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13 Sep 2008
I'm sorry that I had to create a new topic but I really can't find what I need.
First of all, many thanks to the authors of this baby and the authors of the scripts that go with it.
I have already tried a vanilla wb7.4, selected and downloaded the scripts that open up as available and successfully created a LiveXP to go in my PenDisk.
Unfortunately people always want more and more and more...and I'm no different from those people. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
Now I'd like to have FreeCommander and AvastScanner/AvastScanner-Bin, SpaceMonger and 7zip available in my PenDisk too.
That didn't seem to be too difficult, so I downloaded the wanted scripts and added them to the 'Projects/LiveXP/Apps' folder in my WB tree.
Everything seems to go ok but when my new project runs in qemu I have 2 'Apps' inside my 'Start/Programs' folder and some tools don't work properly.
Anything I might be doing wrong?
Also, I'd like to load the recommended scripts and strip out a couple of scripts that I don't need from the recommended list and save this project for later usage so that I don't need to re-download everything again next time I run WB.
That's possible right? Is there maybe a howto topic on how to do it?
Many thanks in advance.
15 Mar 2008
Hello there,
I've had this problem in the past with a laptop and never came to solve it.
This time we've bought 10 desktop PCs at work.
They all came without an OS because we have plenty of Windows XP Client licenses and we have the CD.
Also they came without a Floppy disk drive and they're all SATA-onboard PCs.
We have a floppy disk with the SATA drivers.
External USB FDD is not an option because these 10 PCs will be very far from each other spread around Portugal and 1 in Spain.
We'd need to buy 10 USB FDD drives...
We were hoping we could integrate the SATA drivers with nLite and then boot them all up using TFTPD32 to feed them the contents of the WinXP CD (actually the network folder where it would be copied to.
We have seen that there are plenty of tools to use from Acronis to WINNER, etc. But we would be very glad to just use TFTPD32 because it's free and seems easy enough for our knowledge.
Also be aware that we want to do attended (where opposed to Unattended) installations of the OS.
Could you please be so kind to help us with this task.
We are far from computer geeks, we just accepted the challenge of installing our own computers without noticing that they came without floppy drive.
And please, don't point us to 3 or 4 other threads. We assure you that we have been lurking the forum for a more than 2 weeks trying and trying without succeed.
We'd be fine with a "boot to DOS++winnt.exe" solution as long as we can format the hard drives using NTFS.
BTW, Boot-land rules (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.gif)
Thanks in advance
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