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August 31, 2008Weekly news from the land of Boot disks.


This week were posted several more app scripts to add up to the already quite numerous collection of available app scripts for wb projects. I wonder what would happen if someone decided to grab them all together and build their boot disk with all of them included inside?

How long would it take to build? Could the build process be speeded up? How big would this get?

These are all questions worth making across the month of September and if you're interested in trying this crazy mash up of all the available app scripts available a project then don't miss out the next week as WinBuilder comes closer to be released as stable version.

Here's a quick summary of what has been talked on boot land this week.


Happy birthday Max Real QNX!
 What is BlackMirror doing now?, I'm her friend and have kept in touch with her (CrazyComputerMan)


 Creating A Self Extracting EXE archive from our Files and Directories (Shirin Zaban)

Boot Methods and Portable Software

Using InstallWatch program.. (Sirguil)

Install XP from USB, Prepare Bootable USB-drive with USB_MultiBoot.cmd (wimb)

PC-DOS 7.1, Press any key to boot from CD (Wendy)

Install and uninstall ImDisk, Is it possible 'On the Fly' (PSC)

Make Portable App Example Step by step in detail (Part2) (Shirin Zaban)

UnpackSDC v1.0, UnpackSDC v1.0 -- SDC decryption tool (Thuun)

wb developments

 How to add drivers to the LAN DRIVERS script?

Timpack (on early beta stage), LiveXP and Portable apps together (Lancelot)

Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker :) (Lancelot)

Can anybody describe how to install WinPcap? (AlBundy)

App scripts updated or added

HD Tune script (menzy)

Western Digital Diagnostics Script (menzy)

VMware Tools 2.0.0 Build-110949, For VMware Server 2.0.0 Build-110949 RC2 (Max Real QNX)

CDromDrive Y: For VistaPE 11 & 12 Beta 3, Changes 1st CD-Rom to specified drive letter Y: (Max Real QNX)

CD-Opera script (MedEvil)

VLC Media Player 8.6i w/Skins&Plugins (amalux)

 XMPlay Media Player 3.42 w/Skins&Plugs (amalux)

 [App Script] Acronis TrueImage10, Need testers :) (Enli)

Acronis® TrueImage Home® version 11.0 (build 8.101) (Max Real QNX)

FireFox2&3 Portable (Lancelot)


Oh well.. Another week comes to end but it's no reason to worry because a lot more things are still waiting to be said and done.

You're also welcome to join our friendly forums and participate on our ongoing talks. Even if you don' t know how to help, you might certainly find a few members working on things that you like and writing them a few words of motivation is certainly more than enough to help them moving forward.

Thank you for reading.

Be well.