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6 Oct 2007
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Sorry no EvilPE
I appologize to everyoe who was looking forward to testdriving my EvilPE this weekend. But the upload is canceled for now and you may never get to see it, sorry.

EvilPE though legaly safe to use and host, did not have it's name for nothing.
It's making use of the 'grey zone' to the fullest.

And with our newly found morality, you can just as well take nativeEX, fix a few bugs and you get the same as a cleaned up EvilPE.

cheers.gif medieval.gif

Personal note:
This was my 4. attempt to create a own project and though it got closer to being uploaded then any of my previous ones, before being shot down, it will also be my last attempt.
It makes me sad and angry to see all the time and work, i put in, wasted, time and time again, just because the rules keep on changing.
I hope that WB and Boot-land will one day mature to the point that one can really rely on it.
But i don't see it!
3 Oct 2007
Read Topic
Desktop or not Desktop?
Unfortunately is our master of the buildmodel, Peter at the moment on vacation.
So i need to pick the community brain. wink.gif
Is the folder Desktop called Desktop in all languages?

23 Sep 2007
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Ramdisk boot for and from XP
Ever since we first had a PE boot directly from a ram disk, it was said that this would only work with w2k3 setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys.

Interestingly, if you take any hex editor and look inside your XP setupldr.bin, you will find lots of strings dealing with loading, reading, writing and different errors for a ..... Ramdisk! ?

Maybe someone, who has dealt with this stuff before should have a second look. ?

19 Sep 2007
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Hardware and Driver
I'm fiddeling at the moment a lot with making more hardware working in PE.
But i have one major problem. Device Manager appearantly shows eighter nonsense or incomplete data.
Signs for that are devices working properly, while DM eighter shows they arn't using drivers or that no controllers are present. confused1.gif

Can anyone, who has fiddled with this before, give me some hints, what is going on/wrong?
Knows anyone of a tool, which does a 'better' job at showing, what is really going on hardware - and driver wise?

19 Sep 2007
Read Topic
TxtSetup.sif or not TxtSetup.sif?
From what i've read, the general opinion seems to be that it is the for the text based part of the boot process.
Which i read as, only things needed till the XP boot screen appears, belong into txtsetup.sif.

But txtsetup.sif is nothing more than a glorified inf file and inf files do only 2 things, they copy files and make registry entries.
Since txtsetup.sif is ment to work from a CD, it's safe to assume, that we can forget about the copying of files. wink.gif
That leaves the adding of entries to the registry, which raises the question, if it isn't possible to write the entries directly into at build time, as the boot time use of the registry seems to be way faster than the use of the txtsetup.sif.

I've seen a few very minimal txtsetup.sif, but couldn't find out if they sacrifice functionality for size. thumbdown.gif

Imo, only the following is needed at boot up and would have possibly to remain in txtsetup.sif.
- vga driver
- support for ide, scsi, usb, firewire boot devices
- support for fat, fat32, ntfs, cdfs file systems
- parameters for setupldr

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Nuno Brito
When is your new project presented to the world?? :)
18 Sep 2007 - 22:23
Nuno Brito
Awesome ideas you have - keep it up!!
11 Jul 2007 - 12:02
Nuno Brito
Thanks for solving the fixed drive letter riddle with XP SP2 - I've been seeing it as an unsolved puzzle for 3 years up to now..
You're really talented, congratulations!
12 Apr 2007 - 8:48


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