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18 Jul 2007
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NetStumbler for VistaPE
18 Jul 2007
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Static IP Configuration
I found a nice little autoit code to allow you to set the IP configuration in VistaPE. It used the NetSH command and works great. Maybe someone with some good autoit scripting can make it nicer.

#include <Array.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>
#include <Process.au3>


Func Main()
    $cmd    = "netsh interface ip show config"
    $quotes = chr(34)
    $line   = ""
    $foo = Run($cmd, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD)

    While 1
        $line &= StdoutRead($foo)
        If @error Then ExitLoop

    $adaptorNames = ExtractStrBetweenChars($line, $quotes)
    If $adaptorNames[0] = 0 Then
        MsgBox(0, "", "No network adaptors found")
        $line = ""
        For $i = 1 To $adaptorNames[0] Step 1
            $line = $line & $i & "." & "  " & $adaptorNames[$i] & @CRLF
        $adaptorNum = InputBox("", $line & @CRLF & "Enter number of network adaptor to change")
        $IP      = InputBox("", "Enter IP")
        $subnet  = InputBox("", "Enter Subnet")
        $gateway = InputBox("", "Enter Gateway")
        $DNS1    = InputBox("", "Enter DNS 1")
        $DNS2    = InputBox("", "Enter DNS 2")
        SetNetworkAdaptorToStatic($adaptorNames[$adaptorNum], $IP, $subnet, $gateway, $DNS1, $DNS2)

Func ExtractStrBetweenChars($str, $char)
    Dim $array[1]
    $occurrence = 0

    While 1
        $occurrence += 1
        $start = StringInStr($str, $char, 0, $occurrence)
        If $start = 0 Then
            $occurrence += 1
            $stop = StringInStr($str, $char, 0, $occurrence) - 1
        _ArrayAdd($array, StringMid($str, $start + 1, $stop - $start))
    $array[0] = UBound($array) - 1
    Return $array

Func SetNetworkAdaptorToStatic($adaptorName, $IP, $subnet, $gateway, $DNS1, $DNS2)
    $IP      = " " & $IP & " "
    $subnet  = " " & $subnet & " "
    $gateway = " " & $gateway & " "
    $DNS1 = " " & $DNS1 & " "
    $DNS2 = " " & $DNS2 & " "
    $TCPIP_static_cmd  = "netsh interface ip set address name=" & chr(34) & $adaptorName & chr(34) & " static " & $IP & $subnet & $gateway & "1"
    $DNS_static_cmd1   = "netsh interface ip set dns " & chr(34) & $adaptorName & chr(34) & " static " & $DNS1
    $DNS_static_cmd2   = "netsh interface ip add dns " & chr(34) & $adaptorName & chr(34) & $DNS2 & "index=2"

10 Jul 2007
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Help! Grub4DOS Multiboot USB Boot Vista
I have been struggling with this and still can't figure it out. I am trying to get my 1gig USB stick to dual boot VistaPE and GParted. I've ready tons of posts on grub4dos and usb booting vistaPE but still can't get it to work. Can someone give me a quick 1,2,3... steps on how to do this? I really need help. I've been trying to do this for over a week and I'm losing my mind.

I would GREATLY appreciate whoever can help!

29 Jun 2007
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VistaPE Multi-boot USB - Grub4DOS
I've searched posts all over for instructions on how to get a multiboot USB stick for VistaPE, WinPE, etc. From everything I've read it sounds like it works. However I have yet to find a step by step how-to for doing this on one page? Does anyone have some step by step instructions for creating a multi-boot USB stick with these OSs? I want at least VistaPE, WinPE(2003SP1 Source) and QParted. I know jaclaz and spacesurfer are awsome at figuring these things out and documenting them. (IMG:

Can anyone give me a quick how to?

Edit: I want to boot an VistaPE ISO or a WinPE ISO, .IMA, Linux, etc...

25 Aug 2006
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Network Support Script
1st of all this is awesome! It makes it so easy to create a small bootable XP. Has anyone created a network support script for WinBuilder? I love that it's so small but I really need network support. I also need to add scsi drivers.

Basically I want the smallest bootable CD I can create so I can ghost PCs over the network.

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