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> Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic for Vistape Final, my favorite Antivir Prog
File name Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic for Vistape Final
Added by steelbone
Add date 22-September 07
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File size 63.43k
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File name: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic for Vistape

Winbuilder >=070
Source of Antivir
wget in system32 folder

1: Place the script for example VistaPE\App\Antivir
2: you have to copy the source from "program Files" + "programData" into the destination " ......\antivir\
3: start winbuilder - navigate to the script. there you can activate "virus definition" update or not ( if activated the newest definition's will be downloaded and integrated - nothing to do)
3: ready for iso creating wink.gif

1: I've done one entry in regestry to load automaticly avgnt.exe into taskbar. this only available in litestep. i don't know why this not start in. But it's not a Problem. i did a shortcut. (tray tools) start this manually wink.gif
2: there are 2 services. i've configured them to start automaticly - but they don't do that. i'm not sure whats wrong. you have to manually start them: "antivir PersonalEdition Classic Guard" + "Antivir PersonalEdition Classic Planer" the planer must be startet - after starting you can start download wink.gif
3: i updated the checkbox function. after activating a cmd file will started which search all 7 servers from antivir for new pattern+program update file. after search he set the latest available server as mainsource. all will done in winbuilder.
before you create new iso. just extract the check.cmd and change the proxy settings. add after this to encoding or to %scriptdir\antivir. if you see the message in winbuilder: Source-Check Script wird ausgefhrt..... (sry i forgot to translate to english in this script. feel free to change yourself
he started the cmd an will do logging into c:\output.txt. there you can check what's going on wink.gif you can change log path in this cmd file.

File updated: 26-September 07

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