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20 Aug 2008
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Chainboot other MBR boot device
s4e solved to split XP boot:
text mode boot phase is run from a hard disk image
boot device is changed to real hard disk
gui mode boot phase is run from a hard disk

At text mode boot phase windows remember a hard disk like device by MBR signature and a internal checksum.
At gui mode boot phase these infomation are used to detect boot device again.
Behaviour can be used to change boot device on the fly.

boot from USB/Firewire HD without BIOS support
boot from Compact Flash card at PC Card adapter without BIOS support
boot from SD card at laptop without BIOS support
boot from USB stick with half broken BIOS (image and PE at the same device)

Text mode boot image has to load appropiate drivers for external devices.
Gui mode boot phase switch boot hardware next.

A more general boot description: Troubleshooting the Startup Process

To accomplish chain boot real hardware has to contain a MBR:
USB hard disk, USB stick, CF card, SD card. Actually there is no limitation.

This approach is possible at setupldr.bin PE too.
Txtsetup.sif desribe early boot environment.

Of course loaded image has to contain required drivers.
E.g. use USB drivers, if you like to chain boot a USB device. That's enable USBSupport.Script at this example.

Thanks to jaclaz, default image was created with mkimg.cmd. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=3191

This script prepare a hard disk image. Boot files are read from a PE %TargetDir%.
Hence use this hard disk image with this PE %TargetDir%.
Select a physical drive containing a MBR. Disk Management list drive number.
Select the same format for hard disk image and physical drive partition.
Integrate hard disk image, grub4dos grldr and menu.lst to a boot media.

I've difficulties to include this to LiveXP at boot CD.
A addional grub4dos boot option would be nice.

I understand:
Multiprocessor files are not copied at multiprocessor.script runtime.
CreateISO.script create a new menu.lst and Run,%multiprocessor_script%,CreateISO-%multiprocessor_section%.

Different approaches are possible:
multiprocessor.script copy files at multiprocessor runtime. And menu.lst is appended at CreateISO.script.
Or CreateISO.script build a new menu.lst. And run chainboot.script [Create_Add_menu_lst] and [multiprocessor].
Not tested, remember that's my first script.

What's your opinion? Do you adjust multiprocessor.script or CreateISO.script?[attachment=6155:ChainBoot.7z]

Atttachment updated 2008-Sep-02:
Attached File(s)
Attached File  ChainBoot.7z ( 152.06K ) Number of downloads: 9
4 Jun 2008
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Mount ISO Offset
There are strange files: a exe containing a ISO image.
A example: Avira Rescue CD http://www.avira.com/en/company_news/rescue_cd_.html

Luckily ImDisk mount files with a offset. Thanks Olof.

To mount such a file: mount_iso_offset.cmd
@echo off
setlocal EnableExtensions

set file=%temp%\rescuecd.exe
if not %1.==. set file=%1

rem find CD offset
rem LBA 16: Primary Volume Descriptor label: 01 43 44 30 30 31   0x01 CD001
for /f "tokens=2,* delims=:" %%a in ('gsar.exe -b -s":x01CD001" %file% ^|find.exe "0x"') do @set /a offset=%%b-16*2048
echo CD %offset%

imdisk.exe -a -t file -f %file% -b %offset% -o cd -m #:
26 Mar 2008
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Editing in RAM
Editing files offers new possibilities.
Can you load a file to RAM, edit file in RAM chainload file next?

I'm used to gsar to do this at disk.
However this is difficult to exchange, there are different language versions.

A RAM loaded search and replace solution would be nice.

Some possible examples to clarify question:

title /minint/SETUPLDR.BIN
chainloader /minint/SETUPLDR.BIN

title /I386/setupldr.bin - \minint PE at \I386 folder
find --set-root /I386/setupldr.bin
#change "\minint\txtsetup.sif" to "\i386\txtsetup.sif 0x00 0x00"
search_replace ":x00\minint\txtsetup.sif:x00" "x00\i386\txtsetup.sif:x00:x00:x00"
#change "\minint\system32\" to "\i386\system32\ 0x00 0x00"
search_replace ":x00\minint\system32\:x00" ":x00\i386\system32\:x00:x00:x00"
chainloader /I386/setupldr.bin

title /minint/SETUPLDR.BIN - multiprocessor
find --set-root /minint/setupldr.bin
#ignore checksum: geitonaki http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58410
search_replace ":x46:xda:x74:x03" ":x46:xda:xEB:x1A"
# change all txtsetup.sif to txtsetu2.sif
search_replace "txtsetup.sif:x00:x00" "txtsetu2.sif:x00:x00"
# change second occurance of 'ntoskrnl.exe' to 'ntoskrn2.exe'
# XP SP2 SP3
search_replace "$:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntkrnlmp.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00" "$:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntkrnlmp.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntoskrn2.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00"
# 2003 SP1 SP2
search_replace "c:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntkrnlmp.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00" "c:x00:x00:x00ntoskrnl.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntkrnlmp.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00ntoskrn2.exe:x00:x00:x00:x00"
chainloader /minint/setupldr.bin
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