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17 Jan 2009
I have been atempting to boot a PE from a flash drive and have been experiening epic failure. Winbuilder works normaly, and even produces a working ISO, but the flash drive on selecting boot to PE from the grub4dos menu throws a windows exception "0xC000000f" makes little since to me. Now I have done a few things to atempt to narrow somethings down. I have tried copying the contents of the ISO to the USB drive and that boots, but has some conflicts with my usage, so I'm atempting to avoid that solution. I have atempted the build with as little included in the event it was a memory problem, with little success. Any aditional thoughs are apreciated.

18 Jul 2008
I'm currently looking through the forums, because I swear I've seen it somewhere... How can I enable pagefileing? By that I don't mean ImDisk, which creates a second drive (at least I think it does,) I want to enable when enough memory is not available for my build.

Thanks in advance!
9 Jul 2008
OK, so I have a couple of malware engines that require a few dll's from the OS. Dose a script exist in downloadable/template form that I can use to add a few dll's to the PE?

8 Jul 2008
I've found this program, RunScanner, and am atempting to work with the author on getting this to work with my built, and will keep this post up in regards to the progress; however, I would like to reach out to you guys to see if any of you have used this or other apps like this that may work better?
This program redirects regiestry requests to a remote hive. This is quite useful when scannig for malware, or disabling startup items to troubleshoot a non-working install.

Here are some possiable restrictions that I have found with this app, now I am not sure of these restrictions, as I have not tested this app throughly yet, but was hopful that you guys could direct me if I'm wrong or there are better apps that do this for me:

1) it appears that it is a per-instance use (by that I mean that you have to call it with every app you launch, and dosen't redirect every registery call regardless.)
2) also appears that it only loads 1 section of the regestery rather than all keys.
3) can only load one user account, rather than multiple

If anyone knows of something that has any of these features PLEASE let me know, as this is functionality I need ASAP.
7 Jul 2008
Is there way to enable real time USB, so that I can plug in my flash drive or external hdd and have it auto load instead of reloading the shell?
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