MobileOS is a project intended to create a full version of Windows XP that boots and runs from RAM and is suited to be booted from a USB drive.

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There are no compatibility issues since most of the work is done using a PC emulator (qemu).


Version 008
You need in following collection files ( look ) :

Microsoft® Windows® XP
- installation CD
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 SP1
- ramdisk.sys
- ntldr
Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded
- minlogon.exe

QEMU on Windows Version 0.9.0 Fabrice Bellard
Section "Accelerators"
- qemu.exe
- fmod.dll
- SDL.dll
- qemu-img.exe
- bios.bin
- vgabios.bin
Virtual Disk Driver Ken Kato
- vdk.exe
- vdk.sys
7-Zip 4.46 beta © Igor Pavlov
- 7z.exe
- 7z.dll
dd for windows John Newbigin
- dd.exe
Standard utility
- mkisofs.exe
- ConvAscii.exe paraglider

- cfadisk.sys

WinBuilder 071 beta 2

Antivirus, explorer(user) etc. should not interfere in work virtual machine (Qemu)

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