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3 Nov 2007
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Tftpd32 PXE for ultraportable program cd boot-up
I have a laptop that doesn't have a cd nor dvd drive.

I'm not interested in RIS nor unattended installs.

It seems all the guides & scripts all seem to cater to those wanting to install various OS's.
Not to mention the guides are complicated and very incomplete.

I simply have a Windows XP sp2 machine that I want to serve a bootable CD or DVD I have in that computer drive {be it my recovery cd, partition manager, backup bootcd, or anything of the like} to my driveless laptop so it can boot up from the cd/dvd as if it was in the laptop, over the lan.


Sofar I know I need:

TFTPD32 & DHCP {but I doubt whether I need a 2nd nic in my Host, I also have a router that assigns static ips to my couple of computers}
A MENU script that has atleast one entry that points to cd/dvd drive on the host computer

From this point onward is where the massive confusion comes in... depending on where you reference, for RIS, you'll also need syslinux, binl, bartPE, ultimate deployment, winner, etc etc. all of which encumber great/vague complication and custom scripting purposed for unattended installations. But not only am I not interested in RIS I also see no need for all these scripts that are purposed for it, and question all other things utilized to power them since I have a different purpose.


This link about Kiera's Bart Plugins gives a sigh of relief...
simply because it has a slight mention of being able to serve ISO images, BUT, all the instructions your told to reference in the INF is in no way is complete enough for somebody that has never done this before to completion.

So, it seems Kiera either suggests to create a bart PE based on Win2k3-SP1 cd only, but I wonder if she means your host must be a Win2k3-SP1 machine??

BUT for simplicities sake... lets forget about ISO serving, and consider I have a bootable cd in my XP pro hosts dvd drive, which is like serving a plain old networkable location..

I'm stuck... I don't understand the scripts nor how to alter them for my needs.... I somehow wonder if I really need bartPE pxe plugin... so many people are accomplishing something similar using something totally different... Furthermore the bootable cd's I want to use don't need an os, just a drive.

Even if you don't consider completion and simplicity important, it would be great if you know what your doing, understand what I'm tring to do,,, and just make a laundry list of the different things that would make this as simple, efficient and clear cut as can be, since your soo intelligent.... even if you don't want to give detailed specifics,, if I know what I need I can probably figure it out on my own... THANK you for your time.
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