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VIRtech Integration example posted by Arvy

About Us


IPBWI is a great API to create own PHP-Applications connected to Invision Power Board.

Features List
A small features-summary of this tool:

  • member login / logout (single sign on)

  • creating members

  • deletion of Forums, Topics, Polls, Posts and Members

  • interface forum/website

  • output of topic-content on website

  • forum output on website

  • user profile view

  • user profile edit

  • support for bbcode and custom bbcode

  • Smiley-Parsing: free defined textchars will be converted to graphically emoticons

  • attachment-support (in posts and PMs)

  • weblog-function (replies on topics)

  • mighty rights management (based on the boards one)

  • who is online statistic

  • simple board statistic output

  • anti-spam techniques

  • polls

Subversion (SVN) Access

Be up2date

If you want to get access to the latest nightly build of code, you should connect to our SVN-Server.

Please be aware that on SVN released sourcecode isn't tested or valid, so be careful with using code from this location. If you decide to contribute any code to the project, SVN-Access helps you to be up2date.

Just use the following Login-Datas for Webbrowser- or SVN-Access.

URL: server1.pc-intern.com/svn/ipbwi.com/

Username: ipbwi

Password: guest


IPBWI - follower of IPB:SDK
To help other coders using the popular Invision-Power-Board-Interface IPB:SDK, I built a fixed SDK-Class based on the latest nightly build (revision 26) and used the contributions from several SDK-Users.

IPB SDK is a library of PHP functions, which will help you develop advanced applications on your site. Integration between your forum and site is essential in the websites of today. IPB already has a great member system, why re-write another one if you can use one member database for both? More Informations

Big thanks to Pita and not forget Cow and all other developers that contributed time and code to build this great code-package - We will never forget your engagement and this release is a tribute to your great work.

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Hard Facts

  • Version installed:

  • Compatibility: IPB v2.2 & v2.3

  • License: LGPL

  • Official Website

  • Great Installation Guide

  • Forum Support

    • english (official)

    • german (official)

    • french (unofficial)
      by invisionboard.fr

Support this project
  • Sponsorship by paying for Premium-Support or for creation of new functions you need immediately. Details

  • Send a Gift via Amazon Wishlist (unfortunately german speech only). This should be used if you just want to honor the contributed time of the project leader.

  • Add a Backlink from your site to http://ipbwi.pc-intern.com to spread this project.

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