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22 Sep 2007
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MOA 2.2
MOA 2.2 is available now:
it requires 2k3-sp1 or r2 sources


first version that has something like a setup.exe (IMG:

Read instructions here:

13 Aug 2007
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@ interested autoit-wizards

Some time ago I started a autoit script that allows easy patching of offline windows-installations.

I had hoped to have it ready months ago - but never found the time to finish it.
Also my autoit skills are quite limited (IMG:

See for some more screenshots and a short description.


I would like to finish it now with some help.
If you are interested in looking into the code please send me a PM

Code needs some error-handling and clean up and some work with filling a starter patch-library.

I already got a a lot of patches for this but still have to translate them into the final format.

Anyway - the idea is to make adding patches to a public patch library very easy.
You just put files to add in a subdir "files" of your patch and registry patches that should be applied by the patch into a subdir like system or software ...
You may know the fix-ide or fix-vmscsi patches. These can be added very easily.

On the long range - with some guys adding patches for all kinds of systems this can become a very simple way of preparing migrated systems before starting them in a changed environment.

11 Aug 2007
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the AS-IF-Stunt
Hi Nuno - sorry for coming so late (IMG:

@ all hackers at bootland

Nuno invited me to join bootland with my MOA-project

What is MOA ?


Well - since VMware Workstation 4.5 I make plugins for BartPE.
I started with XPE 1.02 and XP-sp1 and later changed to a homegrown shell with 2k3-sp1 sources.
Latest version can run Workstation 6 from BartPE and it comes with all tools to do VMware administration work.

With a LiveCD that runs VMware you can do exciting things - like running a physical machine as a virtual machine.
If you can watch VMware Codec-videos please watch this:

What's the as-if-stunt ?

With latest MOA-bartpe build you go to a physical box.
Boot it into the LiveCD.
Next you create a new virtual machine that uses the physical disk as a its virtual boot-disk.
As we don't want to change anything on the actual harddisk we create a snpahot for the virtual boot-disk.
Then we launch the VM and write all changes to the disk into a snapshot in ramdrive.
This is useful for cops: investigate a suspicious box without actually touching the harddisk
It may also be useful to demonstrate how easy it can be to convert a physical box
into a virtual one as we can do all this in less than 3 minutes.

Though these video demonstrates the procedure in ideal conditions it still shows what can be done.

I would like to invite you - so that we together learn how to do this in non-ideal cases.

I would also like to see an adoption of MOA to your superior build-system.

Any ideas are welcome



Latest stable version:
At the moment I prepare 2.1.023 which will include the following tools:
Workstation 6 or 5.5.3
VMware Converter Cold Clone
VMware Server Console
ESX firefox plugin
FIX VMscsi patches
6 Jan 2007
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patchman for nuno
Please move to where it fits ...
quoting pm from 911 - Nuno - sanbarrow

See the series of 5 screenshots on my site to understand what this is about

Hi Nuno

I saw that you replied to my moapatchman-post - it's a pity that this post is lost now.
I'd like to hear your comment on that stuff ...
see some screenshots here

Regards Ulli

I really liked your works, would you mind posting it also on

Here's the link:

I'm sure more people will take interest in it once they see how it can be used - it's really a nice idea to make things so acessible this way.

I was concerned about support for qemu althought I figure that few people oughta have tried it - but this would be an awesome addon since qemu is very small sized (1Mb) and it's free to be distributed.

Some time ago I've exchanged talks with Fabrice Bellard the author of qemu when I was working on batcher and asked his permission to distribute qemu - he was very interested in helping with testing at the time. If needed I can ask his assistance to help on this task, what do you think?

Keep it up! (IMG:

Hi Nuno

I forgot one thing - I will have to do an automatic patch translation when the offline -windows does not use controlset001 but a different one.
When I implemented that I will show it to you.

I am afraid I did first not understand your talk about quemu - maybe you missinterpretated the bunch of VMware related entries in the screenshot I thought ...
Then I realized that you must have related to the 5 screenshots on my site.
Damn - Nuno (IMG: (IMG:

- you got it - why not do that stuff with quemu as well ???

Doing things like described in that 5 screens is quite new grounds - I often feel bored cause nobody gets it and pushes me a little bit.

If you want to help in making this easier - maybe even with quemu - hey you are very welcome.

At the moment I want to get the patchman going soon.

Here is what it works like:

The patchman is so to say a frontend for xcopy and regedit.
When you start it - it reads a ini-configured directory for subdirs 0 -99.

Depending on the stuff you put in the subdirs patchman runs thru 2 upto about 12 stages and runs predefined actions.
If your subdir 37 exists - patchman reads a ini you put in that dir to desplay a description.
If you add a files dir to subdir 37 all files in that dir will be xcopied to targetroot.
If you add a expand.cmd into that dir patchman will launch this expand.cmd that can be used to extract files from cabs in targetroot.

If you add a system dir to subdir 37 - patchman will load the system-hive in a copy try to run delreg1-3.cmd and merge addsystem1-3.reg

If you add a software dir to subdir 37 - patchman will load te software hive as a copy, try to run ....

If you add a sam dir - patchman will ...
If you add a security dir - patchman will ...

If you add a cmd2run dir - patchman will excute some cmds while all needed hives are still loaded

When patchman has run thru all options it will either copy all edited hives from a scratchdir to targetroot or will abort and clean up

This procedure is in no way VMware-related - so I can't follow your quemu-sorrows.

I think I will start patchman with a small limited patchset like

patch 14: this loads hives and disables automatic reboot after a BSOD
patch 15: this loads hives and sets back the pagefile to systemcontrolled on C:

just examples - maybe you already see the pattern

Nuno - suggestions are welcome

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Nuno Brito
Not a mad scientist as he usually calls himself, but rather a person who looks way beyond what he can see from this point. Your ideas are just great, I wish good luck with your all your developments and life. :)
17 Jun 2007 - 12:36

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