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WinBuilder is a free application designed to create small bootable environments. In the main distribution a standard set of scripts is included, wich will create a bootable ISO image from a Windows XP or Windows2003 Install CD. WinBuilder runs well on Windows XP/XP-64, Windows 2000/2003 and Windows Vista. It doesn't run in Reactos 3.0.

What is Winbuilder?

Why WinBuilder?

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Using Winbuilder

WinBuilder is based on script projects wich are included inside the package. By default the standard project will create a 50Mb bootable windows environment with the option to use xoblite or explorer as the default shell.

Other projects like nanoXP and more recently picoXP will create a very reduced version of windows environment around 14Mb or even smaller in some cases.

How to start:

  • Extract all files to any empty folder, and run WinBuilder.exe
  • Select your source folder (usually your windows CD files) in the Paths tab window - screenshot
  • Press play to start and see the results
  • The package includes QEMU, a GNU PC emulator wich will show how the created ISO file will likely boot on a normal computer, you should however check the Log window in case any errors occur and the emulated computer doesn't seem to boot.


Working with Winbuilder scripts

The scripts are guides to the boot building process, here's a few more informations on how to properly use them.

Create a new script See how you can create a new script

Syntax - how to properly write a script

Using Encoded Files - information regarding how to handle binary files encoded inside scripts

Interface - manipulating the interface to get more control over scripts

Updating scripts - a small guide to create online updates for your scripts

All projects are based on using a windows installation CD (or the files from a CD) as source. These files are not included inside any of these projects, so please ensure you read the Microsoft EULA regarding this type of procedures and use a properly licensed CD copy of the Microsoft Windows Operative System to create your booting environment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can't make my windows run, why?

  • Try to see if there are any errors in your log window, if it contains errors, see if you're using a valid windows source for your project.
  • If you're sure that you are using a good windows source, try to get as many information as possible from the error.
  • Check in the Boot Land forums to see if anyone has reported a similar problem (use the search tool if necessary)
  • If nobody reported a similar problem, or you still haven't found a solution, post your log file on the forums to let other users take a look and see what's going wrong.
  • If no errors are found on the log window, and you still can't boot your project, you should try to search for answers in the forum and/or post a topic question to let others help you solve it.

Is my windows CD good to be used?

  • Most projects will work using Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2003, there are a few know issues regarding some releases of windows XP, we recommend using a retail version of Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 R1 or R2. If you don't have a source to use - you can download a free trial version of Windows 2003 R2 directly from the microsoft site and use it to create your projects.

It is available here:

I'm not programmer, how do I start making my own scripts?

  • You should look at the source code from other authors, all the action starts on the [process] section, and the code is written in a way that let others understand and change it easily. Any doubts you have along the way don't be afraid to ask in our development forum

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