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26 Jan 2009
What happened to NightMan? Long time no see, also on the project page VistaPe.net there is nothing new related with the final VistaPE 12. It is still announced for the now old november 2008.

So anyone got some fresh news? do he left the project? When we can see, if we can see, something new from him? (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/mellow.gif)
22 Jul 2008
Tried that on two systems for now. It makes absolutely nothing :-(((

I boot the system, I press Esc during countdown to stop Hardware Detection (fast mode).

When system finish boot I go in the VistaPE Loader and Tools (click on the little blue icon on the right corner of the BSShell TrayBar).

I do choose Detect Hardware (slow mode)

He say he start to load all possible drivers. It seems faster compared with startup Fast Dectection (I aborted in this case, as stated upper in this post).

After loading 225 or so inf files it suddenly terminate and... it loaded nothing at all!!! :-(((

Mass Storage Devices connected to anything other then standard IDE ports are still invisible.

Network drivers (loaded by Fast Detection) are not loaded.

Is this Detect Hardware (slow mode) broken too? (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)
21 Jul 2008
QUOTE (darren rose @ Jul 21 2008, 07:35 PM) *
very odd, well new script works for me, so its no longer an issue

As for control panel being emtpy I have and always have had that, but don't need use of control panel anyway in a recovery situation etc

as for RTC probs and mass storage drivers I don't have any issues at all and never have and my CD is in use daily on hundreds of different customer PC's over the last year or two

Related with Mass Storage Devices: do u also tested systems with RAID card and RAID/AHCI configuration? Can u see and work those disks/partitions? got systems with Intel Matrix Raid, Nvidia ATA, SIlicon Image 31xx and SBxxx chipsets? Obviously they do have to be configured like AHCI/RAID devices, NOT IDE mode. IDE Mode obviously work...
21 Jul 2008
Beta 3 for me do not fixed the mass storage drivers loading problem. I have to admit also VistaPE 11 for me never ever loaded a mass storage drivers on any of my many test systems.

1) I tested it on many system with NVidia/Intel/AMD chipset and it always fail to correctly load the various Silicon Image/Intel Mastrix/SBxxx drivers, even if I can see - during the hardware detection - it found the controllers. Same for IDE ports. So - after boot is complete - I always just get USB devices, RAM drive devices and sometimes IDE and CDROM/DVDROM drivers (not always).

2) It properly detect and load Network drivers. This is fine, then he need a lot of time for hardware detection even on very fasr systems. In UBCD4WIN network is ready in seconds.

3) Control Panel still do not show any icons

4) Every time I do boot VistaPE, system clock go ahead of one hour time :-((( So if I boot VistaPE four time I do have to arrange hardware clock everytime or my computer after 4 boot is 4 hour ahead of real time.

I do build with Vista 32 SP1 as source. Build with another source make no difference.

No pun intended, then Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (perfectly working on any of the same machines VistaPE do fails) is still another planet.

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  19 Jun 2008 - 17:34

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