Grub4dos Guide - Renaming grldr

If loading grldr via the Windows NT/2000/XP loader (ntldr), changing the grldr filename will result in Grub4dos failing to boot. Note from ../../../grub4dos/files/diddy_subdomain/README_GRUB4DOS.txt - "...ntldr only loads the startup code of grldr (i.e., the leading 16 sectors of grldr), not the whole grldr file". The embedding settings in the startup code consequently scans for grldr in all available drives - if the file was renamed it will no longer be found. The following test was carried out on a dual boot system containing Windows Vista on (hd0,0) and Windows XP on (hd0,1). (hd0,1) was set as the active partition and mygrldr (renamed grldr) was loaded via C:\mygrldr="Grub4Dos" entry in boot.ini. This resulted in the following output -

Try (hd0,0): NTFS5: No grldr
Try (hd0,1): NTFS5: No grldr
Try (hd0,3): invalid or null
Try (hd0,4): invalid or null
Try (fd0): invalid or null
Error: Cannot find grldr in all drives. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart._

It is possible to change the embedded setting to search for a different file by using the grubinst/grubutil tool. The procedure is outlined in ../../../grub4dos/files/diddy_subdomain/README_GRUB4DOS.txt -

Alternatively, grubinst/grubutil can be used to edit an existing grldr and/or grldr.mbr file. This will require a compatible version of grubinst.

Unfortunately, at the time of testing, the latest version of grubinst (grubinst-1.1-bin-w32-2008-01-01) is not compatible with Grub4dos build 2009-02-05. Running command grubinst -e -b=mygrldr C:\grldr.mbr results in grubinst: Invalid input file error and grubinst -e -b=mygrldr C:\grldr results in grubinst: Version number mismatched (old=4 new=2) error.