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15 Jan 2009
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Dual boot guide with Fedora and XP
EDIT by jaclaz:
Following posts were splitted from the grub4dos guide sticky:

rasker published a nice guide for double booting XP and Fedora with grub4dos:


One thing to add is that windows can boot linux by default by changing the default= line in boot.ini to default=c:\grldr.

20 Jun 2008
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booting grub from grub4dos

I am running Winxp on 3 ntfs drives. Disk 1 = winxp, disk 2 = Nv Raid (actually 3x500Gb drives) and disk 3 = ntfs data disk,250GB. On disk 3 I have made some space at the end of about 20GB and installed Fedora 8 on there. So disk 3 has a ntfs primary part, a 200mb ext3 /boot part (active) and a 19.8 gb linux lvm volume containing an ext3 / volume (these last two parts are a standard fedora install into some free space).

1) If I change the boot disk in the bios to disk 3 I can boot into fedora no problem (normal linux boot path).

2) I have setup grub4dos on Disk 1 per the docs (grbldr and entries in boot.ini). If I manually do a root (hd2,1), kernel vmlinuz....., initrd initrd....., copying the lines from the fedora menu.lst (symlinked to grub.conf) I can boot into fedora. (boot grub4dos from winxp boot.ini)

3) During the fedora install I told the installer to not write a new mbr to the disk but to write the mbr to the /boot partition's first sector. (Thius is why 1) above works).

This is all great and works amazingly well (grub4dos is my best 'discovery' this week).

I have run into a problem however. Fedora chases the kernel dragon really fast. Thus there can be 4 or 5 kernel updates over the release period. Each time the kernel is updated new entries are written to the fedora /boot partition. So using grub4dos I would have to manually edit the menu.lst for grub4dos each time the kernel; is updated. What would be easier is if I could boot Fedora's grub from grub4dos (using chainloader) and then select one of the fedora written kernel entries.

So, and I believe that in theroy this should work, I have a grub4dos entry of:

root (hd2,1)
chainloader +1

This should set the root to the fedora /boot partition and chainload the fedora grub boot sector written to that partition giving me the fedora grub menu.lst.

At the grub4dos commandline if I do a root (hd2,1) it finds the ext3 partition ok, if I set chainloader +1 I get no error, but if I boot from this then I just get a 'GRUB (flashing underline cursor)' and the machine locks up. I am thinkiing that it is crashing loading the fedora grub boot sector.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here and if I need to do things differently to boot the Fedora boot loader?

Many thanks in advance,

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