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 grub4dos multiboot (dir+files) (link updated) MU, My 8GB configuration files and dir directories for downloading
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post May 31 2010, 11:02 PM
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I think that this is my first post in this forum, but I'm visiting it for months.
History: obsessed with creating universal multiboot CD/DVD/USB/SD, for years... I've ben searching for the best solution, creating my own dir schema, for my 8 GB USb.
At first i've tried with grub2, but ISO mapping was not working properly (I think it was my fault...)
I "don't like" grub4dos, it's a very powerful tool, so good developers, multiplatform, many tests, ISO mapping works, GUI for windows...but at least I'm using it huh.gif

Well, i've created my Multiboot USB NTFS formatted in ONE partition with:
1.- Modified grldr for using folder /grub4dos instead of /boot/grub...why?...I want to separate grub2 (or grub legacy) install from grub4dos, only changing mbr, for testing purposes, and using the same folder is not a "clear" option for me.
2.- menus folder, every new SO or app, have his own .grub4dos menu (original menu.lst it's mantained, but i want to change it to .grub4dos file)
2.- Using latest grub4dos 2010 (I think 0.4.5 from repository from china, sorry, it's too late for search the name)
3.- minimal files in root (only bootmgr, ntldr..stuff)...why? I hate files in root..
4.- W7 setup, created with..(I don't remember the tool, but from this forum)
5.- WXP setup, from winsetup
6.- Backtrack: not iso, from bactrack folder, modifing initrd, adding live-media-path argument
7.- Wifiway: not ISO, from wifiway folder, similar to backtrack, but no working, because "changes"
8.- gparted: from gparted folder --> WORKING OK
9.- clonezilla: from clonezilla folder --> WORKING OK
10.- Ubuntu 10.04 setup from ubuntu folder, initrd modified --> WORKING OK
10.- ISOS: folder for loading multiple isos or IMG : grubrescue, ripLinux, gpxe.lkrn, spinrite... ALL WORKING

Well, here it is, in this download, you have:
a) folder structure
cool.gif grub4dos minimal files (grldr, grldr.mbr, menu.lst & grub.exe)
c) .grub4dos menu files in grub4dos folder

In separate download, initrd files, or a link to a site where they explain how to modify it (in linux only), for adding live-media-path parameter.
URL= http://futur3.com/?p=46

Modify backtrack initrd:
To manually change the casper directory:
01. Boot into Back|Track 4 from either a VM, a CD, or a flash drive.
02. startx
03. Start a new terminal. (Black icon on the bottom left)
04. mkdir tmp
05. cp /cdrom/boot/initrd.gz ./
06. gunzip initrd.gz
07. cd tmp
08. cpio -id < ../initrd
09. mv ../initrd ../initrd.old
10. replace '$path/casper' '$path/.multiboot/BT4-final/casper' '$path/.disk/casper-uuid' '$path/.multiboot/BT4-final/.disk/casper-uuid' '$directory/casper' '$directory/.multiboot/BT4-final/casper' -- scripts/casper
11. find . | cpio -oH newc > ../initrd
12. gzip ../initrd
13. cd ..
14. rm -rf tmp

Modify initrd wifiway from :
find | cpio -H newc -o > ../initrd1.img
gzip -9 ../initrd1.img
sudo mount -t ext2 -o loop,rw initrd /media/newInitrd/

modify live_media_path variable
and umount

Howto install:
Install XP
Install W7
Install grub4dos. Use ,my modified grldr
copy stuff
Use it

I know it's not a "final" solution, but i'm working on it. Better than nothing...


PD: apologizes for my english, I'm Spanish

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post Today, 06:25 AM
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  Joined: 12-March 10
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I`d like to know if somebody is using it, and working, and, of course if it`s something wrong in my post.

Improvements are also welcome.
Thanks all for your knowledge
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