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13 Jan 2009
I have seen this mentioned in a number of threads. Since I have run into this problem my self I thought I would see if anyone has made any progress on this issue. I am trying to run VistaPE 12 on a Dell Poweredge R300. This system does not have PS/2 ports. This limits me to using a standard USB keyboard and mouse. I have tried a number of solutions suggested in other threads but none have worked.

What I have tried:
Wired USB Keyboard and Mouse
Wired PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse through a PS/2 to USB adapter
Building with Vista SP0
Building with Vista SP1
Building with Windows Server 2008
AutoStarting HWPNP

Nothing has worked so far. Given that I can not directly connect a PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse to this system any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
12 Jan 2009
I have just started having a problem with my start menu being formatted incorrectly. Here is a screen shot of the problem:

Attached Image

As you can see all of my program folders are showing up at the top of the start menu instead of under the programs folder. I have gone through and pullout any recent changes but the problem is still occurring. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

9 Jan 2009
I was attempting to use the latest beta build of Winbuilder on my VistaPE build. The version of Winbuilder that I am trying to use is 075 beta 5 A. When I use that version my VistaPE builds fails on my one of my scripts at the following line:


I get the following error message in the Winbuilder log file:
WebGet - Failed to download file: [http://files.avast.com/files/latest/400.vps] to directory: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-Core\Program Files\BART\DATA\400.vps]

AS bet I can tell Winbuilder does not attempt to download the file. It simply gets to that line then halts the build process. When I change just the Winbuilder.exe to version 075 beta 5 j every thing builds without error.
30 Oct 2008
I have run into an interesting problem with Hyper-V and Grub4Dos. I am trying to boot and ISO that has my OS's on it. I used the Grub4Dos boot loader for a menu. When I choose one of my OS install options I get this:


This is as far as it goes. The same iso works fine in VMWare so it is defiantly a problem with Hyper-V. Anyone have any ideas, other than moving to vmware?

This is the Grub4Dos code being referenced in the attached image:
title 0. Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard Corp Edition
find --set-root /SR2C/SETUPLDR.BIN
chainloader /SR2C/SETUPLDR.BIN
2 Aug 2008
Here is a script for Parted Magic 3.0. I am using it in VistaPE. Due to an attachment size limit on this board I cannot upload the complete script. You will need to go to http://partedmagic.com/beef_drapes/ and download the latest pmagic-svn.iso-xxxxx,xxxxxx.zip. Decompress this file and using winbuilder attach the pmagic-svn.iso to the script. The GRUB4DOS code was on one of the Parted Magic Forums, I have modified it slightly. This works, and has been tested, on both a USB thumb drive and a CD-ROM. For anyone interested I have included the GRUB4DOS section.

find --set-root /boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso
map /boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
kernel (hd32)/pmagic/bzImage noapic root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc keymap=us livecd vga=791 sleep=0 ramdisk_size=25000 noeject iso_location=/boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso
initrd (hd32)/pmagic/initrd

Title=[BOOT] 1. Parted Magic Linux 3.0
Description=Request Grub4Dos or other boot manager.

%ProgramTitle%=1. Parted Magic Linux 3.0

Echo,Processing %ProgramTitle%...
If,NotExistFile,"%MenuFile_GRUB%",Exit,"Please enable MuiltiBoot mode and Grub4Dos before using this script"
Echo,Processing %ProgramTitle%...
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","title %ProgramTitle%","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","find --set-root /boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","map /boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso (hd32)","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","map --hook","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","root (hd32)","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","kernel (hd32)/pmagic/bzImage noapic root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc keymap=us livecd vga=791 sleep=0 ramdisk_size=25000 noeject iso_location=/boot/IMG/pmagic-svn.iso","Append"
TXTAddLine,"%MenuFile_GRUB%","initrd (hd32)/pmagic/initrd","Append"


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