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 Grub4dos Guide/Tutorial
post Jul 14 2008, 08:01 PM
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After harassing Jaclaz and ilko countless times over the past few weeks I have finally, with their help, completed a grub4dos guide. Many thanks to Jaclaz and ilko for their input, suggestions and support thumbsup.gif .

Feel free to post any errors or feedback good or bad. The guide is available here a downloadable version is also available.


Updated - 18th July 2008
Guide updated to version 1.1 following feedback from tinybit - see below.

Updated - 19th February 2009
Guide updated to version 1.2

Updated - 22nd April 2009
Guide updated to version 1.3

Updated - 17th May 2009
Guide updated to version 1.4


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post Sep 22 2008, 10:05 AM
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With all due respect to our U.S. friends, the language is called English, and rather obviously the fact that you have to specify "U.S. English" or "American English", means that it is NOT the "real thing".
-ise, -ize (suffix)

is an extremely prolific word-forming suffix, and many conservatives balk at what appears to be unnecessary invention and overuse of the device to coin such originally nonce words as concretize, computerize, pauperize, and the like. Americans make more use of -ize; Britons use more of -ise, but there are many American spellings with -ise as well.

Both suffixes are commonly accepted, but the -ise one does look more "British".

By the way, there is even people that use the term "amlish" for the "american way" of using English wink.gif:

Of course all the "English" we commonly write and talk has had some influences from American English, and it is very difficult to distinguish American terms that have become common use in English from "wrong" ones, but when we are talking about spelling, I guess that British English should always prevail.

Personally I find that calling a dinner jacket "tuxedo" (American) or "smoking" (Italian) is a crime against logics and semantics:



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But ... then, why?
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post Sep 22 2008, 10:28 AM
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@ ilko & Galapo & jaclaz

Thanks for the info I really don't know that.

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post Nov 13 2008, 06:57 AM
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I suggest to add some contents to the guide as below:

1. grldr.mbr can also be used to load grldr under Windows NT. for example:

edit boot.ini just like below:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn /PAE /3GB
c:\boot\grldr.mbr="Grub4DOS by grldr.mbr"
c:\grldr="Grub4DOS by grldr"

2. grldr can also be loaded by PXE as PXE boot file. after boot through PXE, it will use (pd) as the TFTP Server device.
map --mem (pd)/someimg.img (fd0)
map --hook

3. about PXE, you can use pxelinux to switch to grub4dos just as syslinux does, but you can keep the pxe stack and let grub4dos can access the (pd) device.

LABEL grub4dos.pxe
kernel /grub.exe
append keeppxe

ALSO in (pd)/menu.lst/default you can do this:
title Return to PXELinux
pxe keep
chainloader --force --raw (pd)/pxelinux.0

title Load grub.exe with PXE support
pxe keep
terminal console
kernel (pd)/grub.exe

title Load grldr with PXE support
pxe keep
terminal console
chainloader --force --raw (pd)/grldr

At last, please forgive my poor English.
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post Nov 13 2008, 01:34 PM
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Thanks for the update smile.gif, I am sure that diddy will include them in next "revision" of the guide.

But two questions, one maybe worth something, the second pretty much noobish:
1) What are the advantages (if any) or drawbacks (if any) in using grldr.mbr instead of grldr in BOOT.INI? unsure.gif
I mean, if I am not mistaken, the "job" of grldr.mbr is simply that of starting grldr, so I cannot see the usefulness of this "added step".

2) About PXE booting I have a number of perplexities - mainly because I did some experiments with PXE booting only a long time ago and I am not at all "familiar" with the process.
Could you post (or PM me if you prefer) a single "from beginning to actual boot" example (I mean a real world example, with actual settings used and known to work), including the settings of the TFTP server, some details of the OS/image booted through PXE and the like?
Even if you do not trust your English (in which I can see no problems, BTW wink.gif) it would be useful, as I could try and "fill the blanks" and "pass" it to diddy so that he can edit it in "real English" and add to the guide a complete set of instructions.
I see bits and pieces of the process, here and there, on the board and on the grub4dos readme_grub4dos.txt but I am failing to catch the thing in its entirety.




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But ... then, why?
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post Nov 14 2008, 03:38 AM
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Thanks. (BTW: The word "noobish" is hard to understand. I googled it for a long time. Finally got it.)

My answers to your questions:

1) about using grldr.mbr to load grub4dos. I think grldr.mbr just like a boot sector of grldr as well as bootsect.dos to IO.SYS(MS-DOS). and in some situation, user want grldr has customized name such as mygrldr, foo.ldr ... etc. then he can use grubinst to edit grldr.mbr to do this:
grubinst  -b=mygrldr -o grldr.mbr

also, you can use :
grubinst -e -b=mygrldr grldr
ren grldr mygrldr
copy mygrldr c:\
echo c:\mygrldr="grub4dos" >> c:\boot.ini

similar way to customized the grldr name.

grldr.mbr needn't have to put in drives root directory. Also, some one want to load grub4dos under NT and Vista in the same way. then using grldr.mbr is the only way.

2) I think you want me give the steps to setup a PXE server and use grldr as the boot file. ok, following:

PXE server = DHCP Server + TFTP Server.

How to setup DHCP Server and TFTP Server, there are many documents on the internet, just google it.

DHCP Server settings for PXE:
Option:066(boot server) = IP address of the TFTP Server.
Option:067(boot file) = grldr

TFTP Server settings for PXE:
suppose the TFTPServer root is: c:\tftproot, pxemenu.lst is the PXE boot menu for grub4dos.
copy grldr c:\tftproot
copy grub.exe c:\tftproot
md c:\tftproot\menu.lst
copy pxemenu.lst c:\tftproot\menu.lst\default
copy memdisk.gz c:\tftproot
copy pxelinux.0 c:\tftproot

then setup PXE Server done!

You can simply use TFTPD32(who include DHCP and TFTP Server in one program) in windows (NT) to setup a PXE Server for simple use or test.

you can downloads files above at: http://nufans.net/upload/pxe/tftpd32

TFTD32 Settings:

DHCP Server Settings of TFTD32:

When you setuped the PXE Server, you can try boot the computer from PXE(in a LAN with the PXE Server).

Hope this can help.

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ilko, river~~
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post Dec 2 2008, 01:23 PM
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Hi diddy,

great piece of work!
Hard to get through because it's so comprehensive, but a great help in understanding and handling GRUB4DOS (which is a real great boot manager tool)! worship.gif

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post Jan 1 2009, 08:14 PM
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United States

Minor error at http://diddy.boot-land.net/grub4dos/files/map.htm, at the end of the first paragraph after the bulleted list: "Either of the following programs can be used to defragment a file that is contiguous" should be "Either of the following programs can be used to defragment a file that is not contiguous".
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Nuno Brito
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post Jan 3 2009, 08:06 PM
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The tips from here http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6614 could be potentially added to this guide if a pxe part will be introduced.
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post Jan 3 2009, 09:29 PM
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The Installing Grub4dos part doesn't mention, booting grub4dos via (legacy) grub for the linux folks rolleyes.gif .

Load via Grub
Copy grub.exe to /boot/.
Add the following section in your /boot/grub/menu.lst file.
title Grub4dos
root (hd1,0)
kernel /boot/grub.exe

Change the root (hd1,0) command to the right drive and partition for your PC.

Use Parted Magic for handling all partitioning task. Download Parted Magic 4.10.
Parted Magic and grub4dos iso emulation

Ultimate Boot CD V5 forum for features and suggestions. Download Ultimate Boot CD v5.0 RC2 with grub4dos support.

The Syslinux Project: Stable releases: download link. Last test builds: download link.
ISO booting capable MEMDISK
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post Jan 15 2009, 06:05 PM
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United Kingdom

Really a great guide. Well done! Perhaps it should form the basis of the official documentation.

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