WinBuilder [072a]

  ReactOS live CD125,47 KbCreate a boot environment based on ReactOS live CD distribution.Boot Land Community

  Copy files59,45 KbCopy all files from a ReactOS live CD folder into your build. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files. If the ReactOS folder is not found inside this project it will be downloaded automatically.BootLand community

  Create ISO with CDMake0016,76 KbCompile current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file using cdmakeReact OS team
  Create ISO with MkIsoFs2008,56 KbCompile current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file using mkISOfsOpen source community
  Run ISO in qEmu296,85 KbThis script will run your ISO under qEmu - a free PC EmulatorBoot Land community

  index.html24,41 Kb
  template.html3,48 Kb

  download_button.jpg2,30 Kb
  download_profiles.jpg10,33 Kb
  project_path.png2,55 Kb
  project_play.png1,75 Kb
  project_tools.png4,53 Kb
  script_create.png1,90 Kb
  script_edit.png4,50 Kb
  script_source-code_menu.png8,45 Kb
  script_upload.png8,55 Kb
  winbuilder_add_language.png3,02 Kb
  winbuilder_downloadcenter.png3,47 Kb
  winbuilder_folder.png23,41 Kb

  livexp.html9,53 Kb
  mobileos.html7,01 Kb
  nativeex.html9,48 Kb
  nativepe.html10,18 Kb
  picoxp.html9,31 Kb
  reactos.html6,29 Kb
  vistape.html14,96 Kb

  script_application.html15,97 Kb
  script_syntax.html109,23 Kb
  script_variables.html13,19 Kb
  tools.html37,67 Kb

  default.txt16,88 Kb
  German.txt11,63 Kb
  Italian.txt18,53 Kb
  Portuguese.txt16,01 Kb
  Turkish.txt17,63 Kb

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