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What is Boot Land?

Boot Land is a very active community that is focused on the research and development of free tools and resources for boot disks.

Before asking a question, please use the search tool to see if it has been asked before.

We also added to this topic a list of often asked questions to save you some time looking.

If you're considering to join our community - Welcome!


Boot related

Index of USB Boot Making Applications
Boot and Install Vista/Windows 7 from USB
Boot and Install Windows XP from USB
Boot and Install Windows XP from network (PXE using XP & TFTPD32)
Boot and run full XP from CD/DVD
KonBoot - Log onto windows/linux machines without knowing password.
RMPrepUSB - Bootable USB format utility, tool to replace HP Format Utility
WinNTSetup, A Winnt32 Replacement for installing windows XP from Windows PE, LiveXP, etc.

Troubleshooting / directions

1. How do I register as member of the forums?
- http://boot-land.net/register

2. What should I write on the "Hello world topic"?
- This topic is a small introduction about yourself. Use it only for this purpose. To talk about a technical issue please start a new topic on the appropriate forum section or simple ignore the "Hello topic".

3. "I find virus in software nnn"

4. "I found bugs in WinBuilder"

5. "I can't find what I need"
If the search tool is not good enough, you can also use google "site:boot-land.net nnn" where nnn is what you looking for.


Members of the community are encouraged to update this list as necessary.


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