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6 May 2010
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Offline Registry
Hello Gents,

Following this thread http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=11212, I have decided to use MS WDK (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee...7(v=VS.85).aspx) to write a command line tool that will allow one to read and write to an offline registry hive.

A beta version here : http://erwan.l.free.fr/offlinereg/offlinereg.zip .

Command line usage :
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key getvalue a_value_name
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" key\subkey getvalue a_value_name
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key setvalue a_string_value_name a_new_value
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key setvalue a_dword_key a_dword_value 4
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key setvalue a_binary_key 0a,0b,0c,0d,0e,0f 3
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key_path setvalue a_multi_value_name "aa bb cc dd" 7
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key deletevalue a_value
example : OfflineReg "c:\temp\system" a_key deletekey a_subkey

A real life example :
OfflineReg "D:\Windows\system32\config\system" ControlSet001\Control\ProductOptions getvalue "ProductType".

Should display :

Feedback, suggestions, etc welcome.

21 Mar 2010
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vmware scsi drivers and devcon?
Would anyone know how to automate the installation of the vmware scsci drivers with devcon?
I have the inf and sys files.

19 Jul 2009
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Hello Gents,

I made a small freeware app that allows one to clone a drive (physical or logical) to/from another drive or image.

On top of that the tool can
-save/restore the MBR or BS,
-delete the layout of the drive,
-wipe with 0's,
-resize (be careful with that : I would defrag the drive by moving all bytes to the beginning of the disk first)
-create a sparse file,
-make a vmdk/vmx from a raw image file to boot your cloned disk in vmware,
-turn a physical disk raw image file into a VHD file and the other way around,
-install grub4dos MBR,
-do various operations on the registry around booting,
-copy all files from one logical drive to another,
-format a usb pen to ntfs,
-read faulty devices (with bad sectors for instance).

Tool can be downloaded here : http://erwan.l.free.fr/clonedisk/ or here

There are plenty of other tools (and possibly better) that can do the same.
What I was looking for was a GUI (no command line tool), merging several functionalities at once and free.

Feedback and requests welcome smile.gif

10 May 2009
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boot over iscsi
Hello Gents,
I am new to this forum as a registered user.

For sometime did I want to boot diskless computers.

I happily used BartPE over the network for quite sometimes but this remains an ISO not a production O.S.

I also used ISCSI to mount remote drives but never booted yet directly using that technology.

I use boot on san thru fiber at work but this is not something one can easily setup at home or for developement purposes.

Therefore I decided to write a quick howto where you can learn how to boot on san using ISCSI, a PXE server and gPXE software.
Note that, because I am a windows user (not linux) and because I could not find a proper PXE server (there might be one out there), I wrote my own PXE server.

I have sucessfully booted on SAN the following O.S : XP, Win2003 and Win2008, XP Embedded.
Here a howto : http://erwan.l.free.fr/iscsi/install.html

Plus, I could use the generated disk image files in VmWare and QEMU which gave me even more flexibility (this emulator part could be another tutorial).

This is my first post to that community, be kind smile.gif
I'll try to answer questions as best as I can.

9 May 2009
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Hello world!
From Erwan L. / France.

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