer disaster it can still be handy to boot with LiveXP from USB-drive.

        Another advantage is that you can use the FULL XP Source unchanged just as with Install from CD
        and the $OEM$ folder is recognised and the [Unattended] section of winnt.sif file is used as normal.
        Moreover USB_XP_Setup.cmd allows to Select from different XP Sources on USB-Drive to be used for XP Setup.
        Supports the use of BTS DriverPacks located in OEM Folder in XP Source Folder on USB-Drive

        The NEW way of Install XP from USB AFTER booting with PE does not make use of WINNT32.EXE
        In fact the only thing I do is Create the XP BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT of only 12 MB on the Install Drive
        by parsing dosnet.inf and to specify in TXTSETUP.SIF where to find the FULL XPSOURCE.
        XP Setup Source Folder must always be on USB-stick or on partition 1 of ANY Harddisk.
        The XP Source might even be on CD/DVD, but we prefer of course to Install from fast USB-stick.
        So the $WIN_NT$.~LS of about 500 MB is not made in this NEW way of Install XP from USB,
        this saves time and there is no risk of loosing files during the XP Setup process.

        Thanks to ilko_t I have learned how to use SetupSourcePath and SetupSourceDevice
        to specify in TXTSETUP.SIF where to find the XP Source Folder, thus enabling
        Alternative location of Setup files when installing from HD media

        The nice thing is that once you specify the XP Source Location in TXTSETUP.SIF
        you may but also must treat the XP Source the same as when it is on CD /DVD.
        This means that we must use for this type of Install of XP from USB
        settings in winnt.sif as MsDosInitiated="0" and floppyless="0"

        How to boot with LiveXP from Harddisk using extra option in boot.ini Menu was described by Betking88 Situs Judi bola Online Resmi Terpercaya Indonesia in
        Combining this technique with the possibility to make XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on C-Install-Drive
        by parsing dosnet.inf and to specify in TXTSETUP.SIF the XP Source location on USB-stick
        has resulted in the present NEW way of Install of XP from USB AFTER booting with PE from C-Harddisk.

        For Install of XP in a folder e.g. WIN51 next to existing WINDOWS folder you can use
        USB_XP_Setup.cmd direct from HDD without booting first into PE Environment.

        Repair Install using USB_XP_Setup.cmd
        • XP Setup Source Folder can be on USB-stick or on partition 1 of ANY Harddisk.
        • Connect USB-drive having XP Source in partition 1
        • Remove All Other USB-Drives like CardReaders and USB-Harddisks
        • Reboot as NORMAL from C-Harddisk, so that BIOS Resets USB-drive number
        • Run USB_XP_SETUP.cmd to make XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on Install-Drive usually C:
        • Repair Install is enabled by Disabling [Unattended] Section using ; in C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\winnt.sif file
        • Reboot Computer from Install Drive usually C: and Select XP Setup from boot.ini Menu
        • Select in TXT-mode Existing Windows for Repair and continue with GUI-mode of XP Setup

        2. XP-Source Preparation - *** BEFORE YOU START Install of XP***

        Take care that your XPSOURCE Folder is located on your Harddisk in a simple Path without SPACES.
        Copy the Content of your Windows XP Setup CD to your XPSOURCE Folder on Harddisk

        Slipstream ServicePack SP3 First Manually in your XP-SP2 Source (don't use nLite).
        Siginet's RyanVM Integrator or nLite can then be used to Integrate Windows UpdatePacks in the XP-Source.
        Preferred is RyanVM Integrator v1.5.3 http://integrator.siginetsoftware.com/index.php?download
        Or Alternatively use http://www.nliteos.com/

        Windows XP UpdatePacks and Addons:

        Supports the use of BTS DriverPacks located in OEM Folder on USB-Drive
        For Install of XP on a modern system with SATA Drives it is needed to use DPsBase.exe
        for Integrating in your XPSOURCE BTS DriverPack Massstorage with TXT Mode Enabled.
        In that case a lot of Extra RAID SCSI and SATA Drivers (about 120 extra) are Integrated which appear in the
        XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on Install-Drive and can prevent a lot of XP Install Boot Problems.
        First use RyanVM Integrator and then use DPsBase to Improve your XP-Source.
        The program supplies a Customised presetup.cmd and changes the winnt.sif file for use of DriverPacks.

        When you don't use nLite, you can Copy the supplied $OEM$ folder to your XP Source folder.
        Change $OEM$ folder to your needs.
        CMDLINES.TXT is used for making UserAccounts and install of Registry Tweaks at T-12
        Info see: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/

        The Complete XP-Source is Copied by Make_USB.cmd to USB-Drive
        Computation of Estimated XP Folder Size is used to prevent USB-stick overflow
        and includes $WIN_NT$.~BT + cmpnents + I386 + AMD64 + $OEM$ + OEM Folders.

        Excluding LANG and WIN98X Folders from Copy to USB can be Selected
        from Make_USB.cmd Main Menu, which reduces the XP-Source on USB-Drive by 135 MB

        3. LiveXP BootSDI.img File Preparation - *** BEFORE YOU START Install of XP ***

        Booting with WinBuilder075 beta LiveXP BootSDI.img of 130 MB from HDD takes only 1 minute.
        The advantage is that you have XP like environment where you can decide
        e.g. to make first a Ghost Backup of your system or to do any other interesting task.
        Read the excellent tutorial of amalux on how to create LiveXP BootSDI.img files using WinBuilder
        It is handy to Download one of the pre-packaged, Stable Projects of LiveXP e.g. lx101408cxs

        WinBuilder Script for LiveXP was made, which enables to create BootSDI.img file
        containing Pstart program launcher with USB_XP_Setup package for Install of XP from PE Environment.
        So now you can direct launch PStart and USB_XP_Setup.cmd direct from the Desktop of LiveXP.

        Download Pstart_USB_XP_Setup.Script

        Put Pstart_USB_XP_Setup.Script in your <WinBuilder>\Projects\LiveXP\Apps\XPSetup folder
        e.g. in amalux Stable Project lx101408cxs\Projects\LiveXP\Apps\Setup
        I added also Basic > Tweaks > autoLocalization.Script made by psc and modified by Galapo,
        necessary in Europe for decimal sign, from http://wimb.winbuilder.net/downloads/

        The MassStorage DriverPack is automatically integrated in LiveXP made with WinBuilder.
        For making BootSDI.img file you need XP-SP2 as Source and After First Run of WinBuilder to place
        ramdisk.sys and setupldr.bin of Windows Server 2003 SP1 in <WinBuilder>Workbench\Common\BootSDI directory.
        Then activate Finish > Create Image > Boot SDI and Run WinBuilder again.
        You can Deactivate Emulation and Burn Image, since we don't need a CD for our purpose.

        In an older Stable Project lx51808cx of amalux I noticed that the Drive Letters of Harddisk Partitions
        are NOT present in the makebt\dplist.txt as produced by makebt\MBRWiz.exe /list
        The result is that when USB_XP_Setup.cmd is used in the lx51808cx LiveXP Environment,
        then identification of Harddisk Partition from Drive Letter using makebt\dplist.txt fails,
        so that USB_XP_Setup.cmd cannot Continue.
        It is known now that Acronis True Image Workstation 9.1 script in this build is causing the problem.

        The Solution is to use another LiveXP BootSDI.img File e.g from Stable Project lx101408cxs
        I can confirm that lx101408cxs works fine with USB_XP_Setup.cmd
        and Acronis True Image PE does NOT give the previously reported Drive Letter issue.

        Adding Pstart_X to your Existing LiveXP BootSDI.img File
        • Vista as OS requires to turn User Account Control OFF
        • Download and Run PStart_X.exe and Extract to PStart_X folder
        • Copy ramdisk.sys and setupldr.bin of your WinBuilder\Workbench\Common\BootSDI folder
          to your Pstart_X\USB_XP_Setup\makebt\srsp1 folder
        • Run Pstart_X\USB_XP_Setup\USB_XP_Setup.cmd
        • Select just your XP Source folder to Copy some XP files to the makebt folder
          Then End USB_XP_Setup.cmd with Quit
        • Run makebt\Mount_IMG.cmd and Select to Mount your BootSDI.img file in a Virtual Drive
        • Copy your PStart_X folder to your Virtual Drive in which you mounted BootSDI.img file
        • Use UnMount_IMG.cmd to Close the Virtual Drive and Save the Changes in your BootSDI.img file
        • Then Run Pstart_X\USB_XP_Setup\BOOT_IMG.cmd to Install your BootSDI.img file
          as Boot Option in XP boot.ini Menu or Vista GRUB4DOS menu.lst Menu
        • Reboot and Select from the Menu to Boot with your BootSDI.img file

        LiveXP + Pstart_X + USB_XP_Setup.cmd - ScreenShot

        Direct Download - USB-XP-Setup ----- Or ----- PStart-X + USB-XP-Setup
        Update ChangeLog
        August 1, 2008 - USB_XP_Setup.zip was Updated to Support Booting with LiveXP from Vista Harddisk.
        August 3, 2008 - Direct Download Link for SFX SelfExtractor version of USB_XP_Setup.exe was Added
        August 11, 2008 - BOOT_IMG.cmd will make GRUB4DOS Boot Entry for Vista in Store C:\Boot\BCD
        Some small changes in USB_XP_Setup for making boot.ini and setting SetupSourcePath in TXTSETUP.SIF
        August 14, 2008 - dsfo.exe is used for making BootSector File instead of mkbt.exe
        because mkbt.exe is NOT able to copy BootSector from C-Drive when Windows Live Messenger is Installed.
        August 22, 2008 - New Release Version 2.0 -
        Make_USB.cmd copies USB_XP_Setup folder to USB-Drive
        Make_USB.cmd can Install PE BootSDI.img file on USB-Drive and on C-Harddisk Install-Drive
        Make_USB.cmd Supports to make MultiBoot USB-Drive
        Multiple XP Source on USB-Drive e.g. Home + Prof + Tablet PC + Media Center Edition
        is Supported by Running Make_USB.cmd several times.
        Multiple PE RAMBOOT e.g. LiveXP + BartPE + UBCD4WIN is Supported
        by Running Make_USB.cmd several times.
        August 27, 2008 - Copy USB_XP_Setup to USB-stick is selectable YES / NO now.
        Vista User Account Control will give Error Message if ON.
        Better treatment of Path Containing Spaces by using double quotes where missing.
        September 22, 2008 -
        In USB_XP_Setup.cmd you can Select now to Copy the XP Source to the Install Target Drive,
        which is useful for peculiar older BIOS versions, where harddisk number of USB-Drive and Install Drive
        are Reversed in TXT-Mode and GUI-Mode, so that the XP Source was NOT found.
        September 25, 2008-
        In USB_XP_Setup.cmd - Entry for rdummy.sys in TXTSETUP.SIF was moved from Section [SCSI] to [BusExtenders]
        Removed /k flag in xcopy commands which
        would cause $WIN_NT$.~BT\TXTSETUP.SIF being ReadOnly when XP Source was on CD.
        October 3, 2008 -
        - In case the XP Source is NOT on Partition 1 then USB_XP_Setup.cmd will
        propose to Copy it to Partition 1 when this is the C-Install drive.
        Thus when the XP Source is e.g. prepared with RyanVM Integrator on Partition 2,
        then it is NOT necessary to Make an USB-stick, if Install on the Local Computer is desired.
        In fact this Option makes ANY Location of the XP Source Acceptable, instead of the Partition 1 Limitation.
        - USB_XP_Setup.cmd can now also Copy RAM BootSDI IMG File to the just Formatted Install Drive,
        so that in case when XP Setup fails, there will always be the LiveXP Escape Boot Option available.
        - For an USB-stick the option to Migrate the Drive Letter in XP Setup to U:
        can now be Selected in the Main Menu of USB_XP_Setup.cmd instead of at the End of the Program.
        - The USB_XP_Setup package can also be Downloaded combined with PStart_X so that
        the Portable Tools can be conveniently launched from a Menu, which resides in the Taskbar System Tray.
        Moreover, PStart can be build in the LiveXP BootSDI.img File so that it is always easy available
        in the LiveXP PE Environment.
        October 11, 2008 - Version 3.0
        GUI support was added for XP Folder Select and RamBoot Image File Select by
        using simple AutoIt3 routines which can be used from the batch programs
        in a simalar way as the Visual Basic Script routines used previously.
        The advantage is that now GUI Support is available for Folder and File Select
        in all 3 environments being XP, Vista and PE, which is much more user friendly.
        Visual Basic Script could not be used in LiveXP PE Environment
        and the Vista FileSelector was until now not available in my programs.
        October 17, 2008 - Version 4.0
        AutoIt3 GUI module was added to USB_XP_Setup for Display and Edit of the winnt.sif file
        for providing the XP Setup parameters to be used in $WIN_NT$.~BT folder.
        October 22, 2008 - Version 4.01
        USB_XP_Setup was made compatible with WinBuilder 075 beta 5
        e.g. with amalux Stable Project lx101408cxs
        WinBuilder Script for LiveXP was made named Pstart_USB_XP_Setup.Script,
        which enables to create BootSDI.img file
        containing Pstart program launcher with USB_XP_Setup package for Install of XP from PE Environment.

    • nvidia lan driver with livexp Problems with installing an nvidia lan diver - read article by Johannes.
        This article was read 482 times and has 45 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        Hey man, glad to have you on board.
        So I downloaded, burnt an run your ISO (took quite a while to start).
        PEnetwork didn't find any card so it refused to start properly.
        Then I ran Driver Import.
        Imported my Nvidia driver from my system, no error.
        Nothing with PEnetwork
        Then I ran Driver Forge, same result.
        When I checked my Hardware Manager, I just found an Nvidia Network Bus Enumerator, no problems.
    • minimum built download - read article by kasinath.
        This article was read 0 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by amalux

        Hello Mr.Amalux,

        I am kasinath,
        I tried to build a boot cd with the livexp project(current with winbuilder 075 beta) downloaded from winbuilder site,while running it started giving errors like mentioned in forum "Driver ImprotPE requires
        BootSDI or Create ISO FBWF", so it is a boon to go to your tutorial from there. It is great.

        But I could not download the file for minimun build "lx101408min.exe since the site is not opening,it gives 404 error.

        Kindly let me know how to download it.


  • Development (5)
    • [script]PENetwork Network support with optional profiles (Editor included) - read article by Holger.
        This article was read 30401 times and has 349 comments

        Hi everybody,

        I uploaded version 032 of the script for my "PENetwork"-manager.

        The next things I will do:
        - Some language dependent settings
        - Translation settings (for Profile Editor and for using default while starting PENM in PE)
        - WiFi

        All included tools in this script are selfcreated by myself -> completely licensefree.
        The script you can download from 'my' personal Bootland-website (http://www.holger.boot-land.net/).
        DirectDL (zipped 466KB): http://www.holger.boot-land.net/scripts/PENetwork.zip

        If you have any questions, suggestions (maybe later when I finish the most) or problems just let me know.

        Tested by others and me with XP-SP2/SP3/W2K3-SP1-source and VMWare 5.5.3,6.X/QEmu/RealWorld - thank you all very much smile.gif


        Current state:
        16.11.2008 - v32 (PENM 0.44):
        - Fixed: double function call with source XPSP3
        - Fixed: fonts error after changing IP settings
        - Fixed: wrong speed info sometimes in config GUI and wrong DNS in DHCP info GUI
        - Changed: APIPA mode back to old behaviour (will later include an option in the profile editor)
        - Added: profile reloading/changing GUI
        - Added: option to set startup prompt to OnTop window

        12.10.2008 - v30 (PENM 0.43):
        - Fixed/Changed/Added: a lot of things since v25 (thanks to all for reporting bugs, suggestions and ideas smile.gif)

        01.10.2008 - v29 beta:
        - Bugfixing release

        20.08.2008- v01 for VistaPE v11:
        Script is attached under the screenshots below.
        With VistaPEv12beta there are some problems I still try to solve so it just takes a little bit to make it also run with the new version.
        So cause there are some internal changes there could be some other errors.
        Also the WiFi-functions are again in developement - so they not much functional (it should be however possible to connect to a WEP/WPA-PSK private network - tried with Realtek USB stick).
        For now you have to create at first a Wifi profile in the 'Prefered networks' tab.
        After that you can also change it - in PE20 there is used then the Vista config dialog.
        - Changed: again the driver copy function to work better now with VistaPE.
        - Added: debug function now also available in the 'Others' tab to view easier the logfile.

        Note!: network browsing doesn't work in QEMU by default cause of the buildin firewall


        12.08.2008 (v28 beta)
        - Changed: some internal stuff to copy drivers (now using of SetupXXXXX-functions from setupapi.dll)

        11.08.2008 (v28 beta)
        - Fixed: Some things
        - Changed: Some internal things
        - Added: Adapter advanced settings tab

        26.07.2008 (v27 beta)
        - Fixed: Some things
        - Added:additional commands after starting network
        - Added: network device speed setting
        - Added: network drive mapping
        - Added: starting of services even if not network card was found

        09.03.2008 (v26 beta)
        - Added: XP SP3 support
        - Added: MAC changing
        - Added: possibility to start sharing and adding users/accounts after starting network (only with using profiles)

        18.11.2007 (v0.39)
        - Fixed/Changed/Added: some things

        18.07.2007 (v0.37)
        - Changed: Only a few internal changes
        - Added: Network startup countdown
        - Added: IP Auto configuration - not set by default, you can set it in the script
        -> if "IP Auto configuration" is enabled then if the network adapter could not get
        an IP from DHCP server the adapter will get the address from the class B network:
        (more infos here)

        27.06.2007 (v0.36)
        - Fixed: Stop service error
        - Fixed: False service state after language switching
        - Added: Logfile for processing driver copy -> a logfile is created as "%Temp%\PENMDrvCpy.txt"

        22.06.2007 (v0.36)
        - Fixed: Missing TABSTOP in profile selector dialog
        - Fixed: Profile applying not working if TCP/IP is autostarted while installing
        - Fixed: Some device detecting problems (no more other devices than network devices are tried to install)
        - Changed: Some internal changes
        - Changed: Removed blank password limitation for folder sharing
        - Added: Autostart File Sharing
        - Added: Predefined network drive paths

        31.05.2007 (v0.36)
        - Fixed: Missed error string in folder sharing
        - Fixed: Last selected language not reused after closing
        - Changed: Font to DEFAULT_GUI_FONT
        - Added: driver files are now also copied from subdirs of the selected driver folder
        (- Added: WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW-Exstyle to inf-patching/drv-copying GUI to prevent taskbar entry)

        26.05.2007 (v0.36)
        - Fixed: IP changing/renewing - Unicode problems
        - Fixed: Profile setting if more than 1 available network devices
        - Fixed: Starting PENetwork Manager if TCPIP is already installed (i.e. manually or by other tool)
        - Fixed: Language not rightly applied to adapter speed string
        - Fixed: Removed initest.txt from creating while ini-patching (was just for debugging)
        - Changed: Tab order in network drives dialog
        - Changed: Some internal GUI stuff
        - Added: Simple debug mode - file written to %Temp%\PENMDebug.txt
        - Added: Buildin driver copy (cause of missing some additional driver files)

        08.05.2007 (still v0.35)
        - Fixed: "Profile Creator" Unicode support (also for Profile Selector on startup)
        -> best is to create a new profile ini then it's automatically saved as Unicode
        - Fixed: Countdown timer on profile selection doesn't stop
        - Fixed: Adding of an address deletes 'Other'-tab
        - Changed: DHCP-Info-GUI server entries layout
        - Changed: Some default values from inifile to registry cause of missing WB-unicode ini writing
        - Open: "Workgroup" is not used from profile - will solve this bug later in the evening...

        06.05.2007 - 2.Upd.
        - Fixed: MessageBox ANSI -> Unicode (i.e. DHCP-Info)
        - Fixed: ListView controls with Unicode (tooks me half of the day;))
        - Fixed: Error while shuttingdown Windows (enum network adapters false return) (thanks to thunn)
        - Changed: Network drive lettes always A-Z

        06.05.2007 (v0.35)
        - Fixed: Missing network (dis)connect dialog in Explorer (WB-script)
        - Fixed: Some missing translation
        - Fixed: Missing error messages for network drive connect
        - Fixed: Wrong GUI resizing while language changing
        - Fixed: Wrong MRU-list number (changed from 16 to 30 max.)
        - Fixed: Tray tooltip not updated on just minimizing to tray
        - Fixed: Wrong limitation of username length for network drives connect
        - Fixed: Profile selection countdown timer in QEMU (timer now using WM_TIMER)
        - Open: String placement in DHCP-info dialog in other languages

        03.05.2007 (v0.34)
        - New: compiled in Unicode-Beta-Autoit-version
        - Fixed: Some language depended control settings (GUI title, size, etc.)
        - Fixed: Some missing translation
        - Changed: Some language dependent control settings
        - Added: inf-patching now buildin cause of Unicode-Autoit-version

        01.05.2007 (v0.33)
        - Fixed: Some wrong IP settings changings effects
        - Changed: Main selection from Listview to Tabcontrol for better language support
        - Added: Simple language support for the PENM (English/German included - inifiles with ".lng" extension);
        not profile editor yet

        27.04.2007 (v0.32):
        - Fixed: Selection of static DNS/WINS/DG with DHCP and static DNS/WINS/DG
        - Fixed: False speed detection on disconnected device
        - Fixed: Static IP selection in DHCP mode and false device restarting
        - Fixed: Network drives MRU
        - Changed: Share username inputbox to combobox
        - Changed: GUI-redesign
        - Changed: Replaced NetUserEnum by NetLocalGroupGetMembers
        - Changed: Replaced selfcreated MRU procedure with CreateMRUListW, AddMRUStringW, etc.
        - Changed: Profile Editor: Countdown/Default profile
        - Added: Network drives used history
        - Added: Mouse cursor wait icon while refreshing something (devices, shares, etc.)
        - Added: Profile Editor/Profile Selector
        - Added: GUI is restored if running in tray or mimized to taskbar - and starting another instance
        - Open: Countdown timer doesnt work correctly in QEMU

        14.02.2007 (v0.28):
        - Fixed: stopping service only stopped dependend services (thanks to TheHive for info)
        - Fixed: forcing/checking if "Computer Browser" is running
        - Removed: Msgbox for starting file sharing (username/password)
        - Added: a label with info about username/password to use file sharing

        11.02.2007 (v0.27):
        - Fixed: missing listbox constants (exe)
        - Fixed: shares -> autohiding of input fields (exe)
        - Fixed: tray activities item -> checked state
        - Changed: if starting "File Sharing" only just one info for putting in username/password (exe)
        - Changed: server service stop message
        - Changed: closing GUI with OK will not exit PENetwork if "activities showing" is activated/used
        - Changed: rechanged tray icon on activities to look more like network activities icon;)
        - Added: simple connection activity in tray (only 1 icon - same - like in vista) (exe/script)
        - Added: small icon in shares list for reflecting hidden/normal visible shares (idea by "TheHive" - thanks smile.gif )
        - Added: optional "closing to tray" (not fully per script)
        - Open: direct network browsing from ie. start -> run

        07.02.2007 (v0.25):
        - Fixed: network drives path limitation
        - Fixed: network drives list too few entries
        - Added: sharing of additional folders
        - Added: small contextmenu to shares/drives-lists
        - Added: browsing network
        - Changed: automatically minimize to tray after loading

        04.02.2007 (v0.23):
        - Fixed: like everytime some small things, you know there is always something to fix;)
        - Added: Listing of local shared drives (sharing of additional folders is in progress)
        - Added: Network drives dialog (adding/deleting of network drive connections)
        - Added: some ini-cmds (like i.e. enable minimizing to tray on GUI-start

        31.01.2007 (v0.22):
        - fast bugfix release
        - Fixed: device detection should now work with LiveXP (only testes with XPSP2, W2K3SP1 crashes here)
        - Fixed: registering of netcfgx.dll only if it is not registered (did the registering every time)
        - Changed: only 1 instance of the GUI will be running

        30.01.2007 (v0.22):
        - Fixed: some;)
        - Fixed: only applying changes to the system if there are some
        - Fixed: "workgroup" was reseted to "workgroup" on every start
        - Added (script): extract-button to only extract the exe;
        for the future if there are more changes to the exe than the script itself
        - Changed (script): moved automatically starting of PENetwork to Startmenu/Autostart-group
        - Added (exe): setting computername/workgroup should now work

        27.01.2007 (v0.21)
        - Published new version
        - Fixed some bugs
        - Added File sharing and simple ping

        22./23.01.2007 (v0.21)
        - File sharing is finished, needs some minimal optimization but works.

        21.01.2007 (v0.21):
        - File sharing is working so far 'standalone' - ready to implement smile.gif

        20.01.2007 (v0.21):
        - File sharing is in progress
        - Ping() is finished so far


        Screenshots of PENM at work:

    • WB's Magic Wand Change suggestion - read article by psc.
        This article was read 1144 times and has 0 comments

        In the past there have been some issues with quotes which are wrong evaluated in the script engine.

        In my opinion it may depend on the suggestions delivered by the magic wand.

        The quotes are usually 100% unnecessary. If they would not be there, the script engine dispatcher would have less operations to perform.

        But the quotes are also a signal for the (unexperienced) script writer, that he / she has to fill in here something.
        If there are no quotes, he / she should not change the value. e.g.
        The 'Information' is logical part of the statement and must not be changed.

        I suggest the following change in the 'magic wand':
        • All internal code words like the above 'Information' are inserted UC: Message,"message",INFORMATION
        • When quotes are not necessary, they are not shown: Message,message,INFORMATION
        • Quotes are only shown if they are really needed as part of the syntax: ShellExecute,HIDE,Filename,"Parameters"
        I can change this within 10 (latin) seconds, in this case that is about 5 (German) minutes. Therefore no issue.

        Please give your vote whether to hold the 'old' suggestion or to create the 'new' one.
        To make clear: This is the magic wand's suggestion only. There is no influence on the script engine. All existing scripts are still usable w/o any change.

    • [script] TempPE Defines Temp environment of the PE - read article by psc.
        This article was read 727 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by Galapo

        Last days there have been a lot of discussions about the PE's Temp environment variable.

        There came wishes / doubts that the variable finally can be declared during build time.

        But it is possible without any interaction at boot time.

        The script GUI:
        Here a second RAM disk has been created for the Temp.
        But of course it is also possible to use the 'standard' RAM disk
        The result


    • RamDisk (ImDisk) - calculate size Calculate size RamDisk - read article by nikzzzz.
        This article was read 1512 times and has 17 comments. Last comment by Galapo

        The automatic choice of the size of a disk is not absolutely correct - the memory necessary for job of system is not considered.
        For its small memory can not suffice, for big it is used irrationally (small RamDisk).
        Bat-File Calculation of the size RamDisk.
        @echo off
        :: %1=MountPoint %2=FileSystem %3=MinSize %4=Reserv %5=Size %6=Unit %7=label %8=Pack
        :: MinSize - The minimum size RamDisk
        :: Reserv -  It is reserved under system
        set FileSystem=%2
        set Pack=%8
        :: The rigid size
        if "%6"=="M" (
          set "Size=%5"
          goto _1
        :: Calculation of the size
        for /f "usebackq skip=1 tokens=3 delims=: " %%i in (`RamStatus.exe`) do set size=%%i
        set /a size=%size%/1024
        set /a "size=(%size%-%4)*%5/100"
        if %size% lss %3 set size=%3
        ::There is no sense to use NTFS for small disks
        if %size% lss 16 set "FileSystem=fat"
        :: Packing is incompatible with FAT  
        if "%FileSystem%"=="fat" set "Pack= "
        imdisk.exe -a -t vm -m %1 -s %size%M -p "/fs:%FileSystem% /q /y /v:%7 %Pack%"



    • 64 bit issues - read article by psc.
        This article was read 0 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        In the past sometimes troubles are reported when processing certain scripts on a 64 bit host OS.

        Because WinBuilder is thought to work platform independent, such 'specials' should not be handled WinBuilder internally.

        But WinBuilder can give Help that the scripts handle the 'specials'.

        I created two new Variables:
        • %ProcessorType% ('386', '486', '586', '2200', '8664')
          '2200' is the Intel 64 bit, '8664' that one of AMD
        • %Wow64% (True, False)
          True when the 32 bit WinBuilder app runs on a 64 bit host OS
        The variables can help to run different statements in scripts, depending on them.

        These variables are delivered in WinBuilder beta 5 E in nativeEx_barebone_075 (in my signature)

        May I ask 64 bit owners, to test in CodeBox:
        • Echo,%ProcessorType%
        • Echo,%Wow64%
        and post the results?


  • Hello world! (13)
    • Thuun, delete some PM - read article by Galapo.
        This article was read 124 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        No way of getting through as your inbox is full. I'd like to reply to your PM -- but you'll have to delete some PM for me to do so.

    • BartPE-Win XP Pro with XPE Desktop Will not run in Ramdisk - read article by tepot.
        This article was read 48 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by jaclaz

        I have created a great boot CD but it requires the CD stay in the drive. It seems the CD is mapped to Drive B: which is the Ramdisk drive. I also have no disk D: listed which is what th eCD drive should be. When Booting, I do not see themessge "Loading Ramdisk" but I do see the XPE progress screen. I am guessing I am missing a switch someplace or do not have enough plugins or maybe too many or the wrong ones.. I would like to be able to remove the CD after booting and run entirely out of Ramdisk.
    • Hello World first comment - read article by Darioahdz.
        This article was read 28 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        PC technician troubleshooting winbuilder
    • Ram Disk - use unmanaged Windows Memory - read article by syntaxer.
        This article was read 28 times and has 0 comments

        it is possible to use the unmanaged memory of a 32bit windows xp system and 4gb ram?
        it depends of the system, but there are some hundreds of mb's unmanaged.
    • Wanna Say THANKS - read article by Ariom.
        This article was read 53 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        Just want to say THANK to all, say, the "BIOS" (Builder Instructor Of Scripts). Especially to advanced script developer. Especially to Nuno, Lancelot (who support me sometime ago), Jaclas, Zhirin (to his GREAT tutorial), Jague, and many100x more guys. Winbuilders is really a great site. Hoping you ALL with more years to stay alive with your marvelous SITE...........Again THANK you ALL.............

        Ariom... "D' guy who never used to cry"
    • greetz to all - read article by bi0s.
        This article was read 28 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        howdy, it seems like there's a lot of useful nfo here, gonna dive in asap. greetz to all. cool.gif
    • HELLOW - read article by ABDOU.
        This article was read 4 times and has 0 comments

        I'm new i cant speak English very well but i'm able to understand it .

        I'm very happy to be with your .

    • HELLOW - read article by ABDOU.
        This article was read 4 times and has 0 comments

        I'm new

        Icant speak English very well but I'm able to understand it .

        I'm very happy to be with you .

    • TFTP32 without dhcp - read article by yvon.
        This article was read 11 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        comment utiliser tftp32 sans son serveur DHCP
    • help me in creating a bootable USB drive with windows ghost and bios updates - read article by solidus snake.
        This article was read 23 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by amalux

        Hi Guys

        I am new to this site and it looks like a great source of information for me.
        I would like to create a bootable USB drive with WinXP, Ghost scripts and images and BIOS updates for different machines i have.

        I browsed trough your tutorial section and didn't find a sutible one for my question - could you help me with my question.

    • While registering... General stupidness - read article by Canuck.
        This article was read 56 times and has 12 comments. Last comment by billonious

        So I fill in my user name that I want to be known by.. the next box says "Email"( optional ) ... I choose not to fill in my email. Nope...I have to go back and do it again because I was told the email wasn't a valid email address. (??) K... will do. Now you have my email address. This is like a IQ test aint it? I love tests so I jump into this with both feet.....then Pow ! I get this,
        4 + 2 - 1
        Yup, I know it's because you want to make sure that I aint a robot.... computer.... or Mathematishun.
        Got my calkoolater out and tried to figure out this thing... its like sudoku , right?? Oops, must of forgot to carry something over I guess so one more time.... and this time I get this doo·zie
        9 - 2 - 2
        Are you guys serious? - these are startin to get real close to double digits so I go gets my son. He knows how to operate a lekronik calkoolater : ) I feel so proud. He may garageYouAte you know. I hoope he garageHeAtes soon. Is that how ya spell the future tense of garageyouate ... lets see .. its garageYouAte , garageHeAte / garageSheAtes gagageThemAte right? Anyway I'm getting away from the topic of this forum... While Registring - I reelly enjoyed it .. how bout you?

    • Hello Boot Land Custom Boots are Useful - read article by KebinuChiousu.
        This article was read 0 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito


        Long time user of BartPE and came across this forum.

        Been Using custom boot for backup and malware removal for years.

        Looking forward to picking up some new tricks.


    • Newbie - read article by atrembla.
        This article was read 0 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        Hi everyone, thanks for the forum I am sure I will be asking alot of questions.

  • Windows 2K/XP/2003 and Vista (4)
    • XPSP1 with full commandline and NTFS below 10 MB - read article by Dietmar.
        This article was read 18786 times and has 112 comments. Last comment by jaclaz

        Hi all,

        here is the promised XP SP1, which files can simple be copied on a NTFS compressed partition that is set activ. Uncompress only ntldr after that. Voila laugh.gif .
        It contains only original XP SP1 files and a renamed minlogon to winlogon from Windows Embedded.
        The whole registry is made by hand. >It is the full commandline cmd.exe, not based on WinPE, just full XP. I never saw something like before. Nice to hear from you


        PS: At the moment, only IDE harddisks are supported with Fat, Fat32 and NTFS.
        The boottime is 1 second biggrin.gif .
        But this is a nice project, to build XP from single pieces, so I will integrate network, SATA and so on.

        Hi all,
        now it works also on SATA harddisks. It works on any compi... jump.gif .

        Nice to hear from you,
    • windows 7 on a bootable disc or flash drive? - read article by shoeman12.
        This article was read 21 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        i was just wondering if there's a way to install the windows 7 beta (build 6801) on a dvd or a flash drive, i don't want to install it on my pc yet.
    • Problem after recovering a qformatted FAT32 drive xp hangs with the drive. - read article by Tedd_79.
        This article was read 0 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by jaclaz

        I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I searched the web, and asked at other places, but coudn't get the answer. Sorry if this is not appropriate. sad.gif

        This is quite long, but this is how it happened:
        I wanted to reinstall my Windows XP, and they told me on some site that I could customize Program files & Documents and Settings folders if I installed from MS-DOS, so I made some more FAT32 partitions with XP management tool(I forgot the name, the default thing) and I booted into Windows 98 DOS iso image using grub4dos.
        Then I noticed I'd just made some temoporary files on one of the partitions I'd just made, so I quickformatted the partition with 'format.com j: /q'.
        Of course, I checked that it was the correct drive letter before running format.
        My hard disk map is as this:
        One primary partition = 100gb -> this is the boot device, XP MBR,boot sector. I load grub4dos using boot.ini.
        One extended partition = 200gb -> divided into many logical drive until 'J:' under DOS, and still some free space.
        Total space = 300gb

        Then I ran XP setup(winnt.exe) from DOS command-line prompt.
        it copied its files(I don't know where), then rebooted.
        Then, it didn't boot. So I ran Ultimate Boot CD, and in FreeDOS, I found that the format command actually had formatted my primary partition drive(C:)!! so I can't trust the format command of DOS. I don't know what I'll use when I have to format something again...
        Anyway, I ran TESTDISK next, and chose Advanced -> Boot -> rebuild BootSector, and it showed most of my files correctly. (although some directories such as 'Program Files' was filled with random data.)
        And I rebooted, and I could load XP boot menu again, thought it was fixed, but it wasn't.
        My old XP installation files are on my other hard disk drive, so they were certainly safe, and it booted. it told me that my 300gb disk had problem and needed to be checked (the usual screen you see after your windows crashed), I knew it was destructive, so I skipped it, and it continued to boot until my desktop was going to be loaded.
        Then it hanged, because it coudn't read my 300gb disk.
        I rebooted, I could go into safe mode(it took really long, by the way), and tried to run norton disk doctor on my 300gb disk, but it says it just can't access the drive. the drive C (the primary partition) is listed among other partitions, but if I try to diagnose it, it stops with an error message. I forgot to try other partitions on the same drive, so I'm not sure if they can be diagnosed. Luckily, I could disable the disk in Device Manager in safe mode, and boot my old Windows XP again..
        Then I ran a live linux CD and tried to mount the damaged partition, but it can't be mounted. the other partitions on the same drive (on the extended partition) can be mounted, and the files on them can be accessed.

        If i try to access the partition inside grub4dos (on my other drive) with 'ls' command, it lists the root directory contents correctly, but an error message is shown : 'Warning! Invalid first FAT entry(=0x0)'

        I also tried to diagnose the drive with every other partition tool on Ultimate Boot CD, but they don't report any error at the beginning of the drive(I didn't finish any of them, since they take a lot of time).

        I searched the web, but didn't find anything seems to fit my situation.

        So does anyone know what I should do?

        I'll accept that a lot of files are corrupted, but I can' even access the disk now... unless in DOS.
        I know that some files are intact, at least : I typed the contents of some text files on the screen, and they were good.
        On the other hand, when I tried to copy GRLDR (grub4dos) to my other hard disk, there was no error message, but the sized of the copied file was only 64kb(and not 190kb), and I coudn't boot grub4dos with it, so it is corrupted.

        Well, it was long... Thank you for reading. Any help will be welcome.
    • installing XP or Vista into non-first partition/harddisk? without loosing the operating system in first partition - read article by mr_.
        This article was read 0 times and has 3 comments. Last comment by jaclaz

        I've installed XP into first partition on first harddisk and created two more partitions with the XP setup (logical ones). After installing XP I encrypted it with TrueCrypt. (seen from that time from other Windows Setup as non-DOS/unknown, could ba also linux)

        Then I installed Vista into partition 2 with normal Vista Installer DVD. Vista is a bit obtrusive, it installed itself into D: (partition 2) for the most part but it also formated C: (partition 1) and put some startup files there.

        How can I prevent this?

        Specially if I wouldn't have encrypted partition 1 Vista would have taken over XP bootloader on partition 1 anyway.

        Or if in partition 1 would be an operating system like linux the Windows installer had killed it. How to solve this?
  • VistaPE (13)
    • vistape-beta and pxe boot INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18. - read article by KFR.
        This article was read 1766 times and has 3 comments. Last comment by jaclaz


        I'm able to get vistape-beta to boot with

        startrom.com *win2k3sp1 version
        ntdetect.com *win2k3sp1 version
        ntldr *win2k3sp1 version of setupldr.exe

        BootDevice = "ramdisk(0)"
        BootPath = "\I386\System32\"
        OsLoadOptions = "/fastdetect /minint /rdexportascd /rdpath=VPELV.ISO"
        Architecture = "I386"

        The ramdisk gets fully loaded and then i get

        INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18.
        Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

        The iso was built using Winbuilder 072a, vistape-beta and i selected "Addons-> ramdrive vistape" in winbuilder

        How can i get arround this?
    • VistaPE v.11 Final! 01.01.2008 - read article by NightMan.
        This article was read 33332 times and has 159 comments. Last comment by Max_Real Qnx

        VistaPE v.11 final is out! Happy New Year!

        History of changes:
        1. API speed optimization and bug fix
        2. new drivers and programs ideology
        3. now folder with programs not linked to "Y:", be careful and use API for shortcuts
        4. one configuration file for all (vistape.cfg)
        5. better source detect
        6. new MMC, Explorer and .Net scripts
        7. new script for booting from USB
        8. new API functions (RegAddBoot and AddToPEShell)
        9. add QuickLaunch icons support for Explorer
        10. add Desktop icons support for BS Explorer
        11. Tango icons
        12. auto configuration for LiteStep at boot time (evars.rc, check some links to programs)
        13. auto configuration for PE Shell Swapper at boot time (peshell.ini, check some links to programs)
        14. many scripts was updated

        vistape.net/project - Server name to download Project from within WinBuilder
        if you have problem with downloading from WinBuilder, you can get base version here.

    • VistaPE open source driver integrator - read article by markus8.
        This article was read 4809 times and has 7 comments. Last comment by Zhang Heng

        Hi All,

        Here's my attempt at a driver integrator for VistaPE.

        Q. Why did I write this?
        A. The existing integrator by ctv99 didn't do what I wanted.
        I wanted:
        1. Logging of peimg output.
        2. Visibility of commands being executed.
        3. A text mode interface. The old GUI really didn't appeal to me. I think this app is better as a console app. smile.gif
        4. Something that created a "Users" directory that peimg requires, even if it's empty. (I'd rather the script did it than the pebuilder plugin.)
        5. Something written in an understandable popular open source language so that others can improve it. Python rocks!

        The main information is:
        - I used (and tweaked slightly) the original plugin script from ctv99 ?.
        - download http://mark.alphadimensions.net/vistape/Dr...Integrator01.7z
        - Extract the contents of the archive to WinBuilder\Projects\VistaPE-Core\Drivers
        - Configure the plugin in winbuilder with the correct directories.
        - Run it!
        - Log is created as adddrivers.log. This is appended to on each run, so you my want to clean it out occasionally.

        I've also included a how.to.build.txt which gives the details of what to do to generate a new executable. All of the trickery for that is in add2exe.py

        Please reply to this topic to confirm how it goes.


    • Vote: VistaPE with Server2008 as source ever used it? Any problems? - read article by ctmag.
        This article was read 262 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by DaveXP

        Hi all,

        did you ever use Windows Server 2008 as a source for building your VistaPE? If yes, did everything work fine?

        Thanks for your answers...

    • VistaPE 12 RC1 out please test and report here, thanks - read article by ctmag.
        This article was read 4479 times and has 105 comments. Last comment by DaveXP

        Hello all,

        Nightman released VistaPE 12 RC1 yesterday evening.

        Everything important can be found on his site www.vistape.net

        If you find problems, please post them here so we can fix them.

        Thanks, Markus
    • Driver loading issues in VistePE 12 testers wanted - read article by ctmag.
        This article was read 1795 times and has 33 comments. Last comment by Galapo

        Hi all,

        several people here in the forum had problems loading drivers in VistaPE during boot or after boot.

        I am quite sure that this problem existed in version 12b3 and earlier and so it is no new RC1 problem.

        If anyone does not agree (if possible please thest this, beta3 is still on the website for download) please post here.

        Also anyone who has problems and would like to test some thing with me, please also post here (with a detailed discription of your problem), i might contact you later (myabe by PM) when i am ready:-))

        Thanks !
    • Success, Restore C: with DriveImage - read article by dcrujator.
        This article was read 458 times and has 17 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        Hello Bootlanders!

        This is my story.
        I did a backup of C on my new laptop with Vista after a large tweaking. That was a year ago.
        I was following the discussion at the VistaPe forum since I acknowledge there was a little issue restoring in Vista.
        When I got back my laptop from the service with an unexpected new hard disk last October, I decided to find the answer.
        In another forum I found a long interchange between somebody with a similar story and a woman explaining the restore process using VistaPe.
        For some crazy coincidence the writing stopped when was the time to delete C.

        Anyway, that page inspired me to persist.
        I started reading the Winbuilder [074] tutorial by Ispy.
        Loaded a lot of programs.
        Run the builder. [GOTO Anyway,] character32.gif
        Finally the VistaPe v11 was ready in a pen drive, with essentially Disk Partitioner and DriveImage. The backup was in the hard drive in a partition.
        I followed this sequence:
        1-Delete C: (NTFS)
        2-Add C: (RAW)
        3-Restore C: (NTFS)
        There were something wrong. When using Disk Partitioner I had to restart the computer in order to refresh the disk information.
        But finally continue to see C: like RAW. For a disk manager C was not accessible.
        4-Run WindowsRE and Startup Repair
        "The system volume is damage. Repair of the system (chkdsk) complete successfully"


        The system restarted automatically 2 times and suddenly I found my one year ago old fashion desktop.
        And my recently acquired happy ending smile.

        Technical data
        HP Pavilion dv6500 series
        Windows Vista Home Premium
        Hard Disk 160GB, C: 90GB (thinking in the future)
        2GB RAM
        VistaPE v11 with AIK on a 1GB Pen drive

        Thank you so much to the community!
        Enjoy, dcrujator.

    • IE Error to visit Basic Authenticate website - read article by jimg.
        This article was read 163 times and has 7 comments

        I used the latest version of Winbuilder to create a Vistape image and all work fine except when I use IE7 to visit a Basic Authenticate webpage. The error message is "The procedure entry point sfc_os.sfcisfileprotected could not be located in the dynamic link library sfc.dll" and IE crashes after click OK.

        Anyone has idea on how to fix the problem?

        Thanks in advance.

    • No keyboard and mouse through kvm in vistape - read article by esgaroth.
        This article was read 52 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by Arvy

        I have several machines connected to a kvm switch running vistape. The problem is that the keyboard and mouse do not work through the kvm. The kvm switch is a trendnet usb. The keyboard and mouse will work if plugged in directly. With the kvm connected I dont see any extra unkown devices in device manager. I usually dont need a driver for the switch on other systems but vistape doesnt like it. I have a LiveXP disc that does work with the kvm. Is there any extra driver that vistape might be missing?
    • VistaPE driver patch - read article by Zhang Heng.
        This article was read 34 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by dera

        I write a script to install drivers during building process.

        I found the VistaPE cannot discover usb disks, so I tried to install drivers with peimg.exe.

        But peimg.exe told me it was not a WinPE image.


        1. extract boot.wim to a folder (named %TempFolder%\dboot).

        2. replace the files in %TempFolder%\dboot\Windows\System32\config with the file in %TargetDir%\Windows\System32\config

        3. install drivers to %TempFolder%\dboot\Windows with peimg.exe.

        4. copy back file from %TempFolder%\dboot\Windows\System32\config to %TargetDir%\Windows\System32\config.


        1. Extract zip file.

        2. Copy __-SystemPatch.script to Finalize directory.

        3. Copy DrvInstall.cmd to Tools directory.

        4. Required Windows AIK installed.[attachment=6852:driverpatch.zip]
    • Different Mass storage DriverPack - read article by Adam_W.
        This article was read 38 times and has 0 comments

        I created my own driver pack because I have found the one that was included was missing some drivers and the ones included were not the latest drivers. The benefit of this driver pack is that it includes the catalog files for the drivers. This makes the drivers that were digitally signed keeping there digital signature and insures the integrity of the drivers included in this script.


        This script needs testers please download and save under the driver folder in the Vista-Pe projects directory. Then afterwards please post and provide feedback on how your experience was using this driver pack. This script has not gone through extensive testing and wide audience, so there may be bugs. This script is not compatible with existing mass storage and disables default driverpack.

        Information about Devices Included:

        Almost 800 SATA/SCSI/SAS Adapters supported ... See Attachments for MoreInfo


        External Link:

        Due to size restrictions imposed on attachments I had to host on rapidshare

        Link To Download Script
    • Adding KNOPPIX - read article by ausnahmefehler0815.
        This article was read 0 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by jaclaz


        I searched the forum about this topic, but did not find any information. hoping someone can help me.

        I want to add KNOPPIX to my VistaPE (DVD and USBStorage). There are several scripts about DamnSmallLinux, partedMagix and so on.....
        But I did not find just how to add knoppix (5.1 CD-Version would be the best I think) to my VistaPE -Multiboot-System.

        Any HOW-TOs oder helps?

        I don't think that extracting the ISO, copying it to Target and modifying the MENU.lst would be enough, or?

        Thank you for helping
    • Problem building vistaPE CD while scipt process system reboots - read article by kasinath.
        This article was read 0 times and has 0 comments

        Hello I am kasinath,

        I have installed in my system[(compaq presario SR1630il) 2GB RAM with two 80GB hard disks(Wimdows Xp professional sp3))]
        Acronis trueimage echo workstaion(9.5.8163) (components(i)management console (ii) Trueimage echo workstaion .

        Then acronis disk director 10.0.2160.

        Then acronis trueimage echo workstaion universal restore(9.5.8163).

        First I made Bootable Rescuemedia builder from the trueimage echo worksation
        startup menu with all trueimage echo workstation options.

        The cd booted and safe versions with and with out unversalrestore got loaded with out problem.

        But the full versions gave only blanck screen.

        I wen thro acronis forum about this problem and

        1)I tried all the option givien in acronis forum at the last by sending my sysinfo file. acronis customer support as send on rescue iso file and I burnt it as cd.

        Meanwhile I went thro Mr.mudcrab's tutorial for making vistaPE cd.
        I followed the tutorial and downloaded and installed windows AIK and winbuilder from the links in the tutorial.
        when I run the winbuilder by first it downloaded the scripts as per the turtorial
        for vista11 and while I pressed the play button for making the vista iso
        it started processing then suddenly my system rebooted it self and after loading it gave a error message it system recovered from serous system error.

        It seems that the system rebooted while processing the script "mounting Waik...".
        I cound not get any log file also
        I tried 2 to 3 times the same result.

        let me know what difference it will make between safe and full version of acronis
        while backup and restoring the image.

        Also with acronis bartpeplugin cd made from the installed menu after booting

        does not show as 'Acronis True image echo workstaion with universal retore'
        It shows as only acronis true echo work staion.

        I am intending going for mustang's batpe plugin and echo work staion scripts

        after getting clear about vistape cd.
        let me also know any scripts for acronis trueimage echo work station( available to add to
        livexp ,if I could not able to make vistspe cd

  • App Scripts (8)
    • [app script] OfflineSysPrep v. offline sysprepping of an XP/2003 partition - read article by Galapo.
        This article was read 14517 times and has 92 comments

        File name: [app script] OfflineSysPrep v.
        Description: Api script for my OfflineSysPrep program. Only tested with LiveXP.

        Download file
    • Recuva 1.21.373 Freeware file un-deleter - read article by JonF.
        This article was read 944 times and has 10 comments

        File name: Recuva 1.21.373
        Description: Recuva (pronounced "recovuh") is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin and other files that have been deleted by user error.

        Tested in Vista PE and LiveXP and should work with any project.

        Updated to new version 3 December 2008.
        Download file
    • Help with testing, please - read article by JonF.
        This article was read 376 times and has 16 comments

        I'm looking at an alternative to NAIUpdater for updating the Mcafee virus definitions. I think I've got a promising approach, but I don't know if it will work outside the U.S.

        I would really appreciate it if a few people outside the U.S could run the enclosed script and tell me if it comes up with


        where xxxx is the number of the DAT file, currently 5443, or if it comes up with nothing, or if it comes up with something else.

        (You can grab the text for pasting from the log file).
    • Epsilon Squared InstallRite plugin for LiveXP - read article by saydin77.
    • JK Defrag v336 & Gui - read article by saydin77.
    • DP Mass Storage Driverpack speed integration - updated Auto Download & ful speed Integrate (no dpbase,using my tool) - read article by saydin77.
        This article was read 165 times and has 5 comments


        download v2 rapid > http://rapidshare.com/files/170650984/dp_m..._v2.script.html
        old -> download ftp > http://lancelot.winbuilder.net/5F_scriptss...ge_saydin77.rar

        added : service parameters,settings and other registry settings (pnpinterface,bustype,tag ....) (using driver inf file)
    • Ext2 Filesystem Driver v1.11a Mount for linux ext2,ext3,reiserfs partitions - read article by saydin77.
    • Opera v9.62 Opera Web Browser v9.62 - read article by saydin77.
  • Suggestions and Requests (1)
    • inf - script together support suggestion for wb Chief Nuno your opinion needed - read article by Lancelot.
        This article was read 226 times and has 17 comments

        we have .inf support with winbuilder.exe for bartpe plugins, which i like a lot.

        i have a problem, and an idea for solution, psc agreed with solution saying
        That's for me ok, and rather easy to code.

        and told me to write this as a topic
        But I suggest that you discuss this topic in the forum before I realize it.

        , so here it is.

        problem is:
        how will a script/inf writer put his script/inf in a single package? so when user download, if user put plugin in bartpe project, it will directly work, and if user put plugin in winbuilder project (example livexp) it will directly work.
        No problem with bartpe, as pebuilder.exe dont read .script files
        but with wb, wb reads both .inf and .script!!!!!!!

        my idea for solution:

        can we put an option in .inf file so when winbuilder.exe reads this, wb ignores
        for example:


        so a plugin writer easly puts .inf and .script files in same folder?

        here are 2 examples to show what i suggest, and what is current:
        this is current situation:
        this is if masters agree my suggestion:

        I hope you like the idea??????
  • AeroStudio (1)
    • Modification to "Multiboot CD (LiveXP,Ghost ....) Tutorial (Graphical Boot Managing) - read article by Shirin Zaban.
        This article was read 1481 times and has 39 comments. Last comment by Ariom

        Modification to "Multiboot CD (LiveXP,Ghost ....) Tutorial
        (Graphical Boot Managing)

        Hi All friends
        Hi to My dears Numo and ispy that allways help me and make me to
        learn more. This modifications are made by therir mentions.

        When i wrote Tutorial "Multiboot CD (LiveXP,Ghost 11 , PM8) By Aero Studio" ,Link bellow:


        there was an neglection by me.Befor writing this tutor,i have made The same project and all tests
        was OK.So i wrote this tutorial in the same way,but ther was a difference
        with LiveXP used in 1st try and this one,in first try i have used Retogo
        liveCD,and in this tutor i used Winbulder LiveCD.

        I did not know that there are differences between these 2 live CDs,so i did
        not checked it.

        Some friends told me that my live cd section of tutorial does not work,so i
        tested and see they are right.

        I am very sorry,so go as below to make it work.Note that addresses in lines
        below are with respect to Tutor above:

        1_ When working with Aero,for liveXP give command bellow:

        bcdw (cd)/myxp/setupldr.bin

        2_ Make Directory MyXP in Air Menus directory,ant copy setupldr.bin from
        D:\XXX \i386 directory inside MyXP folder.

        3_Rename Your i386 directory (D:\XXX \i386) to MyXP.

        4_The other process are the same as tutor.

        I checked it worked very well in virtual machine

        If there was a problem let me know please.

        thats all

  • Linux and other OS flavours (3)
    • PBX in a Flash (PIAF) - read article by Mikorist.
        This article was read 22 times and has 0 comments

        Asterisk (PBX)

        Asterisk is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX) originally created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium. Like any PBX, it allows attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services including the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Its name comes from the asterisk symbol, "*".

        Asterisk is released under a dual license model, using the GNU General Public License (GPL) as a free software license and a proprietary software license to permit licensees to distribute proprietary, unpublished system components.

        Due to free licensing of the software, hundreds of community programmers have contributed features and functionality and have reported and corrected bugs. Originally designed for Linux, Asterisk now also runs on a variety of different operating systems including NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris. A port to Microsoft Windows is known as AsteriskWin32.


        The basic Asterisk software includes many features available in proprietary PBX systems: voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution. Users can create new functionality by writing dial plan scripts in several of Asterisk's own extensions languages, by adding custom loadable modules written in C, or by implementing Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) programs using any programming language capable of communicating via the standard streams system (stdin and stdout) or by network TCP sockets.

        To attach traditional analogue telephones to an Asterisk installation, or to connect to PSTN trunk lines, the server must be fitted with special hardware. Digium and a number of other firms sell PCI cards to attach telephones, telephone lines, T1 and E1 lines, and other analog and digital phone services to a server.

        Perhaps of more interest to many deployers today, Asterisk also supports a wide range of Voice over IP protocols, including SIP, MGCP and H.323. Asterisk can interoperate with most SIP telephones, acting both as registrar and as a gateway between IP phones and the PSTN. Asterisk developers have also designed a new protocol, Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX2), for efficient trunking of calls among Asterisk PBXes, and to VoIP service providers who support it. Some telephones support the IAX2 protocol directly (see Comparison of VoIP software for examples).

        By supporting a mix of traditional and VoIP telephony services, Asterisk allows deployers to build new telephone systems, or gradually migrate existing systems to new technologies. Some sites are using Asterisk servers to replace proprietary PBXes; others to provide additional features (such as voice mail or voice response menus) or to reduce costs by carrying long-distance calls over the Internet (toll bypass).

        VoIP telephone companies have begun to support Asterisk; many now offer IAX2 or SIP trunking direct to an Asterisk box as an alternative to providing the customer with an ATA.


        To configure Asterisk into an operational system, the administrator must:

        * create channels/devices that allow Asterisk to communicate through a voice path that uses that channel and/or devices. These can be VoIP, or TDM, or analogue telephony devices.
        * compose a dial plan, written in the Asterisk control language, to express the algorithm or control flow Asterisk uses to respond to users through their devices. Asterisk can be used for many specific applications and a customized dial plan has to be created specifically for each purpose, such as the functionality of a PBX.

        Asterisk is controlled by editing a set of configuration files. One of these, extensions.conf, controls the operational flow of Asterisk. A native scripting language is used to define the elements of process control, namely named variables, procedural macros, contexts, extensions, and actions. A context defines a logical group of extensions (destinations) which can have multiple sequential execution or action steps (priorities) associated. Extensions can be the source or destination of a telephony communications channel, it is a programming step at which a device starts its sequence of operations (dial plan). Through the confines of contexts, the dial plan restricts and permits which extensions and facilities a device may access. Extensions consist of possibly multiple steps of execution, each performing either logical operations, directing program flow, or executing one of the many included applications available in Asterisk.

        Applications are loadable modules that perform specialized operations, such as dial a telephone number or another internal extension (app_dial), perform conferencing services (app_meetme), or handle the operations of voice mail (app_voicemail). The plethora of applications available provide a unique capability and tool set to formulate algorithms that can perform a large array of different, customized telephony scenarios. Applications control the Asterisk core functions through a set of internal operation primitives, that are organized in an extensible fashion through a modular architecture and application programming interfaces (APIs).

        Programming an Asterisk system can also be accomplished via separate, external applications using the Asterisk Gateway Interface. The Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) is a software interface and communications protocol for inter-process communication with Asterisk. In this, external, user-written programs, are launched from the Asterisk dial plan via pipes to control telephony operations on its associated control and voice channels. It is similar to the CGI feature of web servers in that any language can be used to write the external program which communicates with Asterisk via the standard streams, stdin and stdout.

        There are several GUI interfaces for Asterisk. These interfaces allow administrators to view, edit, and change most aspects of Asterisk via a web interface. As of version 1.4, a GUI labeled "asterisk-gui" is being developed alongside Asterisk. This specific GUI is being maintained by Digium. There are other GUIs, such as FreePBX. Other attempts to simplify Asterisk installation have been made, trixbox (formerly Asterisk at home (A@H)) is a popular distribution of Asterisk that includes Asterisk and FreePBX. There is also a free downloadable version - PBX in a Flash (PIAF).

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


        PBX in a Flash (PIAF) :








    • CD Boot insight make the most of you boot CD - read article by xpt.
        This article was read 18 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by jaclaz


        I have two questions that I don't know if any one can answer here.

        1. Is there any generic way to know how a bootable CD is made? I know you can tell how RedHat or Slax made its CD by "string" the iso and grep the mkisofs, but I don't know it would work for other bootable CDs. The reason that I want to know it is that, it allows me to put more stuff into CD before burning it.

        2. Is it possible to extract the CD boot loader? As far as mkisofs is concerned, the CD boot loader is normally a bootable floppy disk image. I want to grab the image (from Norton Ghost 2003) and put into my own (just the boot floppy disk image).



    • DAO or TAO How safe it is for bootable CDs - read article by xpt.
        This article was read 8 times and has 3 comments. Last comment by cdob


        May .iso files come with size much less than 700M. So it would be a waste of CD spaces to burn them DAO. However, I read at many places that burning them using TAO will severely reduce the chance that they are able to boot.

        I have no problem adding more files to Linux based bootable .iso images, e.g. RedHat, Debian or Slax, but I don't know if there is a sure-fire way to add more files to any generic .iso images --

        So, what are your experiences with burning bootable .iso images using TAO, and add sessions later?



  • nativeEx & LiveXP (7)
    • [app script] SetResolution Different resolutions of virtual vis-a-vis native machines - read article by Galapo.
        This article was read 8188 times and has 81 comments

        File name: [app script] SetResolution
        Description: I like to have a smaller resolution configured for virtual machines so that the virtual machine does not have to hog all the space on my monitor. SetResolution allows for setting different default resolutions of virtual machines and native (non-virtual) machines.

        Hope it's useful for someone else!

        Stand-alone x86 version: http://galapo.boot-land.net/SetResolution/SetResolution.exe
        Stand-alone x64 version (v.3.7) (hopefully works, but untested since I don't have an x64 machine to test): http://galapo.boot-land.net/SetResolution/...olution-x64.exe

        Download file
    • Driver Import PE Adding driver after boot (not before) - read article by Lancelot.
        This article was read 11255 times and has 246 comments. Last comment by dera

        Driver Import PE
        from kare (boot land nick: CD-RW)

        Driver Import PE is a program which runs under a PE environment -- BartPE, UBCD4Win, LiveXP, etc. It's intention is to install drivers to the PE so as to get functioning devices be they networking, mass storage, sound, graphics, etc. Drivers may be installed to the PE system from:

        - host OS (ie, the offline system residing on the computer if one exists)
        - OEM drivers from specified location (harddisk, usb, network, etc.)
        - DriverPacks .7z archives (put 7za.exe to the same folder with dipe) ( DPS packages Web )

        Note: PE must have writable %SystemDrive% which may be achieved by adding FBWF (for CD-based PE) or SDI (for ram-image-based PE).

        BartPE plugin may be downloaded from here and WinBuilder script may be download here .

        Now your PE can still get working devices even if the PE is built without the necessary drivers!

        Thank you again Kare for your hard work in developing Driver Import PE -- it is a real breakthrough!

        Some features of the new version:
        - Support sounddrivers, (includes hdaudio)
        - Works with a new device installer, code by myself, now without hwpnp
        - globetrotter subdriver (umts driver for lan)
        - and many improvements....

        Kare: BartPE + Sherpya XPE and I can install all drivers.
        'Driver Import PE' is now in LiveXP, you can enable it in section: Drivers->5 Others->Driver Import PE

        How DPS support works:
        Driver Import PE needs the commandline tool 7za.exe to decompress the packet.
        7za.exe must be in the same folder with dipe.
        The install of a dps going in to two steps.
        -1st pass decompress the inf-structure and 2nd pass decompress after the choosing the driver.
        A temporary folder created and used B:\dps and deleted after process. So using a little memory.

        Thanks to:
        Lancelot to dps support (massstorage controller)
        Sbond for the nice graphic design


        also visit Kare's site for other BartPE plugins

        Why this utility useful:
        Example 1:
        imagine i prepare a cd by using DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_805.7z - DPs_BASE_805.exe --> plugin for bartpe, livexp ... etc.
        and imagine i went to a unbootable pc
        and put my PE cd, and boot.
        Than i get a surprise, i can not access the harddisk!
        so i go do driverpacks.net to get a new DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_XXX.7z (which support the controllers of this pc) and put it on usb-stick
        go to same pc, boot with same cd
        with "Driver Import PE" i import new DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_XXX.7z
        and valaaaa, i can access the harddisk!

        Example 2: with similar scenirio with Ex1, you can take ethernet, gpu, sound... drivers from hostos on disk if hostos is xp32.
        Example3: for now with "Driver Import PE" i can install my Geforce 8500 GT by using DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_8102.7z on cd. .
        So the PE i prepare can support all drivers DP_Graphics_A support without loosing much space.
        Example4: adding a general support for ethernet driver to PE by .7z file dont loose much space (7mb - 41mb)
        Example5: In all scenerios core files to bootup decrease which is especially very important for utilized .img methods (ex: livexp bootsdi method with wim)

        ps: forum.driverpacks.net announcement

        Driver Forge Boot
        It is the 2nd utility to mention to Add driver to livexp after boot ,
        Driver Forge Boot wasnt made to install drivers to PE env, but works fine now with LiveXP by greeeaaaat help from dera, and thanks a lot to galapo.
        Driver Import PE is more specialized for PE env and have great futures.
        please check the links for Driver Forge for additional info.

        Driver Forge Boot Land
        Driver Forge Main Site

        Here is something users pay attention when adding Graphics drivers:

        I use DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_8102.7z to add my graphics driver
        After importing
        in display properties color number decreased to 4

        i click Advanced and than OK and OK

        Than again open display properties,
        choose 32bit and resolution 1024x768 (my personal choice)

        And click OK, now GPU working with full power.

        ps: Dont forget to increase frequency (if needed), my choice is 85hz (analog monitor)

        I hope there will be better solution in next versions of dipe :>. For now this is the manual solution.
        Maybe someone out there have a nice idea for a solution smile.gif

        FBWF plugin for BartPE:
        download modified plugin from Thuun
        I uncomment lines from Thunn plugin, and add AUTORUN0FBWFLDR.CMD for startup.
        I set %30 for startup
        Put required files to \files\ folder: fbwf.sys and fbwflib.dll (I tested with fbwf.sys 2.0.965.0 and 2.0.965.0)
        ** WARNING: From experience fbwf cant write more than ~130mb. So if you have 330mb freespace on X:, you can write only 130mb

        fbwf plugin is enough alone

        fbwf plugin and
        you need to copy EMPTYREGDB.DAT (get it from a xp32bit installed computer) to the build of PE \I386\SYSTEM32
        download mini EMPTYREGDB_Plugin

        fbwf plugin is enough alone
        if you prepare properly (look inside xpe.inf), EMPTYREGDB.DAT comes with sherpya. If not download mini EMPTYREGDB_Plugin

        smile.gif well i use livexp, life is easier with livexp cool.gif

        User Reports/Demands for Driver Import PE:
        1) GPU driver adding - something like mountstorpe needed
        - post 103 - gpu adding (as reported with trials by Nvidia 8500gt) can be simpler (post 107 galapo offers set resolution script)
        2) ATI Mobility x1400 cause Bsod with livexp
        - post 108 - Installing ATI Mobility x1400 graphics driver from host OS produces bsod (stop 0x000000F4 error)
        - post 111 - Installing ATI Mobility x1400 graphics driver from dps produces BSOD with DriverPack Gaphics A. HWID of device is PCI\Ven_1002&Dev_7145
        3) AC Media AC97 not working

        1) post 105 - DrvImp.exe shell_to_start [-i optional_driver_locations_to_attempt_installation_from]
        1b) (or/and an answer file like driverforge)
        2) extract location may be selectable, when there is ramdisk user should be able to use harddisk to extract
        2b) or/and when importing files extract directly from 7z to system
    • Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution Look only Post #1 and Last Posts of this topic - read article by Lancelot.
        This article was read 25208 times and has 876 comments

        Welcome to the 1st main post,
        When things here solved or added etc., it is deleted in 1st post, so dont surprise if it gets shorter smile.gif
        When new things are found and documented it is added to 1st post, so dont surprise if it gets longer hyper.gif
        As you already can create a new topic, You can also post any issue if you want to this topic.
        (also issues are collected by me to this topic when noticed)

        ------Master Issues------------------------
        If "Master Issues" now empty, we are all happy roll1.gif

        ****Issue: !WBVerify.Script ( chair.gif Peter's script ) (Unreproducable)
        Galapo and some others like JonF (JonF solved with a dejavu) (not me and not psc Peter) get this error with !WBVerify.Script,
        temporary solution: disable !WBVerify.Script (Basic--->!WBManager-->Verify Project)
        It is what i call "dejavu issue", which means it disappears when you change sth without knowing what, and happens again in a different script with same error which makes you feel "himmm, i saw that before, but what was the fix! (dejavu)"
        Generated by psc program 'WBVerify' version 2.2.0
        Date: 2008-Nov-05 08:37:49


        Problem with line: Call "WBVersion" (Build Model,075); (If {%Build Model:Main.Selected%} & {%script.project:Main.WBVersion%<075} Then "Build Model needs at least version 075 of WinBuilder";)
        Problem with line: Call "WBVersion" (Copy and Expand files,071.03); (If {%Copy and Expand files:Main.Selected%} & {%script.project:Main.WBVersion%<071.03} Then "Copy and Expand files needs at least version 071.03 of WinBuilder";)
        Problem with line: Call "WBVersion" (ImDisk,071.03); (If {%ImDisk:Main.Selected%} & {%script.project:Main.WBVersion%<071.03} Then "ImDisk needs at least version 071.03 of WinBuilder";)
        Problem with line: Call "WBVersion" (Explorer,071.03); (If {%Explorer:Main.Selected%} & {%script.project:Main.WBVersion%<071.03} Then "Explorer needs at least version 071.03 of WinBuilder";)

        ****Issue: 7 - OLESupport.Script ( chair.gif Peter's script )
        Problem happened when vmCrypro.script and VMWarePlayer.Script selected
        change this line with
        ------Master Issues----------------END-----

        *********Suggestion - post 688 - 689 - 699
        Shortly: Something needed for Vista Symbolic links and junctions to ease the access Vista disks using livexp
        XP dont know which one is symbolic link and which on is not, also xp cant use the junction of vista
        *->Maybe a command utility to show where folders are junked
        *->Maybe an explorer (like A43) that has ability to show Vista Symblick links and junctions
        Here are the utilites that i tried:
        -Reads Vista JUNCTION successfully
        -But NO Vista SYMLINKD folders with chain icon, or dont give info about SYMLINKD folders.
        -vcredist_x86.exe for Vs2005 Sp1 required which we dont have a script for this yet
        junction-shell-extensions -NO Vista compatible
        ntfslinkext -NO Vista compatible
        winbolic -NO Vista compatible when used in xp, and no practical usage
        Mini info about 'symbolic link', 'hard link' , 'Directory Junction' from howtogeek

        Java Runtime Environment

        Wouldn't it better to have sharing->permission option for folders?


        Wouldnt it be nice to see local area connections default seen on right low of screen like in moa
        Look the movie here , there is 3 network shown on right bottom of corner, probably 2 for virtual machine 1 real.

        Messenger 4.7 can be on livexp too, 4.7 is supported by microsoft for a long time as MS gave messenger 4.7 with xp cd.
        i asked here http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5421 but no answer yet.
        anybody have a messeger 4.7 plugin for bartpe?

        netmeeting smile.gif, just for fun, nothing serious, i have emotinal feelings about netmeeting, it is still nice on lan, also nice for drawing pictures together over lan.

        ------End of post issues-----------------
        (for some reasons, i put them in the end of post #1)

        ***Issue: !WBVerify.Script ( chair.gif Peter's script )
        delete .\Temp\LiveXP\ and click Help button on gui of !WBVerify.Script, wb cant extract file because there is not a folder, so gives error for not finding file.
        This section
        should be this.

        ***Issue: RestoreBase.Script SaveBase.Script ( chair.gif Peter's script )
        A bug report from saydin77
        i never use SaveBase.Script (or restore) , but looking inside the script i can confirm saydin77's findings.
        here they are:
        "use current build" works properly
        "use predefined standard build" cause errors
        in [do-list] section this fixes needed regedit -> regedit-api , taskman -> taskman-api
        there are path changes for qEmuNIC_RTL8139, UniversalVideoDriver,VirtualBoxNIC_AMD_PCNET ...
        2 variables dont work properly %PE_Programs% + (saydin77 dont remember the 2nd one)
        and when restorebase used, the things that should be in "program files" are in basedir. (or restorebase.script directory)
        Thanks to galapo, now there is "Create backup archive of Live XP" option, use this instead of RestoreBase.Script and SaveBase.Script.

        ***Issue: (as galapo wrote "it would require a re-write and change of logic by the imdisk driver" here no recent expectation for solution smile.gif , SetPageFile script will mostly suit demand for pagefile which will be nice to use essentially with pendisk)
        how to make a page file with imdisk, so pagefile can created in ramdisk or bootsdi. (look Galapo's posts)
        how to make a page file for livexp for the utilities that needs a pagefile --> look mini solution
        maybe minimum 6mb, max(large number) of a pagefile under ramdrive (B:\) can be nice,
        look link for the issue
        also i tried SetPageFile1008.cab but couldnt suceed.
        ps: you can try this script to see if pagefile works correctly. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5493
        For info about pagefile subject look:
        post 102 Galapo
        post 186 Galapo
        mini solution:
        SetPageFile script , works nice with realhd, but dont like to work with imdisk as galapo described in posts.
        + thunn wrote a script PePageFile.Script for pagefile, but it doesnt work with livexp 'cause of reason galapo described.
        + mounting images fail when images are in ramdisk, probably 'cause of reason galapo described.

        ***Issue (Minor) hostnic script ( chair.gif Peter's script )
        hostnic script look post 219, simply there should be something that should stop hostnic to install when there is no fbwf or bootsdi. Also there should be a warning in gui of hostnic. (like driver import pe script)
        why Locked=True rolleyes.gif

        ------End of post issues----------END----

        ***X64 Related

        *x*x*x*MEGA Important x64 Issue-----winbuilder.exe - List index out of bounds
        everthing works with wb075beta5w, but trials with wb075beta5z and wb075beta5A cause "List index out of bounds" error.
        details are in post 842

        ***IssueX64 "3 - hivesFactory.Script" ( chair.gif Peter's script ) - Have no effect on usage - post #717 and post #719
        QUOTE (fxscrpt @ Nov 2 2008, 03:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
        QUOTE (Lancelot @ Nov 2 2008, 12:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
        I find this in livexp registry, it was not there before (i checked a long time ago before)
        "EnforcedDirectories"="%WINDIR%;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Movie Maker"

        because in HIVESFT.INF this line exists:
        HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\1.x","EnforcedDirectories",,"%WINDIR%;%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker"
        and HOJOPE does not 'convert' %ProgramFiles% to %programfiles%.

        ***IssueX64 !WBVerify.Script (Winbuilder shellexecute file issue): minor bugy ( chair.gif Peter's script) - Solution found written at the end:
        quote of post 335:
        a bugy with x64 compatibility for !WBVerify.Script
        __when a verify error occurs, log file is created with opening notepad
        but with 2k3x64 , notepad dont open with notepad giving the error in picture:
        __same incident happened with kickarse's hwid utility (which made me remember i forgot to report this issue)
        and i found a solution for this
        i hope this helps
        Solution1: For !WBVerify.Script my solution for XP64:
        Change this line:
        Solution2: For !WBVerify.Script More proper solution for XP64:
        Change this line:

        ***IssueX64 autolocalization script ( chair.gif Peter's script ) - Solution found which should be prepared manually, written at the end:
        autolocalization script gives errors when host is x64 (maybe it is x64 fault, maybe not as peter says, maybe reason is script or maybe reason is i use 'winbuilder 075 beta 4' or maybe reason is winbuilder 074) (also tested with wb075b5)
        for more info look post 256 to post 266
        Enableing autolocalization dont give error in log but shortcut icons on desktop dont load and font problem with browser (opera or ie) when i go to some turkish websites.
        detailed report is at post 245
        ++With new autolocalization script no errors on log but problem persists
        ++disableing autolocalization script fixes font issue with opera, but font issue continues when using IE (and probably rereported when a native language used in elsewhere)
        ++this issue is not fixed by adding C_932.NLS
        Manual solution:
        By dera's advice (post 246) i created a script for myself (i use xpsp2eng as source, turkish keyboard) by taking regs from a xpsp2x86 eng OS which is configured to use TR. Here it is (ONLY WHEN ENGLISH SOURCE USED to have TURKISH FONTS enabled): http://lancelot.winbuilder.net/5F_scriptsl...Eng-Font_TR.rar
        Masters decide for more permenant solution rolleyes.gif

        ***IssueX64: (Winbuilder shellexecute file issue) - clicking pictures on gui gives error - similar (probably same reason) issue happens when inserting picture to script
        If you click on any picture you get en error screen:
        "The File does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel"
        Solution: Don't click on picture, you dont need to smile.gif

        ***Info_X64: Gather files
        Script developers, Avoid using "gather files" as script option, when hostOS is x64 (or vista) gathering files may result in gathering wrong files. (like gathering a .sys file may cause trouble)
        If you have to use "gather files" as an option:
        --Put a check routine to check hostos before gathering files (Example: Acronis-DiskDirector10.script)
        --Gather files to a folder under %GlobalTemplates%\xxx....xxxx\ so user can gather files with a hostosxp32 computer and copy files to his/her hostos.

        ***Info_X64: ProgramFiles - programfiles
        Script developers notes:
        (Old issue report is moved to post #3 as main reason and solution found by fxscrpt (Thanks a lot) at post 647.)
        For compatibility, dont use ProgramFiles in script, use programfiles,
        Also dont use CommonProgramFiles in script, use commonprogramfiles
        thumbdown.gif Not Compatible with x64hostos, only works right with x86hostos
        thumbup.gif Compatible with x64hostos and x86hostos:
        in contrast
        shows %ProgramFiles% on x64
        IniWrite,"%TargetDir%\%WorkDir%\CD-Opera\profile\Opera6.ini","User Prefs","Toolbar Configuration","%ProgramFiles%\CD-Opera\profile\toolbar\%ToolbarStyle_ScrollBox%.ini"
        writes %ProgramFiles% to ini
        probably this commands will be writing ProgramFiles(x86) in future which will be the right change with an unwanted result by hostosx64 user.
        so better to use %programfiles% in scripts

        **PeterPSC comment about xp64 from here
        QUOTE (psc @ Nov 18 2008, 09:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

        Suggestion to all x64 users:
        • Offer your PC at ebay.
          I'm sure you'll get a good price, because there are enough fools thinking that they need it.
        • Buy a good old x32 at ebay.
          I'm sure you'll get it for good price, because there are enough fools thinking that they do not need it any more.

        I would like to help and take your issue into the debugger.
        But I only have x86-32. And just to buy 64 for 'playground' is too expensive for me.

        Maybe I can give some help, if you 'eccessevely' explain the environment (no links please! cheers.gif )


        Lancelot comment as an answer for Peter's comment: I am a happy x64 user. Maybe i am happy because i am a fool, but still i am happy.

        ***Info to remember

        new cdimage parameters sometimes gives this: http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/2129/snap2nu0.png , nothing to worry, all files are in its place, just took picture and share here to document as command windows closes fastly.

        ***Info-Issues about OleSupport
        ps: This issue is well known by masters, as this feature works mostly nice, it is kept (and i agree that) as an optional feature.
        1) look post 344
        devmgr.dll is not registered in PE (SP2 not visible, because pre-registered, SP3 not registered)
        devmgr.dll is unregistered on my host pc. (my computer > manage > system > no device manager)
        (run regsvr32 devmgr.dll on host to repair)
        2) 'Stray registry entry' http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=45737
        getting the following registry entry created on my local host machine when building LiveXP: 'HKCU\WB-Temp\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\ShellErrorMode'.
        3) for me with 2k3x64 , i have an experimental IE6 script, which works after registring dll, but dont work with oleout feature (all same order)
        a) one should remember the already known issue about olesupport.script that is well explained by medevil at post 299
        cool.gif and an Explanation post 16 of Peter from 'Stray registry entry' topic

        ***Info FBWF
        Using fbwf enable, dera and i have different results. With fbwf enabled with 128mb, for a single file: dera can copy up to ~80mb, i can copy up to ~134mb
        for more info: post 398,post 399,post 403,post 409,post 410
        introduce a /minint trick and with previous posts (post 416) subject continues from post 491 (with dera's 80m limit) post 493 494 495 496 197 and at post 498 fxsrpt put a new script than continues 499 500 501 504 506

        Some cosmetic fixes i offer:

        QUOTE (psc @ Oct 18 2008, 10:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
        You should not be surprised. I'm ALWAYS interested in issues improving WinBuilder.
        But sometimes I need a chair.gif

        And if you (usually you do so) write something like 'just an idea' or 'not so important': Due to the amount of 'important' things I have to do here, I very fast will forget your post.

        In the future: Do not go 'back' and if you think that something is important, tell us!
        And, if like in the above sample, your post is decreased in my mind to 'nothing', increase it to 'important' again by a new post!
        I'm not Mister God and can fail!

        Peter thumbup.gif

        Original post from here:

        ps: Following post #3 and post #5 is to look or to remember solved issues.
        (seperate posts (#3 and #5) due to forum quote rule: "You have posted more than the allowed number of quoted blocks of text" )
    • Mass Storage Drivers and RAID - read article by DaveXP.
        This article was read 1284 times and has 41 comments

        I have a "Tower Raid" with 4 drives. Sil 3132

        Driver works fine with SATA option checked: 2 Raid1 (mirrored HDs) are correctly detected.

        Driver doesn't work with DP option checked: 4 Drives are incorrectly detected.

        So there seems to be an issue with DP and RAID?


    • HoJoPE Hives Factory Halt Error - read article by niche99.
        This article was read 0 times and has 15 comments. Last comment by Galapo


        Using Winbuilder 075b5p. I get the follwing error:

        Exec - Failed to find section [Process-Hive] in file: [%BaseDir%\Workbench\TaisoftPE\Cache\Prebuild\hojoPE-software_0409XPSP2%#2.Script.txt]

        I get the same error even if I run this after emptying Temp and WorkBench.

        Any help appreciated.
        Log File attached.
    • LiveXP - Windows Installer script problem - read article by DaveXP.
        This article was read 0 times and has 0 comments

        I built the LiveXP with the latest scripts (wb075A and XP SP2 as source). Works fine, except for the Windows Installer script.

        I only get the error message: "Could not start Windows Installer service on Local Computer. Error 5 Access denied.

        Any ideas?


        I couldn't see any problems in the log, but here it is:

                Windows Installer

                File [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script] Version[5]
                IniRead - [%BaseDir%\Workbench\livexp\UserData\ProjectInfo.ini] Section [OS] Key [Type] to variable: [%OSName%] with value [XP]
                IniRead - [%BaseDir%\Workbench\livexp\UserData\ProjectInfo.ini] Section [OS] Key [ServicePack] to variable: [%SP%] with value [SP2]
                IniRead - [%BaseDir%\Workbench\livexp\UserData\ProjectInfo.ini] Section [TargetStrings] Key [sCommon_Files] to variable: [%common%] with value [Common Files]

               Run - Processing section: [Process-UpdateIfNecessary] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]
                      IF - [XP] is equal to: [xp] evaluated string: [If,%OSName%,Equal,xp,Begin]
                            IF - [SP2] is not equal to: [sp3] evaluated string: [If,%SP%,NotEqual,sp3,Begin]
                                  IF - [True] is equal to: [True] evaluated string: [If,%pCheckBox1%,Equal,True,Run,%ScriptFile%,Process-KB893803]

                                 Run - Processing section: [Process-KB893803] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]
                                        IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Workbench\Common\Hotfixes\KB893803\extracted\msi.dll] evaluated string: [If,Not,ExistFile,%KB893803_path%\extracted\msi.dll,Begin]
                                                    [Else,Exit,"Cannot download KB893803 hotfix -- msi installer cannot be updated"]
                                              [ShellExecute,Hide,"%tools%\7za.exe","x -y #$q%KB893803_path%\%KB893803%#$q -o#$q%KB893803_path%\extracted#$q"]
                                        FileCopy - Copied [%BaseDir%\Workbench\Common\Hotfixes\KB893803\extracted\*.dll] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\I386\System32]
                                        FileCopy - Copied [%BaseDir%\Workbench\Common\Hotfixes\KB893803\extracted\*.exe] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\I386\System32]
                                        SetVar - Sucessfuly changed the value of [%hotfix%] to: [1]
                                 Run - Processed section [Process-KB893803] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]
                            ELSE - [Begin]
                      ELSE - [Begin]
               Run - Processed section [Process-UpdateIfNecessary] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]
                IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\hiderun.exe] evaluated string: [If,NotExistFile,%tools%\hiderun.exe,WebGet,%hiderunpath%/hiderun.exe,%Tools%\hiderun.exe]
                IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\I386\System32\hiderun.exe] evaluated string: [If,NotExistFile,%target_sys%\hiderun.exe,FileCopy,%Tools%\hiderun.exe,%target_sys%]

               Run - Processing section: [Process-Registry] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]

                     Run - Processing section: [reg_hiveload] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            with parameters: [HKU]
                            IF - Section exists [reg_hiveload_#1] evaluated string: [If,ExistSection,"%API%",reg_hiveload_#1,run,%API%,reg_hiveload_#1]

                           Run - Processing section: [reg_hiveload_HKU] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                                  RegHiveLoad - File: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\I386\System32\Config\software] Section [wb-hive]
                                  Updating registry.. [Software]
                           Run - Processed section [reg_hiveload_HKU] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            ELSE - [Run,%API%,Exit_Message,Can't load invalid registry [#1] Exiting...,Error]
                     Run - Processed section [reg_hiveload] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\550] Key [msi=hiderun /w regsvr32.exe /s msi.dll..]

                     Run - Processing section: [Regadd_boot] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            with parameters: [HKLM],[0x1],[Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion],[ProgramFilesDir],[%SystemDrive%\Program#$sFiles]
                            IF - File does not exist: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt] evaluated string: [If,ExistFile,%Target_prog%\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt,Begin]
                            ELSE - executing command: [Begin]
                                  DirMake - Created directory: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar]
                                  FileCreateBlank - Created a new file: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt]
                                  IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\ExpEnvVar.exe] evaluated string: [If,ExistFile,%tools%\ExpEnvVar.exe,Retrieve,FILEVERSION,%tools%\ExpEnvVar.exe,%ExpEnvVar_vers%]
                                  Retrieve - Sucessfully retrieved the file size from: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\ExpEnvVar.exe] to variable: [%ExpEnvVar_vers%] with result: []
                                  ELSE - [Set,%ExpEnvVar_vers%,0]

                                 Run - Processing section: [Process-RegAdd_boot-prepare] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                                        IF - [] is not smaller than [] evaluated string: [If,%ExpEnvVar_vers%,SMALLER,,Begin]
                                        FileCopy - Copied [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\ExpEnvVar.exe] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar]
                                        IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Workbench\livexp\UserData\Data\ISO-PreProcess.Script.txt] evaluated string: [If,NOTEXISTFILE,%PreISOScript%,Begin]
                                        TxtAddLine - Added line: [%BaseDir%\Workbench\livexp\UserData\Data\ISO-PreProcess.Script.txt] line: [Exec,%API%,Process-RegAdd_boot] Option:"Append"
                                        IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\hiderun.exe] evaluated string: [If,NotExistFile,%tools%\hiderun.exe,Begin]
                                        IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\I386\System32\hiderun.exe] evaluated string: [If,NotExistFile,%target_sys%\hiderun.exe,FileCopy,%Tools%\hiderun.exe,%target_sys%]
                                 Run - Processed section [Process-RegAdd_boot-prepare] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            TxtAddLine - Added line: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt] line: [Boot|HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion|ProgramFilesDir|0x1|%SystemDrive%\Program Files] Option:"Append"
                     Run - Processed section [Regadd_boot] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]

                     Run - Processing section: [Regadd_boot] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            with parameters: [HKLM],[0x1],[Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion],[CommonFilesDir],[%SystemDrive%\Program#$sFiles\Common#$sFiles]
                            IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt] evaluated string: [If,ExistFile,%Target_prog%\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt,Begin]
                                  Retrieve - Sucessfully retrieved the file size from: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.exe] to variable: [%ExpEnvVar_vers%] with result: []
                                  IF - [] is not smaller than [] evaluated string: [If,%ExpEnvVar_vers%,SMALLER,,Run,%API%,Process-RegAdd_boot-prepare]
                            ELSE - [Begin]
                            TxtAddLine - Added line: [%BaseDir%\Target\LiveXP\Program Files\ExpEnvVar\ExpEnvVar.txt] line: [Boot|HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion|CommonFilesDir|0x1|%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Common Files] Option:"Append"
                     Run - Processed section [Regadd_boot] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x2] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] Key [ProgramFilesPath=%programfiles%..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\.msi] Key [=Msi.Package..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\.msp] Key [=Msi.Patch..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Msi.Package] Key [=Windows Installer Package..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Msi.Package\DefaultIcon] Key [=msiexec.exe,0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Msi.Patch] Key [=Open..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Msi.Patch\DefaultIcon] Key [=msiexec.exe,0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\AppID\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [ServiceParameters=..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\AppID\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [LocalService=MSIServer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProgId] Key [=IMsiServer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Msi install server..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [AppId={000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProgId] Key [=WindowsInstaller.Message..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\DllVersion] Key [=3.1.4001..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Microsoft Windows Installer Message RPC..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InProcServer32] Key [=msi.dll..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InProcServer32] Key [ThreadingModel=Both..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=PSFactoryBuffer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProgId] Key [=WindowsInstaller.Installer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32] Key [=msi.dll..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32] Key [ThreadingModel=Apartment..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocHandler32] Key [=ole32.dll..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Microsoft Windows Installer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1094-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32] Key [=msi.dll..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1094-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32] Key [ThreadingModel=Apartment..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\CLSID\{000C1094-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\NumMethods] Key [=18..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=IMsiServer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\NumMethods] Key [=5..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=IMsiMessage..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1025-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1025-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\NumMethods] Key [=33..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1025-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=IMsiCustomAction..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1033-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={000C103E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1033-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\NumMethods] Key [=58..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1033-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=IMsiRemoteAPI..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Installer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1093-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1093-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1093-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1093-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1093-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Record..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1095-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1095-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1095-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1095-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1095-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=StringList..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1096-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1096-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1096-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1096-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C1096-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=RecordList..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=UIPreview..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109B-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109B-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109B-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109B-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109B-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=SummaryInfo..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=View..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Database..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109E-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Session..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C109F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=FeatureInfo..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Product..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [={000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\TypeLib] Key [Version=1.0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid32] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid] Key [={00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\Interface\{000C10A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Key [=Patch..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\TypeLib\{000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\1.0\409\win32] Key [=msi.dll..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\TypeLib\{000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\1.0\FLAGS] Key [=0..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\TypeLib\{000C1092-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\1.0] Key [=Microsoft Windows Installer Object Library..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\IMsiServer\CLSID] Key [={000C101C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\IMsiServer] Key [=Msi install server..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\WindowsInstaller.Installer\CLSID] Key [={000C1090-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\WindowsInstaller.Installer] Key [=Microsoft Windows Installer..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\WindowsInstaller.Message\CLSID] Key [={000C101D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Classes\WindowsInstaller.Message] Key [=Microsoft Windows Installer Message RPC..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x0] A file was not chosen from: [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Secure]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x2] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer] Key [InstallerLocation=%SystemRoot%\system32\..]
                      IF - [1] is equal to: [1] evaluated string: [If,%hotfix%,Equal,1,Begin]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2\File 1] Key [Flags=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2\File 1] Key [New File=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2\File 1] Key [New Link Date=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2\File 1] Key [Old Link Date=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x4] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Installed=1..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Comments=Windows Installer 3.1..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Backup Dir=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Fix Description=Windows Installer 3.1..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Installed By=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Installed On=..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x4] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Service Pack=3..]
                            RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x4] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB893803v2] Key [Valid=1..]
                            IF - [XP] is equal to: [xp] evaluated string: [If,%OSName%,Equal,xp,Begin]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [PackageName=Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [Description=Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [PackageVersion=1.0..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [Publisher=Microsoft Corporation..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [PublishingGroup=Windows Installer Team..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [ReleaseType=Software Update..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [ARPLink=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\KB893803v2..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [InstallerName=Update.exe..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [InstallerVersion=]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [InstalledDate=8/12/2007..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [InstalledBy=MyName..]
                                  RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB893803v2] Key [Type=Update..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\900] Key [msi_1=hiderun /w msiexec.exe /regserver..]
                      RegWrite - root key: [HKLM] Type: [0x1] Section [wb-hive\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\900] Key [msi_2=hiderun /w net start msiserver..]

                     Run - Processing section: [reg_hiveunload] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
                            with parameters: [HKU]
                            RegHiveUnLoad - Unloaded registry hive: [wb-hive]
                     Run - Processed section [reg_hiveunload] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Build\api.script]
               Run - Processed section [Process-Registry] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\LiveXP\Basic\Shells\Addons\msi.script]
                Script time: 1 second and 844 miliseconds

                Finished processing script: Windows Installer

    • Add Logmein into LiveXP help please - read article by caboose2253.
        This article was read 0 times and has 0 comments

        hello, im completely new to this and have no idea what im doing, but i want to incorperate the logmein program into my build of windows, how would i go to doing this, please please be very detailed, i have no idea how to do anything on here, thanks
  • Grub4dos (8)
    • Multiboot CD-ROM via Grub4DOS - read article by SamK.
        This article was read 14681 times and has 110 comments. Last comment by dlevens

        After working with Grub4DOS for a few days the construction of a multiboot CD-ROM toolkit is progressing well. Currently working are the following applications for linux and FreeDOS using ISO & floppy disk images:
        DBAN v 1.0.7, CopyWipe 1.14, Ghost 2003, Super Grub 0.9725.

        To complete this stage of the construction two additional ISOs are to be added, Parted Magic and Clonezilla. Both of these are proving difficult to incorporate. Has anyone succeeded in booting these ISOs via Grub4DOS? If so would you be willing to post how this was achieved?

        Research conducted in various forums generally point to using isolinux or BCDW. The toolkit currently under construction is an attempt to unify a collection of multiboot and single boot CD-ROMs which variously use isolinux and BCDW into a single CD-ROM using only Grub4DOS. Ultimately booting only ISOs (no floppies).

        Version Downloaded - grub4dos-0.4.3-2008-05-14.zip
        Downloaded From - http://grub4dos.jot.com/WikiHome

        Parted Magic
        Version Downloaded - pmagic-svn.iso-08Jun,134947.zip (Extracted and renamed pmagic.iso)
        Downloaded From - http://partedmagic.com/beef_drapes/
        This will be released as version 3.0 "...wait until linux 2.6.26 comes out before 3.0 is called stable."

        Version Downloaded - clonezilla-live-20080511-hardy.iso (Renamed clonzlla.iso)
        Downloaded From - http://www.clonezilla.org/

        # menu.lst - User configurable menu of available boot-time options provided by Grub4DOS
        # ISO Information
        # Command to create
        # mkisofs -R -b grldr -no-emul-boot -boot-load-seg 0x1000 -volid "XXX" -o bootable.iso iso_root
        # or
        # mkisofs -R -b grldr -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -volid "XXX" -o grldr.iso iso_root
        # ISO Burning Application
        # ImgBurn

        color black/cyan yellow/cyan

        title TEST 1 --- Parted Magic via ISO
        find --set-root --ignore-floppies /img-iso/pmagic.iso
        map /img-iso/pmagic.iso (hd32)
        map --hook
        chainloader (hd32)

        title TEST 2 --- Clonezilla via ISO
        find --set-root --ignore-floppies /img-iso/clonzlla.iso
        map /img-iso/clonzlla.iso (hd32)
        map --hook
        chainloader (hd32)

        title WIPE DISKS --- DBan 1.0.7
        find --set-root --ignore-floppies /img-iso/dban.iso
        map /img-iso/dban.iso (hd32)
        map --hook
        chainloader (hd32)

        title WIPE DISKS --- CopyWipe 1.14
        find --ignore-floppies /img-fd/bootfd06.img
        map /img-fd/bootfd06.img (fd0)
        map --hook
        chainloader (fd0)+1
        rootnoverify (fd0)

        title CREATE/RESTORE IMAGES --- Ghost 2003
        find --ignore-floppies /img-fd/bootfd06.img
        map /img-fd/bootfd06.img (fd0)
        map --hook
        chainloader (fd0)+1
        rootnoverify (fd0)

        title MANAGE BOOT LOADER --- Super Grub 0.9725
        find --ignore-floppies /img-fd/suprgrub.img
        map /img-fd/suprgrub.img (fd0)
        map --hook
        chainloader (fd0)+1
        rootnoverify (fd0)

        title WARM BOOT --- Reboot the PC
        savedefault --wait=2

        title SWITCH OFF --- Power Down the PC
        savedefault --wait=2

        File found and mapped
        Chainloader = Load Segment: 0x0 System Type: 0x0 Sector Count: 0x4
        Load RBA: 0x1E Boot Type: 0 = No Emulation
        Boot = ISOLINUX 3.63 2008-04-10
        Stalls at this point

        File found and mapped
        Chainloader = Load Segment: 0x0 System Type: 0x0 Sector Count: 0x4
        Load RBA: 0xB9CE Boot Type: 0 = No Emulation
        Boot = ISOLINUX 3.62 2008-03-01
        Stalls at this point

        find --set-root --ignore-floppies /img-iso/pmagic.iso
        map --mem /img-iso/filename.iso (hd32)
        map --hook
        chainloader (hd32)

        PC reboots

        Symptoms unchanged
    • Grub4dos Guide/Tutorial - read article by diddy.
        This article was read 6696 times and has 15 comments. Last comment by Twilight Cruiser

        After harassing Jaclaz and ilko countless times over the past few weeks I have finally, with their help, completed a grub4dos guide. Many thanks to Jaclaz and ilko for their input, suggestions and support thumbsup.gif .

        Feel free to post any errors or feedback – good or bad. The guide is available here – a downloadable version is also available.


        Updated - 18th July 2008
        Guide updated to version 1.1 following feedback from tinybit - see below.
    • grub4dos-0.4.4 final will come soon Please test the latest build and report problems. - read article by tinybit.
        This article was read 2725 times and has 54 comments. Last comment by kDn

        It is possible to release 0.4.4 final at the end of September. Please test the latest build right now at http://grub4dos.nufans.net/

        You may report any problems here.


    • grub4dos and/or PLOP - read article by gpc1.
        This article was read 365 times and has 9 comments. Last comment by mr_

        I have successfully been able to boot from an USB stick on a machine with rudimentary USB BIOS support. It's a Compaq Despro EN, 10 years old, having an Intel 440BX chipset. It doesn't support booting from USB, it will only detect an USB keyboard.

        For that issue, I have involved PLOP from http://www.plop.at/de/home.html.

        Another great role to achieve results has been using GRUB4DOS to get into boot stage. The approach using NTLDR/boot.ini together with NT MBR failed miserably.

        At first I installed PLOP into MBR on the PC's local HD. PLOP will present a boot menu, where USB can be chosen.
        Using this, at first a message popped up: Boot error. No boot device found. Please retry.
        Doing so, retries either froze the machine - reboot necessary - or presented my Buffalo stick as boot device.

        I used a Buffalo 2GB stick as well as a 4BG one.The sticks have been formatted to use DOS's MBR as well as DOS's boot loader, FAT16 respectively FAT32.

        I set up grub to load from a line in DOS's config.sys boot menu. So, at first, the boot menu from DOS came up, where I could select booting DOS. And it fairly well did, presented a drive C: letter for the stick.
        Now I was able to call up my good old NortonCommander. But, trying a simple action - editing a file and saving - issued the message: Error on drive C:...

        Leaving NC and trying "edit menu.lst" and saving: Common error writing drive C: abort/retry/fail
        These errors persisted. So, working under DOS would not be possible.

        I went on with grub's boot loader to load BartPe. It did - but not what I wanted, it booted the NT partition of my local HD, _not_ from stick.

        Going to grub's cmdline, I issued "find (" and the output was: fd0 hd0 rd cd

        So, for this stage of boot, neither PLOP nor GRUB give me a hd0 device to boot from stick!

        I've got another PC with a MSI/AMD/VIA MoBo, Award/Phönix BIOS from 2003. That PC does have a boot menu from bios, I can choose USB there. It doesn't recognize an USB harddisk, but it recognizes an USB stick!

        I didn't use PLOP there, the PC booted from stick. But here I got a drive letter A: when booting DOS... and grub's cmdline "find" again presented something stupid: fd0 hd0 hd1 hd2 rd cd. This PC has 3 bulit-in HD's. So, again and only using GRUB, I will not be presented a drive for USB boot.

        Now, who's the culprit? PLOP and/or GRUB?
        I'm currently in a discussion with the austrian developer of PLOP for that issue.

    • Unable to Boot Ubuntu after Ubuntu Upgrade 8.04 -> Ubuntu 8.10 - read article by Twilight Cruiser.
        This article was read 232 times and has 15 comments. Last comment by jaclaz

        Hi there,

        I'm a relative novice user to GRUB4DOS.

        I'm using GRUB4DOS 0.4.3 on my stationary PC. Usually, there are residing up to three WinXP systems (normal/daily work, music recording, test) and one Linux Ubuntu (in detail: Ubuntu Studio) on this PC.

        There are multiple hard disks inside my PC.
        While the Windows OS' are installed in primary partitions, Ubuntu is installed in some logical partitions being part of one extended partition.
        Initially, I had four logical partitions for Ubuntu 8.04:
        * root ("/"), (ext2fs)
        * boot, (ext3fs)
        * home (ext3fs) and
        * swap (for sure...). wink.gif

        GRUB4DOS is installed into the the MBR (I haved used "grubinst_gui.exe"/"GRUB Installer 1.1" for that), the menu.lst file is stored in the 'root' ("C:\") of the standard Windows OS / partition.
        GRUB4DOS has no problem to come up and to read the menu.lst file. Window XP OS' can be loaded without any problems, and with Ubuntu (Studio) 8.04 all went fine as well; I had the following entries for Ubuntu in the menu.lst file:

        title Ubuntu Studio
        hide (hd0,0) # hide fisrt WinXP partition
        hide (hd0,1) # hide second WinXP partition
        unhide (hd3,4) # unhide extended Linux partition
        root (hd3,4)
        kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-rt root=UUID=b99d3def-b603-47a7-995b-268f4602a13e ro quiet splash
        initrd /initrd.img-2.6.24-19-rt

        The UUID was taken from the /etc/fstab file of the Ubuntu installation (read out by booting an Ubuntu LiveCD).
        With Ubuntu 8.04, all worked fine, Ubuntu came up as expected.

        After Updating Ubuntu to 8.10, there seem to be some changes in the location of the kernel / boot files (and I guess this is the problem that I have now):
        In the root are now only some links (simply named "vmlinuz" and "initrd.img"), pointing to the real, actual kernel and image files; these are now located in /boot.

        I tried to change the menu.lst entries to

        kernel /vmlinuz root=UUID=b99d3def-b603-47a7-995b-268f4602a13e ro quiet splash
        initrd /initrd.img

        thinking that GRUB4DOS would be able to resolve and follow the links, but that didn't worked.
        I also tried to directly link to the /boot partition (using also its UUID), but it also failed, also my try to copy the kernel and initrd image file into the root partition.
        My latest idea was to newly install Ubuntu 8.10, but without an extra /boot partition, i.e. the /boot partition don't have to be mounted but is still a directory in the root ("/") partition (root now with ext3fs); for sure, I entered the new UUID into the menu.lst file. T´But this failed as well, no mater if I tried to call the links in the root or the files itself in the /boot folder.

        The latest (i.e. current) entry in my menu.lst file is
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-3-rt root=UUID=2cad9acb-e524-4d13-a24b-d8c4953d242e ro quiet splash
        initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-3-rt

        (i.e. trying to boot the needed files directly from the /boot folder, assuming that GRUB4DOS isn't able to resolve the links inside the root), provoking the ollowing error message:
        Booting Ubuntu Studio
        Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-3-rt root=UUID=2cad9acb-e524-4d13-a24b-d8c4953d242e ro quiet splash
        Error 2: Bad file or directory type
        Press any key to continue...

        So, now I've given up due to the lack of any new idea what could be wrong.

        Could anyone help me what to enter into the menu.lst for solving my problem?
        MANY THX in advance!!

        Best regards

    • PLoP is supported by grub4dos! (and by most other loaders) - read article by jaclaz.
        This article was read 136 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by mr_

        See here for complete post:


        Run from GRUB (note by jaclaz: also tested by the Author with grub4dos)

        Download the current boot manager [62]plpbt-5.0rc17.zip. Extract it to
        get the boot manager binary program plpbt.bin.

        Copy the plpbt.bin file to /boot.

        You have to choose the correct root settings in menu.lst for your
        The following is an example
        title PLoP Boot Manager
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /boot/plpbt.bin

        When you reboot, you should be able to start the boot manager from
        your grub menu.

    • Help neded in bootin dual X64 installation - read article by pepin.
        This article was read 135 times and has 8 comments

        Following some advices in ths forum I organized my HD drive using this layout, all partitions NTFS

        - A small primary partition to boot and host pagefile.sys
        - A logical partition to the main Windows X64 system
        - A logical partition to an guest OS, either XP or XP64, mainly for tests
        - A logical parttiton for sources of applications
        - A logical parttiton for data

        The boot.ini file seems like this
        [boot loader]
        [operating systems]
        multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\windows="Win X64" /fastdetect
        multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\windows="Guest OS" /fastdetect

        Now I wated to boot both OSs from a grb4dos menu, no using boot.ini.
        The OSs are in devices

        (hd0,4) and (hd0,5)

        But I have no idea how to chainload them, as they don't contain the ntldr file and the bootsector don't works.
        Should I copy it from the active partiton to the OS partitions?


    • Multi-purpose Grub4dos - read article by xpt.
        This article was read 16 times and has 2 comments. Last comment by mr_


        I am dealing with lots of old PCs that are capable of booting floppy/CDs but not USB. Since USB accessing is much faster than CD, I'm wondering if I can use floppy or CDs to boot my USB keys, just like boot normal HD partitions using Grub4dos.

        So far, my attempt has not been successful. I created the CD via

            mkisofs -R -b grldr -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -o grldr.iso iso_root

        However, when booted, Grub4dos is unable to give me the USB disk as an option for my 'root' command.

        So I think booting the PC into DOS with USB support, and start Grub4dos from there might help. The Norton Ghost 2003 can boot into DOS with USB support, but I haven't figure out how to grub its boot image yet -- http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6370

        please help.



  • Tftpd32 (3)
    • SNTP on Win2003 server - read article by jecondon.
        This article was read 1464 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Klodrik

        I have set up Tftpd32 on my Win2003 server as a SNTP server but my clients are not reciving a response from the server to their unicast requests. I can ping the server from all of the clients and am using port 69 but it still does not work. If you can give me any suggestions I would appreciate the help.
    • Using standard dotted quad syntax in .ini file - read article by Peter Lyons.
        This article was read 47 times and has 1 comments

        This is a question/feature request. Currently tftpd32 sometimes uses normal dotted-quad notation for network fields (DHCP LocalIP, LocalIP). For example, an IP would be formatted as "" or a netmask as "". This is the proper format for user-entered data in GUIs and config files. However, several fields (Mask, Gateway, IP_Pool, DNS) that are the same 32-bit binary data structure internally are stored in the tftpd32.ini file as network byte order decimal format. For example, when I configure a netmask of "" in the GUI, it is stored in tftpd32.ini as the decimal value 16777215. (FYI This is 0x00FFFFFF, which is the netmask I entered as dotted quad converted to network byte order decimal).

        This makes it tricky to script configuration of the .ini file or to provide an alternate configuration GUI.

        I would like to request that tftpd32 standardize on dotted quad format in the tftdp32.ini file since this is more familiar and conventional.
    • Trouble with PXE (Using tftpd32), RAMPE booting Trying to boot RAMPE image on a networked computer using PXE & Tft - read article by latigo.
        This article was read 0 times and has 4 comments

        I hope I picked the right forum to post on... if not, will some gracious admin, please move it to the right spot?

        I'm just about at my wits end. frusty.gif I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now. I finally got a RAMPE.iso (based off of the directions here: http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=19333) that works and boots (tested in MS Virtual PC and it booted)
        Here is a file list of what is contained in my ISO-that-works:

        NOTE: This is a WinXP based PE build with Win2K3 files placed in it! (This PE build was not made from a Win2k3 source)

        Here is my goal: I have a PE build (that I've named RAMPE---the one mentioned above) that includes a Disk Imaging Backup Program that I use to make image backups of machines. I'd like to boot a remote computer via a crossover cable with a PE build. The reason for this is that the PCs I am backing up have PXE but don't have a CD drive and only have USB 1.1 (way slow). USB is the way that I currently backup these machines and (if I do both partitions at once) it takes 3 hours -- which in my line of work is waaaaay to long.

        So after assessing my problem, I began to look into PXE booting with TFTPD32. I've read a bunch of posts and have learned a lot but have still come up short and have not gotten my PXE/TFTP32/RAMPE config to boot successfully.

        So here is where I'm at:
        I have a booting RAMPE ISO (RAMPE#T1.ISO)
        I also have regular BartPE ISOs that I use as Boot CDs.
        [I really don't care which type of ISO I get to work, I just want One of the two to work; so if its easier to use a plain BartPE iso, I can do that; or if its easier to use the RAMPE type iso, I can do that too]

        I have TFTPD32 Installed on my laptop and have tinkered around with pxelinux.
        (...though it may be configured wrong for the type of booting I actually want...) I originally used 2 different tutorials. One was: kloudfreak's tutorial Post 5 (http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1961) After this one didn't quite pan out the way I wanted it to, I tried RCollewijn's one (http://www.collewijn.info/xpe/page/tftpd_ris.php website). RCollewijn's one got me closer -- I got the client pc to pickup a IP address from my laptop and start transferring files; but each time it would load the ramdisk image, it would error out (various errors).

        Right now Here are my current configurations (See Attachements):
        TFTPD32 Settings (2 Pics in a Word Doc), TFTPD32_Settings_20081205.doc
        TFTPD32 Event Log, TFTPD32_Log_20081205.txt
        Ramboot2 Folder Contents (2 Pics in a Word Doc), Ramboot2_FolderContents_20081205.doc
        (Also, At the moment I'm using a mini-switch (netgear 8 port) instead of a crossover cable)

        The current error I get with this configuration is:
        INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14.

        Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

        Please let me know what other details/info are needed.

        (Lol, hopefully I didn't make any n00b mistakes) laugh.gif


  • Site feedback (4)
    • Removing empty sub-domains on boot-land.net - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 53 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Galapo

        After moving mySQL to an external server, it's time to continue the optimization procedures and any empty sub-domains of boot-land.net are being removed since they've been inactive for a long time.

        For examples:


        Were removed, this should ease the task of securing the other sub-domains on our server that are more active.

        Please be assured that if you still need a boot-land.net account to host your files, this is still available as before.


        As a side note, I've also installed the nginx web server that should be able to fully replace apache under some heavy downloaded domains like livexp.boot-land.net

        nginx is (currently) available at:

        And you can compare with the original Apache one:

        In overall it should bring some impact as a lighter web server means a lot more free memory for simultaneous visitors (and bots)


    • [complete] Site transfer of nunobrito.eu Moving to new server - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 70 times and has 5 comments

        Hi everyone.

        I've began transferring my personal site to new server, while the respective DNS doesn't get updated I won't receive any messages sent to mail@nunobrito.eu nor visitors will be able to view the site.

        This is the first step to learn and prepare the way to transfer boot-land.net and winbuilder.net to the new location.

        nunobrito.eu is somewhat simpler to move around as it doesn't come with any subdomains attached. After this operation we'll move onto winbuilder.net once things get working well and finally boot-land.net.

        In the meanwhile, for those in need to contact me directly, I'm always available at nunobrito.azores@gmail.com

        These last few days have been quite crazy but I hope we can soon get everything back to normal.

    • http://maxrealqnx.boot-land.net Help me ? - read article by Max_Real Qnx.
        This article was read 162 times and has 12 comments. Last comment by damian666

        Hi smile.gif


        I want to visit this website but other website is being opened (http://damian666.boot-land.net) frusty.gif

        Why heh.gif
    • Forum's software bug space inserted in a line - read article by psc.
        This article was read 0 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        In a post I wrote the line
        [cd]ShellExecute,Open,"cmd.exe", "/K C:\1\test.htm"[/cd]

        'cd' is 'code' and replaced here to avoid unwanted display.

        When I saw the posted page, I detected a space behind '"cmd.exe",'

        Not to publish wrong syntax here, I wanted to edit the mistake.

        But in the original line there was NO space!

        A new reincarnation of wodoo.gif

        (I'm so glad that this emoticon exists! loleverybody.gif )

  • Project forge (2)
    • YACBFC - dec2hex.cmd and hex2dec.cmd Yet another couple batch files to convert numbers - read article by jaclaz.
        This article was read 2114 times and has 4 comments

        There are quite a number of converting programs between dec and hex and viceversa, and also a number of batch files to do the same.

        Since none I could find worked the way I wanted them to, I decided to write my own version, with input an output as I like them to be.

        They work under 2K/XP (no Dos/Win9x/Me sorry).

        Enjoy. smile.gif

    • "Panther" XP/2003 (deployment system) WIM Based WinXP/2003 with realtime CPU detection - read article by thunn.
        This article was read 5883 times and has 41 comments. Last comment by mbg

        CPU independent Windows XP using WDS Beta from Longhorn



        Hello all...
        For awhile now I've been working on a system to utilize the early (WIM based) Panther engine as a means of deploying WinXP and other NTLDR based Windows NT systems to hardware with different CPU types. After only a gahzillion test cycles... It's finally done. smile.gif

        Discovering the system HAL type (when the wrong HAL is installed) was the main issue at hand. Most system builders have, to date, used data stored in the registry to determine the system HAL type for similar image based deployments. This is not always a reliable means of checking the number of physical CPU cores though. If the wrong HAL is installed or used in a preinstallation environment, the registry will reflect the incorrect HAL type when queried. For this reason a small 3rd party tool was was discovered for the task of checking the number of CPU cores reliably (A huge thanks to Galapo for pointing me to Crystal Dew World). With this task performed correctly, sysprep may install a new HAL on request if needed.

        For those curious, scripted (autoit3) HAL swaps were also successfully tested, but sysprep works fine if the CPU type is reported accurately.

        With the HAL detection issue overcome, I'm now updating some supporting web documents.

        If this sounds like something interesting to you, a demo client image has been tested and uploaded. (please pm)

        attached is a preliminary readme.

        more details will follow.

        attached readme is from an early release
        the current client image readme is online here.

  • ImDisk (4)
    • News New features or other changes to ImDisk - read article by Olof Lagerkvist.
        This article was read 10325 times and has 25 comments

        I just added the possibility to automatically use the first unused drive letter even when mounting virtual disks with the command line tool. For this to work, specify #: as drive letter.

        imdisk -a -s 60M -m #:


        EDIT by jaclaz:
        Please, DO NOT REPLY on this thread, if you have questions, want to show your appreciation (or disgust wink.gif ) or whatever, about the news published here, start a new thread, quoting the News post by Olof.
        Olof Lagerqvist is the ONLY one allowed to post in this thread, to make it become a sort of "change history" log for IMDISK.
        Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
    • ImDisk wants a Wiki - read article by Garrett Serack.
        This article was read 2153 times and has 7 comments. Last comment by Zero3K

        I hoped there was a Wiki somewhere for ImDisk... (actually , I thought there was one, but when I clicked on the link, it asked for authentication... ) I don't remember the link now sad.gif

        Is there a Wiki somewhere? If not, can we create one--I'd gladly fill in some details biggrin.gif

    • ImDisk needs a better GUI - read article by Zero3K.
        This article was read 125 times and has 4 comments. Last comment by Olof Lagerkvist

        The current one is missing certain features (such as the ability to have an image be loaded when its driver is started and the ability for it to save an image every couple of minutes unless no new data has been written).
    • Defragmenting RAM Disks made with it - read article by Zero3K.
        This article was read 87 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by billonious

        Is it ok to do so?
  • WinBuilder (2)
    • WinBuilder 075 - beta testing beta 5 - running under Windows 2000 // webget working well with proxy - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 39564 times and has 602 comments. Last comment by psc

        Hi everyone!

        I'm proud to announce the initial beta release of WinBuilder 075.

        This is a very special release as it the first that showcases several improvements regarding the script engine and extensive bug fixes that have been reported on the bug tracker.

        Peter (PSC) is the mentor for most these fixes and I would like to extend my personal thank you to him for all the good results that made possible such a good script performance.


        Please report back any issues that you find with this new beta version, lots of changes have been introduced on the engine so we need feedback to see if anything was left to be corrected.

        If you find a bug on WinBuilder 074, please mention it on the bug tracker.

        If you find a bug on WinBuilder 075, please post it here.

        Beta 5 (18-Sep-2008)


        Log of changes
        fixed - double 'beta' in form caption

        fixed - unsaved change of download server constellation

        fixed - default.txt is missing

        fixed - 'Index out of bounds' when last download server is deleted

        fixed - 'feature' how to remove custom program logo

        *** preview as beta 4 a

        fixed - some smaller issues with download servers

        fixed - ExtractAndRun bug

        fixed - internal variables like %scriptDir% can contain commas

        added - 'Stop Build on Error' option

        fixed - senceless 'v.' in progress window

        *** preview as beta 4 b

        fixed - sort order bug with mapped folders

        fixed - ShellExecuteEx bug when opening documents by associated app

        added - Option to name log.html with additional time stamp

        added - Option to build log.html immediatelly after build w/o user interaction

        *** preview as beta 4 c

        fixed - Bug with If,(NOT)EXISTFILE/DIR checking empty floppy drive

        added - Loop statement can run between characters, e.g. drive letters

        added - Strformat,INC and Strformat,DEC also work on characters

        modified - nicer output in log.html

        *** preview as beta 4 d

        fixed - bug with file type associations

        fixed - Convert tool - wrong popup menu

        added - Convert tool - remove file from list

        added - suggestion how to have certain scripts be selected mandatory

        *** preview as beta 4 e

        added - RegDelete of values

        added - 'Not' option to If command

        *** preview as beta 4 f

        added - StrFormat can extract path, filename and extentions from URLs

        *** preview as beta 4 g

        fixed - bug in 'Exit on Error' when extracting files

        *** preview as beta 4 h

        fixed - Minor code changes and corrections to clean the hint & warnings reported on compile time

        fixed - bug 'system error occurs' in clicking log treeview

        fixed - newly added web servers for download are not tracked in WinBuilder.ini

        *** preview as beta 4 i

        fixed - bug when running script from source editor

        fixed - delete temporary files after extracting an attachement

        added - optional automatic log after clicking the STOP button

        *** preview as beta 4 j

        fixed - wrong parent's node check marks when selecting with space bar

        changed - RegDelete syntax

        *** preview as beta 4 k

        changed - starting to clean up language support

        changed - remove 'charset' from log.html meta content tag

        fixed - finally(?) wrong parent's node check marks when selecting with space bar

        *** preview as beta 4 l

        ### some consolidation with respect to next beta release

        removed - 'STOP' in interface editor when using themes other than XDP-classic

        removed - 'protected' functionality

        added - about 30 items to language translation

        removed - new RegDelete syntax, temporarily use old syntax (see magic wand)

        *** preview as beta 4 m

        changed - new RegDelete syntax again

        fixed - some smaller GUI adjustements

        added - some more items to language translation

        added - System,ERROROFF can get number of lines as optional argument

        *** preview as beta 4 n

        added - files to be converted can be Drag&Drop-ed from explorer

        added - files to be attached can be Drag&Drop-ed from explorer

        added - If,ExistRegSection and If,ExistRegKey

        added - proxy support

        added - 'mandatory scripts' functionality (replaces removed Protect functionality)

        cleaned - internal If command logic

        *** preview as beta 4 o

        changed - WinBuilder always runs in CPU #0 only, also on multiprocessor and multicore systems

        added - internal variables %ProjectTitle% and %ScriptTitle%

        added - basic raw registry editor support

        *** preview as beta 4 p

        fixed - script was not shown if there was a folder with a name equal to the script's title

        *** preview as beta 4 q

        fixed - enable RegRead of expandable strings 0x2

        fixed - decode macro names only as first argument

        fixed - store changed text in a filebox

        added - Show Progress Window also when processing codebox ot buttons.

        added - several smaller adjustements

        added - autosave option for source code editor

        *** preview as beta 4 r

        fixed - Changing source folder to a folder already on list

        changed - parameter stack added for 'Run' and 'Loop' statements

        fixed - bug occurring when a line contained a non-variable '%'

        *** preview as beta 4 s

        fixed - bug in If,QUESTION with space inside question

        fixed - 'Use Path Rule' now unchecked by default

        changed - some smaller corrections

        *** preview as beta 4 t

        changed - now nested 'begin' - 'end' is possible. 'begin' stack added

        changed - no flushing window on missing source

        changed - dont show scripts of 0 bytes size

        *** preview as beta 4 u

        fixed - bug in System,GETFREEDRIVE

        fixed - bug in previous / next selected: Changes were lost

        *** preview as beta 4 v

        fixed - bug in macro expanding

        *** preview as beta 4 w


        Loop statement can run between characters, e.g. drive letters



        %a_searchFile%=Program Files\BootStick_2008_001\Pstart.exe








        New Syntax:

        RegDelete,HKLM,Section,Key deletes 'Key' under 'Section'

        RegDelete,HKLM,Section deletes the complete 'Section'

        Old Syntax:

        RegDelete,HKLM,Section,Key,Value deletes 'Value' under 'Section\Key'

        RegDelete,HKLM,Section,Key deletes the complete 'key' under 'Section'


        'Not' option to If command

        You negate an If command by inserting an 'Not'

        If,someting,... > If,Not,something ...


        has the same result as


        The current NOTEQUAL, NOTEXISTDIR, ... commands are still processes because of compatibility reasons

        But before processing they are internally changed into If,Not,...



        is invalid and may produce inpredictable results

        Try this in CodeBox:



        If,%var%,EQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is equal to %var%"

        If,Not,%var%,EQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is not equal to %var%"

        If,%var%,NOTEQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is not equal to %var%"


        If,%var%,EQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is equal to %var%"

        If,Not,%var%,EQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is not equal to %var%"

        If,%var%,NOTEQUAL,3,Echo,"3 is not equal to %var%"


        StrFormat can extract path, filename and extentions from URLs:







        results in:

        StrFormat - converted: [%DownloadURL1%] to variable: [%fnam%] with result: [http://live.sysinternals.com/]

        StrFormat - converted: [%DownloadURL1%] to variable: [%fnam%] with result: [Bginfo.exe]

        StrFormat - converted: [%DownloadURL1%] to variable: [%fnam%] with result: [.exe]


        New If commands:




        Scripts having '[Main] Mandatory=True' are marked in the tree with a red exclamation mark and cannot be deselected.

        In the Interface editor there is a check box 'Mandatory' to set or unset this property.

        This protection mechanism can be switched off by the developer by adding [Main] Mandatory=False to WinBuilder.ini


        Autosave option

        Autosave is On by default.

        You can switch it permanently On / Off by using the 'Options' tab in Tools Mode

        The 'save' button in the source editor is only visible if autosave is off.


        Beta 4 (29-Jun-2008)

        Download: http://winbuilder.net/download.php?view.33

        Log of changes:

        modified - log button will always be displayed when using codebox
        added - folder linking (link to script folder trees of a different project)
        added - Retrieve,FileVersion command
        added - output of localized strings
        added - StrFormat,Ceil and StrFormat,Floor
        added - WBZip by booty#1 as standard de/encoding
        added - System,GetFreeDrive command
        added - System,ErrorOff command
        added - Webget of FTP:// URLs
        fixed - Else,Set,%var%,xxx bug
        fixed - Some (WB 75 new) issues fixed with spaces in the %BaseDir% name
        fixed - bug in FileByteExtract (popup error if sequence not found)
        fixed - project tree bug with deselect on collapsing
        fixed - RegImport bug
        fixed - interface bug with unshown labels

        Output of localized strings

        all strings defined in the language files can be used like variables,
        identified by their ID number $#nnnn.



        If language is default (English) the appearing question dialog box shows:
        'Save changes to disk?'

        In case of German language choosen it would show:
        'Änderungen auf Platte schreiben?'

        The question mark is part of the TEXT, not part of the ID!

        StrFormat,Ceil and StrFormat,Floor


        size can be
        - number e.g. 512
        - character k meaning 1024
        - character m meaning 1024 * 1024

        Retrieve,FileVersion command

        Fills %var% with the file version string, as it can be seen by viewing the file's properties


        System,GetFreeDrive command


        fills %var% with the highest available free drive letter, mostly 'Z:'


        System,ErrorOff command

        If the immediatelly following command fails, it is flagged in the log as 'ignored' rather than as 'Failed'


        Beta 3 (10-Jun-2008)

        Download: http://winbuilder.net/download.php?view.32

        Log of changes:

        added - begin/end for If and Else commands
        added - buttons to step through selected scripts
        fixed - attachement context menu
        fixed - multiple anchors in log
        fixed - WebGet bug with redirection

        Example of the new code syntax for begin/end for If and Else commands:


        Echo,"All Done"


        [Success] IF - [(%var%)2] is equal to: [2] executing command: [begin]
        [Info] 2-0
        [Info] 2-1
        [Info] 2-2
        [Success] [end]
        [Ignore] ELSE - [begin]
        [Ignore] [Echo,a-0]
        [Ignore] [Echo,a-1]
        [Ignore] [Echo,a-2]
        [Ignore] [end]
        [Ignore] IF - [(%var%)2] is not equal to: [3] evaluated string: [If,%var%,Equal,3,begin]
        [Ignore] [Echo,3-0]
        [Ignore] [Echo,3-1]
        [Ignore] [Echo,3-2]
        [Ignore] [end]
        [Success] ELSE - executing command: [begin]
        [Info] x-0
        [Info] x-1
        [Info] x-2
        [Success] [end]
        [Info] All Done


        Beta 2 (06-Jun-2008)

        Download: http://winbuilder.net/download.php?view.31

        added - 'variable names can contain variables'
        added - Multiple 'Else,If' possible
        added - 'Loop' statement
        added - %ExitCode% for ShellExecute
        added - System,Cursor,Wait / Normal
        added - Expand Echo,Message to optional Echo,Message[,Warn]
        added - button to open Download Center from main window
        added - updates.ini can will open a custom website if specific info is found ([info] -> Website=http://myexample.com)
        fixed - greyed scrollbars area
        fixed - bug with disappearing or moving components
        fixed - bug with overwritten component, if wrong order
        fixed - bug in RegGetNext
        fixed - bug in script macro resolving
        fixed - CopyOrExpand now works in W2000 host
        fixed - Main treeview has a stable behavior
        modified - Some cosmetics in log.html generation
        modified - GUI editor fixes
        modified - Log tab is only visible whenever it is not empty
        modified - wb License is now visible by default under the Tools menu
        removed - If,License and If,NotLicense commands
        removed - IE dependency to allow wb work on Windows 2000 (no proxy support based on IE settings)
        removed - Web and Help tab were removed to keep GUI simpler and quickier to load
        removed - All built-in FTP upload functions were removed since most developer prefer to use own FTP clients
        removed - Backup Tool was removed since it was rarely used


        Beta 1 (12-May-2008)

        Download: http://winbuilder.net/download.php?view.30

        - Added - Version number next to script description
        - Fix bug #32 (Retreive cmd)
        - Fix bug with RegRead MULTI_SZ
        - Implementation of REG_NONE
        - Log generation accelerated; Fix of 'truncated log lines'
        - Add Generation of API format lines to 'Convert from BartPE'
        - Separate unit 'ConvertBart'
        - ConvertBart now can handle most 'standard' app scripts including a start menu entry extracted from nu2menu???.xml
        - New unit nu2menu
        - Fix bug #7 with Access violation on double click
        - Fix bug in StrFormat: Now last parameter can be %variable%
        - Add string functions RTrim, LTrim, CTRim, Left, Mid, Right to StrFormat
        - Fix bug in If,ExistSection and If,NotExistSection
        - New enhanced variables handling
        - Add If,ExistVar and If,NotExistVar
        - Add Else command
        - RegWrite,0x4 now accepts four binary hex bytes in addition to DWORD
        - Unload open hive after clicking the stop button
        - Add ProcessMessages in RunLite loop
        - STOP button now works also during Exec command
        - Fix bug in RegRead 0x3
        - Accelerated creation of log HTMLs

        One of the biggest overall improvement are the variables handling and the introduction of direct support for running bartPE plugins as if they were app scripts. To test this feature, add your plugins inside a LiveXP/NativeEx or any other XP based project that supports app scripts.

        Happy testing, hope you like this new version!

    • When I Close The Shell, A Window Pops Up How do I stop the Error! window from popping up? - read article by Inshakoor.
        This article was read 0 times and has 2 comments

        I modified Winbuilder to load a command prompt as the shell ( I am doing some testing with our custom imaging environment). When I close the command prompt which I have set to be the shell, a window pops up saying: Error! Correct Shell (my shell name here) closed. Do you want to restart it? If I hit “No”, the "VistaPE Loader & Tools" pops up. I don’t want either of these windows to popup after I close the shell (command prompt in my case). I just want my scripts to continue running without interruption. Is there any way to strip out the “Shell Check” or whatever is checking for the Shell (or in this case, the command prompt I set to be the shell) so I can close it without issue?

        OR, is there any way to make a VBScript file run as the shell? I tried setting cscript/wscript as the shell or variations of those calling vbscripts or just pointing to a vbscript by itself, all to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • Boot Methods (3)
    • How do i detect the boot device an ISO or image is booted off? - read article by scrumpyjack.
        This article was read 178 times and has 5 comments. Last comment by mr_

        If i boot a disk image such as DOS off a USB stick using Grub or other boot loader. How is possible to detect the original device it was booted off if in this case USB stick. If im in the mounted floppy image acting like a floppy, how can i detect the image is sat on a USB stick once the image is loaded up? huh.gif

        One idea i have is the BIOS stores in memory the device that was booted or using DOS util. Do you know of any easy way or anyway? Help.
    • encrypted Wi-Fi booting on secure remote server? - read article by mr_.
        This article was read 20 times and has 0 comments

        I found concerning network booting only PXE which seams to be only with NIC, cable and local lan.

        Let's say there is a desktop computer or notebook with bootable floppy/CD/USB and some Wi-Fi device (internal chip, PCI card, USB drive...)

        Is it possible on pre-boot to log in into a WPA2 protected Wi-Fi, then secure login into a remote server (SSL or w/e) and boot an operating system physically stored on the remote server?

        Btw, I mean real booting, no kicker method. (kicker method is for sure working for modified operating systems but not for the non special ones)
    • about isolinux - read article by Mr.xx.
        This article was read 68 times and has 10 comments. Last comment by jaclaz


        where i can download isolinux

        and can put pass on mulity boot using isolinux

  • Support and Bug reporting (1)
    • How do you add license data to a script? - read article by Sirquil.
        This article was read 2410 times and has 15 comments. Last comment by billonious

        I have two commercial programs that I have licensed; how do I add license details to their scripts.
        Build is with Winbuilder 072, Project is VistaPE-beta.

        Programs are UltraISO and Handy Recovery.

        I have looked over and searched the forum for license information; no success.
  • News (4)
    • [complete] Server Downtime Maintenance (27th Nov 2008) - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 240 times and has 17 comments

        Hi everyone.

        Has you might already know, we now have available a new dedicated server so we'll begin moving our forum database over to the new location later tonight.

        I'm not sure how long the transfer might take but I'm expecting around an hour to download the database, transfer to the new location and then reconfigure everything needed.

        This shift has already been successfully attempted on winbuilder.net and now it's time to work on boot-land.net


        Enjoy the "Error 500" messages as it might be the last day you'll see them for a (very) long time.

    • Happy birthday Dhilip89! - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 26 times and has 0 comments

        Happy birthday dhilip89!!

        Another year passed, hope you get a great birthday!!

    • winbuilder.net being transfered to new server! - read article by Nuno Brito.
        This article was read 120 times and has 7 comments

        It's time to transfer winbuilder.net to the new server where it will have more room to work good.

        However, this will imply some changes that will impact on users for the next two days and will require subdomains on winbuilder.net to login with new account details since new accounts will be created from scratch.

        No other changes should be noticeable after these transfer days.

        This is the predicted plan of operations:

        - MySQL is transfered to the new server (done)
        - A copy of winbuilder.net is made on the new location
        - DNS will be modified to point winbuilder.net onto the new location
        - winbuilder.net site will be corrected to work 100% as before
        - Subdomains will be transfered, most active subdomains will have priority
        - New accounts will be created for each subomain owner and sent to their email boxes
        - email accounts @winbuilder.net will be restored

        This affects 19 subdomains.


        Sorry for any inconvenience that this situation might cause, will keep this topic updated on the progress of this transfer.

    • Lancelot joins LiveXP development! - read article by Galapo.
        This article was read 85 times and has 8 comments. Last comment by billonious

        Lancelot has agreed to join LiveXP development!

        For a while now I have been struggling to finish my phd thesis amongst LiveXP project development etc. In a week's time I'll be away on holidays and most likely not near an internet connection.

        All of this means that updating LiveXP in the near future would slow quite a bit.

        But like I've indicated, Lancelot has agreed to help to maintain the project! Lancelot has a great eye for detail, knows the project well, keeps regular and careful backups -- so I think he will be a great addition. This means that Lancelot can upload updated scripts now to the server and not just me. So getting a fixed script onto the server isn't wholly dependent upon me, which is good news.

        We hope that people continue to like the LiveXP project and that in some way it meets their needs. If we have time, hopefully we'll be able to adjust the project tree to be more intuitive. We'll see how we go.

        Thanks again Lancelot for your dependability and hard work!

  • Websites (2)
    • norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition - Protection that won’t slow you down it is not a joke! - read article by billonious.
        This article was read 141 times and has 8 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        it is the funny www of the day, and the best of all is that it comes from company's site.

        Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition - Winning Protection that won’t slow you down.

        Considering myself a suspicious dubbio.gif & vinegarish person, I conceive it as :
        After one million complaints, under four years of dramatical downfall of sales and being afraid of loosing our job, we confess that our products are useless, we are forced to offer a lite antivirus, in the hope off being competitive enough to stay alive. Please, buy people, please. help.gif

        have fun celebrate14.gif
    • etherpad & appjet - read article by rawral.
        This article was read 8 times and has 1 comments. Last comment by Nuno Brito

        -in browser
        -text editing ...

        How does EtherPad do what other online text apps can't?

        At AppJet Inc. we've developed some unique software to solve hard problems that other companies shy away from.

        Other custom in-browser text editors tend to be either slow or quirky, owing to the difficulty of using browsers' built-in text editing mechanisms while extending them in new ways. EtherPad uses a novel editing engine, developed and refined at AppJet over many months, that provides a solid user experience without compromising on responsiveness.

        Most collaboration systems merge text at the document level, or apply locking at the document or paragraph level. With EtherPad, character-level changes to a document are merged as multiple people type. In most cases, real-time collaborators can negotiate who is editing what parts of the text. In all cases, EtherPad ensures consistency between everyone's screens, regardless of the timing of network operations, using a novel synchronization algorithm.

        EtherPad sends messages in both directions between the browser and the server, using a technology often called "Comet" or "server push". This comparatively recent innovation in web app functionality allows EtherPad to be fully real-time.

        Finally, our own AppJet web platform allows us to develop rapidly and write clean code. The entire EtherPad application is written in JavaScript, and some code runs on both the server and the browser, notably the code for synchronizing changes to the document.

        and javascript application platform

        lots of possibility

  • Community forum (1)
    • new .script developers my personal suggestion - read article by psc.
        This article was read 224 times and has 4 comments. Last comment by Lancelot

        I suggest to enhance two members to .script developers:

        They are dera and fxscrpt (crazy name, I always have problems to remember hyper.gif )
        For the boss:
        I think you have seen dera since a long time giving fixes etc.

        fxscrpt is rather new, gave also already a couple of useful suggestions and fixes of current scripts and is currently working with me (e-mail and PM) on an interesting project.
        If the boss does not know him enough: Just trust me!