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graphic multiboot technology, grub, isoemu, xosl, freeldr.
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30 Jul 2008
i'm trying to add the script support for aero. here is a script in my mind. from this, you can see the control flow will designed by user instead of hard code.

as a result, we can design the boot screen by ourselives not by me. ;-)

// global data
var v_mode = 0x111

function init_mouse()
as_set_mouse("hand.bmp", "cursor.bmp");

// init the screen stuff: resolution, mouse, kbd...
function as_init_screen()
// set the video mode.
as_video_mode (v_mode);

// init mouse

// draw the background image

// draw the menu items.


// function main ()


// loop the menu


those functions begining with 'as_' are engine provided; the syntax is similar to javascript.
18 Jul 2008
Windows 7 is, as we know, the next version of Windows Vista. I tried its M1 build, and was told,
there will be a beta release available in the Nov. of this year.

This boot logo in this version, is something like the resuming logo of Vista or above, but it is
more beautiful, i think. These images are all 24bits, the background image is 1024x768.

For the OSLoad.exe, it is very simple, change the resolution and preivew it. And when you want to
quit, press the ESC key. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif)


21 Jun 2008
The current version of AeroStutio is just a config-able menu system, it uses .ini to config menu items internally. Each item presents as a section. This .ini file with its related picture files are stored in a romfs file, just as you can see by using the Avlsys. And this romfs file compressed with gzip/zip, is the menu file we think.

Of course, the generation one of aerostudio has no romfs support, so, if we are using menu file in a CD, it is slow - there are menu files to be loaded from CD. Yes, this is the reason why we choose romfs file-system to store these menu related stuffs not to store them on file-system.

Well, how do we think about the next generation of AeroStudio? And is there any need for us to do these redundant work on system booting?

1st, is there the need? I think, here is NO. In general purpose of system booting, we should keep it as simple as possible. The bootstrap has its limitations and stages, and the OS can do much more than it. But, a few scenarios maybe need this work: multiboot.

No matter what this scenario is, if we had thought, why not apply it? ;-) Just the interesting, that's all.

OK. for the next generation, i want to import the script support in our menu system: the core provides some basic functions, and the script can be used to extend them, and to create/control the menu, to interact with user. Here is new concept about the new system - theme.

here, we should store the menu informaton in the menu.cfg ( i think, this generation should based on grub2 not the legancy ), the interface and interaction descripted in the script(s) are theme. Yes, just as the Windows theme, we should store the theme's related files (images, scripts, even the fonts) in a theme file ( romfs file again. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif) ).

any suggestion are welcome! and please share us with your great thought.
14 Jun 2008

Avlsys can be used to view/create the Aero.sys menu file. In general, you can find these menu files from /airboot. Of course, Avlsys supports zip/gzip compressed menu file. So, we can use Avlsys to view its contents, after Aero Studio deploied.

for providing this tool, I just want to make it easier to customize graphic menu, splash image and the password input window. - They are all images.

Functions and Operations

1. Browse the menu file Within the explorer, double click the .amn file or using the 'open' menu in Avlsys;

2. View menu contents When a menu file open, double click the file icon in the list view, so that, there is a default program launched to
view this file.

3. Extract the contents Drag them in the list view and drop them to the target directory in the explorer window.
[Note], Avlsys doesn't support directory operation: a directory cannot be extracted.

4. Create a new menu file, mode A
Click the "New" button at the toolbar, and then drag&drop files from explorer window to list view. If you do not
want a file to be included, just 'Del' it from the list view. At last, click the "Save" button on the toolbar to save
to file. Here, if you want it be compressed, just check the "compress it" option in the prompted file browseing

[Note], Avlsys doesn't support directory operation: a directory cannot be drag&drop to the list view.

5. Create a new menu file, mode B
By using the "Save..." button( right side of "Save" button) at the toolbar, we can create menu file from an existing
directory. Within the prompt dialog, here:

"Directory" - source directory
“Target file” - target menu file's full path
“Volume” - volume name will be displayed in the left pane of Avlsys when it open.


Let's suppose we want to modify the /airboot/splash.gz (that's the splash screen). 1st, open it with Avlsys, we can see there are 3 files: one is the

back-ground image, one is the infinity image. Then, let's extract them to the c:\airboot. Edit them.

now, let's create a new menu file, and then drag&drop those files to the list view. finally, "save" them to a file. O.K. the new splash is ready!

Special Note

If you know Linux well, you can get to know the aero menu file is just a ziped/gziped romfs file. Yes, the conclusion is, we can use Avlsys to browse

the Linux Kernel's initrd file. For my own knowledge, the Acronis used this traditional loading method in its product.

And now, the menu file of Aero is not mystery!

>> this tool will be included in the incoming new version AeroStudio 2008.

Attached Image
22 May 2008
please refer to http://boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=2937 for the latest upgrading information.

Hello friends, I upgrade AeroStudio 2007 - of course, i just upgrade the aero.sys not the aeromgr.exe. ;-)

this time, for better compatibility, i used grub4dos 0.4.3 (2008-05-02) version in stead of Grub0.97 as the base system. at the same time, aero.sys have 'map' and 'chainloader' from grub4dos now!

here is the chage log:

20:41 2008-05-20 (ver
* Strong Earthquake Jolts SW China *
* Aero.sys (Ver 2.37)
- Based on Grub4DOS 0.4.3 ( 2008-05-02 )
* chainloader / map are all ready
* compatibility ( fix USB-CDROM on some PC not working bug )
- Fix the mouse function bug on some notebook ( e.g. Compaq 6515b )

at the same time, i re-release my old program - GMEditor, the Grub Menu Editor for windows. this time, it has english version.

Now, i must say thanks to Nuno: he is so kind that he open a domain for Aerostudio, so we can download the new version from:

>> Website | AeroStudio | GMEditor_Eng <<
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