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22 Nov 2009
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Execute a command before shutdown
I am using Imdisk to mount a disk image in LiveXP. And I often forget to un-mount the image before shutdown. I hope it won't cause any trouble. But for some other reasons I want to execute a command when I press the shutdown button.
On googling, I found that my task was very easy using the group policy editor. Unfortunately, LiveXP doesn't have gpedit.msc. Is there any other way to run a batch file when I give the shutdown command or include group policy to LiveXP.
3 Nov 2009
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LiveXP shutdown process
The shutdown process of LiveXP takes just a second. It ends the process PEloader. As a result. the hard drive which has write caching enabled will have pending write operations in its flash memory. If liveXP power off the system abruptly, won't it cause file system errors and may corrupt the partitions.
I haven't noticeed any problem yet. But I fear that it may cause problem in future.

P.S: MedEvil has posted topic Can our PE kill hardware?, Miracles and Wonders! . He reported some systems were dead after running LiveXP
18 Sep 2009
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Program files outside the bootsdi.wim
Hi guys,

I tried wimboot script to create ISO of my project. Everything works fine. Well now i want to include many programs and softwares in it (VLC which is aroung 50MB). By doing so, my bootsdi.wim file becomes larger and takes long time to boot. So I want to keep program files outside the bootsdi.wim that is, in the root of the cd drive and map the shorcuts in Modelram to this folder. I set the %program files% location to W: drive. this option is present in ProgramFilesPE script. But W drive was not created in LiveXP at all.

P.S. In vistaPE, there is option to keep program files outside wim file and access them using the %cddrive% variable !
22 Aug 2009
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Black band in common tasks pane
Hi all
I previously reported about the missing Common tasks pane in explorer. Now its been solved after updating "Explorer - shell tweaks and settings script". But now the task pane is in Luna visual style which gives a black band instead of scroll bar as shown in the screenshot. Please help to resolve this bug.

P.S.: I did not use any script to enable theme in my project.
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17 Aug 2009
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VirtualBox guest additions for LiveXP
I need to create a shared folder access to my hard drive from LiveXP.
Many virtualbox scripts are available for VistaPE, but not a single one for LiveXP. I need virtualbox guest addition script to include in LiveXP project.

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