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26 Apr 2009
OK I'm loving the concept of the tool but after installing on 3-4 different machines (XP, 2008, 2003) and downloading (or trying to in cases) multiple times with at least one go of the last three stable versions it always has some issue and I am yet to create a bootable CD.

Someone mentioned new person feedback would be good. Well the interface is good, the download ability very cool (though the later versions have a lot of CRC errors because it wants to download different versions of the same files to the same place like AutoIT3.

On the machines where I can get clean downloads it either has issues passing HIV files or error like this

Attached log it the most common issue I around loading hiv's.

Error - ExtractFile,"%ScriptFile%","files","ApiRegUtil.exe","%ApiRegDir%"

when trying to complile. The help documents are "just install define source and click play" but really, seriously does that ever work?

I'd love to use these tools. But I am seriously getting over burning my time with what seems a very buggy process. Still in the interest of success here is the log on my latest attempt.

Is there a very basic idiots walk through for any of the CD's? I wonder if I am not downloading or have some other files/installs missing. What are the pre-req's to running to tool? My issues are so varied it really depends on the machine I installed on.
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25 Apr 2009

I was once obsessed with floppy bootdisks. All that LH, going for 640k and loading in unheard of amounts of drivers on a 1.44meg disk.

Win and Bart PE slowly dragged me away but I am surprised not to have seen these tools before they are awesome. A hard core community. I was thinking "this 180 Win PE bugs me because I can't set it to remote boot on 256meg machines. And here I am.

Not a lot of luck making a workable CD but I can already see it is so worth the effort. All those great tools, all that contribution. I might have to stick around.

Long live AutoIT and this my new fav boot disk site. I wonder how many old time players have moved in here... Must be heaps!


mmmmm something to contribute... I just wrote this gui front with trouble basic shooting for good old PE 2005 (replace STARTNET.CMD and Connect.vbs).

I might adapt it to parse look at a txt file 10.0.1,\\SERVER\SHARE
and map to a given server for the clients subnet (only class c supported). If anyone is interested I'll post it.

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