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 LiveXPExtra apps scripts, collection of LiveXP compatible scripts
post Mar 15 2009, 05:42 AM
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Hi all,

Due to reorganisations I start to made, I change script server name temporarly to Sevda

apps.winbuilder.net/Sevda/Projects ( http://apps.winbuilder.net/Sevda/Projects/ )

This new organisations are to avoid download to livexp project folder and instead to seperate folder to make maintance easier to end user.

for some other reasons, LiveXPExtra server also available (due to full respect especially to olegpov)

Yep it is a bit mixed now, still there is a lot work to be done to fully organise to make. When all finished it will be annouced .

Till all finished and announced, ALL files are available inside mostly apps.winbuilder.net/Sevda/Projects and apps.winbuilder.net/LiveXPExtra/Projects servers.

To download easly, here is a ready wb file with required server additions


Users who have issues due to proxy, wb076 is also included in package which is reported with better results by proxy users.

Keep in mind, rest of post 1 have not updated due to not having much time.

See you

LiveXPExtra apps scripts ( http://apps.winbuilder.net/LiveXPExtra/Projects/ )

I try to gather some LiveXP scripts together to make distribution and search easy for LiveXP.
These are NOT all scripts for LiveXP. If you can not find the thing you want, just search in boot-land (or elsewhere) deeeper smile.gif.

Most Scripts also works in other projects (ex: VistaPE) as i test only with LiveXP i put name LiveXPExtra, in future project maybe seperated to "Apps Extra" and "LiveXP Extra" smile.gif , so feel free to download and test scripts in your project.

When gathering scripts, i make some verrrrrrrrry minor changes to script (mostly StartMenu location change/addings, also rename many scripts name and title, and in some cases download level, and contact info changed to boot-land topic.... these kind of stuff biggrin.gif )

I can not find time/computer to test all scripts, but i hope current collection will be useful for someone around smile.gif.
Also I write contact info to the scripts (when available), This is not a project, If you have a problem with a script follow contact info to get support (if available)

Usage is simple, with some examples:
Add this to your server list of winbuilder:
download this winbuilder.ini and overwrite the one that exists.

doubleclick winbuilder.exe, go to download screen.

3a) if you want only antivirus scripts: unselect LiveXPExtra than select LiveXPExtra-Apps-Security-Antivirus-!Extra

3b) if you want only games scripts: unselect LiveXPExtra than select LiveXPExtra-Apps-Supplementary-Games-!Extra

3c) if you want all extra scripts, just click download.

you can download script by script from here too smile.gif

@Nuno: I hope you remember the idea about server (not user) created updates.ini, which i hope will make this "apps.winbuilder" idea expand.

ps: There are rooms for other projects to make extra scripts available in future "ex: apps.winbuilder.net/VistaPEExtra/Projects" (Nuno is required again for "what to do on server side" opinions about double scripts smile.gif ).

Note: Only tested with LiveXP so these scripts naturally should work with native-ex based projects too.

Have fun band.gif

To Script Developers:
Please take care of some cosmetic/minor things when publishing your script(s), here is a mini list:

**Provide contact info as boot-land topic site of the script not the publisher of the utility
ex: Contact=http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6067
provide publisher with weblink (preferred) or with credits etc.

**Use a unique name for your scripts. The simplest way to make a unique name is using your bootland nickname
ex: TrendMicro_sysclean_mamisano.script (author: mamisano) , Ghost_Lance.script (author: lancelot)

**Use script name same with Title name
ex: TrendMicro_sysclean_mamisano.script , Title=TrendMicro_sysclean_mamisano

**Provide "Start Menu folder" as a textbox option on interface of the script. This is very important for grouping.

**Special case: for explorer scripts, use "Explorer_" as the begining name of shortcut. Ex: Explorer_Q-Dir_Nenad.lnk, Explorer_a43.

**For downloaded files folder etc., "%GlobalTemplates%\myaplicationfiles" is used in %99 of scripts. Please use it with a unique name (ex: "%GlobalTemplates%\Ghost_Lance_Files" )

**Try to avoid packing new files to .script, instead create a new script and pack files in it or use and folder, "%GlobalTemplates%\myaplicationfilesfolder\" is used in %99. (This makes providing new scripts easier).

**Use %GlobalTemplates% instead of .\Workbench\Common with LiveXP only scripts.
With using %GlobalTemplates% , to make the script VistaPE compatible
do NOT use this code in your scripts
Use this 2 lines in your scripts,
(Example: check usage of %GlobalTemplates% in ghost lance script)

**If you are opening a folder with botton use System,FILEREDIRECT in your scripts to make the script x64 compatible.

**Don't forget to create folder, ex:

Some changes are made to scripts by me due to those counted, it will be easier for me to add new scripts to server when these minor things are already there.

To Script Developers and Project Administrators:
What is the purpose of the %GlobalTemplates% and %GlobalSupport% variables?

With LiveXP %GlobalTemplates% means %BaseDir%\Workbench\Common\
Defined in script.project by
*****It is a common folder to keep the files collected around smile.gif

example from livexp:
\Workbench\Common\BootSDI --> contains setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys files from 2k3
\Workbench\Common\FBWF --> contains fbwflib.dll and fbwf.sys

* hostos independency:
I dont have wireshark installed on my hostos, but i can build wireshark because i have it on my

* Mobility:
I noticed some vistape scripts uses Temp folder, but temp folder will be deleted (a script downloading to temp and extracting from temp)
so i advice them to download %globaltemplates% with a unique folder name (Ex: Wireshare_Homes32 ) by adding 2 lines to the script

* Mobility x 2:
Also these are missing on VistaPE too (thanks to homes32). If you use them in your script you made for LiveXP, you can use following lines to make your script compatible for vistape too

* hostos x64 compatibility:
Getting files from hostos is risky now a days with hostosx64, hostos x86 & x64 application setups installs only x64 .dll and .exe files which cant be used by livexp and vistape
see example here
(another example: acronis snapman filter files)

* More mobility and hostos x64 compatibility:
It is always better to have setups extracted by the script, when available (=setup file extractable, and free or downloadable)

If not available, better to define a folder for source (which i did with my ghost script)

I hope you like %GlobalTemplates% idea smile.gif

*reg_add, RegAddBoot

Script writers should use mostly reg_add for their scripts
reg_add is an api command (to see how it works, check log where reg_add lines used).

RegAddBoot (another api command) used on special cases:

with 0x1 registry, it is not possible to use variables (%systemroot%\....), %systemroot% wont work with 0x1, for that cases you use regaddboot
reg_add,0x1,"Software\JavaSoft\Java Plug-in\1.6.0_14","JavaHome","%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%"

RegAddBoot,HKLM,0x1,"Software\JavaSoft\Java Plug-in\1.6.0_14","JavaHome","%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%"

to register command and icon of file types:


ps: *2) case is especially for VistaPE where programfiles location (D: E: F: E:..) maintaned after boot, registries need to be added later. LiveXP users can also use (for now, 20090725)
LiveXP script writers are polite enough to use RegAddboot for VistaPE to register filetypes wink.gif

Avoid using RegAdd_Boot when not necessary, RegAdd_Boot lines are processed AFTER PE boots, using RegAdd_Boot everywhere eventually will slow down the boot time.


I Galapo's LiveXP and King Amalux's Great LiveXP Package (tutorial and everything)
Lancelot Tips For LiveXP
I hate Medusa problems of WinBuilder, Cryptic codes, syntax rules fakingly mismatching working lines, not having even basic fundemantal syntax rules and mostly 'lies' and 'post games'.
('post games' = includes dishonest, childish posts that have goal to annoy others in community)
10 user(s) said "Thank you!" to Lancelot for this fantastic post:
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post Jun 6 2010, 04:17 AM
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Lancelot fixed the link. All is good. Thanks!!
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