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7 Jun 2010
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1607 : Unable to install InstallShield scripting Runtime.
Hi Bootlanders,

I have managed to build an Windows Xp on an USB Key.
I have used for that LiveXP project of Winbuilder.

I am facing the following problem :

I want to install an SDK (which contains some librairies and drivers to access
smart cards) on my USB key.
I have the following error during the installation :
1607 : Unable to install InstallShield scripting Runtime.

I have searched on microsoft web site,
and it appears that IDriver.exe is missing in my embedded Windows XP.
I have tried to install WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe directly on the key, but it fails.
I have searched in Boot Land forums, but I didn't find the response to my problem.

Has somebody faced a similar problem ?
Is there a possibility to fixe this when building the embedded XP ?
rather than installing it on the key ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

2 Jun 2010
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Full Windows XP on USB Key
Hello BootLanders,

I am currently trying to build a bootable USB key with Windows XP embedded.

I have proceded as the following :

Step 1 :
I have formated my USB Key using WinSetupFromUSB
with a NTFS file system.

Step 2 :
I have used WinBuilder and LiveXP project to build a Windows XP
based on an official windows XP CD.
The result is stored in the directory :
Comments :
Previously I used PeBuilder. It works fine but WinBuilder allows to
build an embedded Windows XP much more complete (with explorer,
applications, ...)

Step 3 :
I have used PeToUsb to make the key bootable and transfer Windows XP
on the key.

Results :
I can boot on the USB key with Windows XP and the key is seen as X: drive.
I can see the hard disk of my station and the 2 partitions C: and D:

Regarding all this I have some questions :
- is it possible that the USB key is seen as C: drive instead of X: ?
the reason is the following : I want to install on the USB Key a dedicated
software which used some directories based on C:
May be some option in WinBuilder allow this.
But I didn't manage to find how.

- the XP version built with WinBuilder/LiveXP creates a ramdisk seen as
B: drive where the "Documents and Settings" of the user is stored. This is
a very good idea because the user changes are stored more faster than it
would be on the USB Key directly (I have no need to store permanently
these changes).
But the structure of "Documents and Settings" is the basic structure.
All the shortcuts to the different applications are not copied there while
Winbuilder/LiveXP creates the correct structure with all shortcuts in
\LiveXP-Recommended\Workbench\LiveXP\UserData\$ModelRAM\Documents and Settings directory.
If I copy "manually" the directory on the ramdisk B:, I can find all the programs
in the start menu.
Is there a way or an option so that Winbuilder/LiveXP makes it automatically ?

- is there a way to avoid "step 3" of my procedure ?
or to proceed so that I could use directly the boot files generated by WinBuilder ?
The reason is that PeToUsb build the boot using ntldr and
I assume it updates the mbr according to this.
In WinBuilder there is the possibility to create a grldr.
But I have not found how to update the boot of the USB key,
so that I can just copy the result of WinBuilder/liveXP on the key.

I hope my explanations are clear enough.
Some help would be greatly appreciate.
Different tools are available but the use is not obvious.

Thanks in advance for your time and for your help.

2 Jun 2010
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Hello Everybody,

I register for the first time.
I am currently trying to make a bootable USB key.
I hope I will get some support on Boot Land.
Have a nice day.


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