NativePE39123.54 KbMakes a bootable PE image with applications from your localized version of Windows XP. NativeEX Barebones components compose it's core.thuun

  Applications1100 BytesThis folder contains project applications.Boot Land Community

  avast! Scanner components wrapper00816.41 MbContains a 7-Zip archive for the avast! Antivirus Scannerthuun
  avast! Antivirus Scanner181.02 MbAdds avast! Antivirus Scanner to the PE build with shell integration. Uses the avast! home antivirus engine.thuun
  folder.project1139 BytesAntiVirus Program(s) for off-line virus scans. Avast components 7-Zip Sfx (.exe file) resides here.Boot Land Community

  CD-&-DVD1117 BytesTools related to CD and DVD use - burning, ISO handling, etc.Boot Land Community
  ImgBurn31.57 MbAdds ImgBurn to the PE build, lightweight feature rich freeware for burning discs.thuun
  PowerISO2061.15 MbAdds PowerISO 3.8 with Virtual Drive Manager to the build for maniplualting and burning bootable and non-bootable ISO images in PE. Supports most popular image file formats with an option to compress proprietarty .dda images.thuun

  folder.project182 BytesDiagnostic programs for system inspection.Boot Land Community
  RAMTester001113.42 KbAdds RightMark RAMTester to the PE buildthuun
  SpaceMonger2137.60 KbDisk space visualization and file managment toolthuun
  UnknownDevices2608.83 KbAdds UnknownDevices PCI inspector to the PE buildthuun

  7-Zip 4.57161.04 MbAdds 7-Zip file manager to the PE build, a powerful free archiver.curare, thuun, and Garfield
  folder.project165 BytesPrograms to manage files.Boot Land Community
  FreeCommander0022.44 MbAdds FreeCommander to the PE build, a powerfull dual view file manager with ftp functionality.thuun

  Acronis Disk Director 10 Lean01728.34 KbAdds Disk Director 10 'Lean' (no MediaBuilder) to the PE buildthuun
  Acronis True Image 9.1 PE0109.65 KbAdds Acronis True Image, BartPE plugin version, without the BootAgent or MediaBuilder. TrueImage for PE has fewer depedencies and no image mounting.thuun
  Acronis True Image Echo Omni 9.5106341.05 KbAdds Acronis True Image Echo Server, Enterprise, or Workstation with optional Universal Restore to the project. Features image file mounting plus conversion of .tib files to MS VirtualPC and VMWare virtual machine disk formats.2008 thuun derboy
  True Image Echo 9.5 PE01417.77 KbAdds the BartPE plugin build of True Image Echo 9.5 to the projectthuun
  Acronis True Image Server Lite Sfx00214.55 MbContains a 7-Zip Sfx archive for Acronis True Image Server Litethuun
  Acronis True Image Server 9.1 Lite020291.11 KbAdds Acronis True Image Server Lite to the PE build. Features image mounting with a minimal file set, contains no BootAgent, MediaBuilder, or taskbar monitor.2007 thuun derboy
  DriveImage XML0051.68 MbDriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives.Boot Land Community
  folder.project178 BytesHardisk imaging and partitioning toolsBoot Land Community
  O&O; Defrag 100115.41 MbAdds O&O; Defrag 10 Profressional to the PE buildthuun
  Roadkil Disk Utl.302424.99 KbSelect Roadkil disk utilities to add to the PE buildthuun

  folder.project198 BytesTools to diagnose, configure and test network connections.Boot Land Community
  Mozilla Firefox components wrapper97.91 MbMozilla Firefox v2.0.0.13 for Windows PE 7-Zip sfx archivethuun
  Mozilla Firefox7134.38 KbAdds Mozilla Firefox Web Browser v2.0.0.13 to the PE buildthuun
  Netmeter 999b27342.08 KbVisual network activity monitorthuun
  Opera 8.542114.53 MbOpera Web Browser 8.54 for Windows PEMedEvil; revision by thuun

  Calculator0022.40 KbAdds MS Calculator to the PE buildJohn Adamopoulos
  folder.project186 BytesProdutivity related programs for common tasks.Boot Land Community
  FoxitReader9022.69 MbAdds FoxitReader 2.2 build 2129 for opening PDF files in Windows PEthuun
  HxD002770.05 KbAdds HxD hex editor to the PE buildthuun
  Paint0042.22 KbIncludes MS Paint in the PE buildBoot-Land community
  Notepad00710.95 KbAdds Notepad to the PE buildJohn Adamopoulos
  Wordpad0095.12 KbAdds Wordpad to the PE BuildJohn Adamopoulos
  xCHM0021.50 MbAdds the freeware program xCHM to the PE build and associates it with interactive .chm help files replacing the Windows help executable.thuun

  CCleaner10566.13 KbAdds CCleaner, loaded via Runscanner, for cleaning up obsolete registry data and files in Windows installations.thuun
  folder.project197 BytesTools to repair or diagnose hardware and software issues.Boot Land Community
  MBRWhisky3419.00 KbAdds MBRWhisky, a simple MBRWiz front end for disk MBR configuration and repair in Windows PE.thuun
  Password Renew3376.32 KbAdds Salsa's Password Renew to the PE buildthuun
  Recuva8524.66 KbAdds Recuva v1.0.9.194, freeware from Piriform Ltd. for restoring deleted files.thuun

  16 Bit support00413.62 KbThis script will add support for DOS programs and windows applications in 16bit adding around 4Mb to your build.John Adamopoulos
  folder.project195 BytesAddons related to the improvement of the overall systemBoot Land Community
  MMC30333.86 KbInstalls the MMC console and its tools in your buildJohn Adamopoulos
  Registry Editor0066.25 KbWill add Registry Editor to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu; thuun
  Task Manager0064.83 KbWill add Task Manager to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu

  Define Fundamentals3510.00 KbThis script defines variables used later in the build.Peter Schlang; revision for NatiePE by thuun
  Retrieve Project Info0129.38 KbThis script checks the source CD and writes information about the OS and service pack inside the ProjectInfo.ini filePeter Schlang
  Make directories0063.51 KbThis script will create all basic directories needed for the PE buildPeter Schlang
  HoJoPE Hives Factory35190.20 KbThis script will add registry hives and txtsetup.sif depending on your setup CD. If they do not exist yet, they are created.Peter Schlang
  Build Model934135.08 KbThis script checks the source CD for localized folder names and generates an image $ModelRAM in the target directory. The localized names are also written to ProjectInfo.ini section [Paths].Peter Schlang
  Copy and Expand files1019.09 KbCopies and expands files from your Windows install CD/DVD or folder to your PE build. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.Psc and thuun
  Empty Hive0055.62 KbThis script will create an empty registry hive to be filled with user defined dataPeter Schlang
  folder.project1229 BytesThis folder contains all the essential scripts that will create your project. Please read carefully what each script does before changing anything.Boot Land Community
  Log script process0032.77 KbThis script writes a time stamp into the ProjectInfo.ini filePeter Schlang

  Explorer929159.73 KbAdds Windows Explorer to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  Explorer shell - Tweaks and Settings8122.37 KbCustomizes your WinBuilder's Explorer shellcurare
  folder.project1126 BytesThis folder contains the explorer shell and some customization scripts.Boot Land Community
  Localization38.35 KbAdds regional settings to the PE build from the local system registrythuun
  Misc Settings01338.89 KbSet some stuff including the PE shell parametersHolger Kotsch
  NetCore with PENetCfg34998.66 KbAdds networking support to the PE build with PENetCfg for startupthuun
  Display Properties0081.30 MbAdds display properties and OpenGL screensaver support.Holger Kotsch and thuun
  Scripting Support Core458.69 KbAdds pre-registered support for WSH, VBS, JS, and OLE automationthuun

  folder.project164 BytesHardware drivers folder.Boot Land Community
  HWPnP3112.88 KbAutomated install of hardware in WinPEHighwayStar / thuun
  Realtek AIO NIC00351.42 KbAdds Realtek 8139/810x/8169/8110 and 8029 drivers. Rtl8139/8029 NICs support qEmu networking.thuun
  SATA Drivers0042.76 MbAdds support for more SATA controllers. If all are selected, the compressed drivers will add 2 MB to the build.Lodovik
  VBEMP UniVGA00330.88 KbVbemp.sys is a universal VESA/VBE based driver that can be used instead of many proprietary video driversthuun
  USB Support40092.99 KbAdds USB PnP device support to the PE build. Optionally add current USB device ID flags from the local system registry.thuun
  Virtual PC Intel Network Driver345.54 KbAdds an NIC driver to the build for Microsoft Virtual PCthuun
  VirtualPC VGA Driver1022.77 KbAdds a VGA driver to the build for Microsoft Virtual PCthuun
  VMWare and VirtualBox NIC532.08 KbAdds VMWare and VirtualBox network driver files to the PE build, driver update included.thuun
  VMWare Video488.30 KbIncludes VMWare's Vmx SVGA driverHighwayStar; driver update, thuun

  FBWF with Cache Threshold Adjust010617.20 KbFile-Based Write Filter with FBWFldr service loader. The FBWF adds free space to read-only media by redirecting writes to an overlay in RAM. The protecting overlay uses an adjustable amount of total RAM for data written to system drive X:. All cached data is discarded on reboot.thuun
  Filedisk Vhd Ramdisk22401.78 KbAdds a ramdisk image mounted at startup which can hold the build's %ProgramFiles% folder and junction it to %SystemDrive%\%ProgramFiles%. This script is for PE images run directly in system memory (inram). *NTFS file system used for junctions. *Final image may require free space adjustment.thuun
  folder.project175 BytesVirtual file system drivers folder.Boot Land Community
  NT Ramdrive720.90 KbAdds a Ramdisk to the PE build at a specified drive, 4GB. is the current size limit.thuun

  Create BcdwPE46886.49 KbCreates a multiboot ISO with standard and RAM boot options. A compressed disk image is used for booting from RAM. Additional boot options may be quickly added to the Bootable CD Wizard v2.0a1 menu. Find help and FAQ links in the script interface.thuun
  folder.project1211 BytesScripts in this folder are intended to create the finished ISO, please select only one. The finished ISO can be booted in an emulated PC so that you can check the results.Boot Land Community
  Make ISO20215.60 KbCompiles the current target directory to an ISO file which may be booted normally or inram.Boot-Land Community; edited by edborg, psc, thuun

  autoCompress370.73 KbCAB compresses driver (*.sys) files in your PE to make the resulting PE size smallerPeter Schlang
  Auto Keyboard0047.79 KbChange the keyboard layout of your build based on your PC's settingsPeter Schlang
  autoUPX01483.81 KbUPX is a program used to compress executable files like .EXE or .DLL, this script will generate a list of compressable files for the current project and then will run it. The result is a very significant size reduction on the final ISO size.Peter Schlang
  driverSigning00735.74 KbSuppresses the 'Unsigned Driver' dialog at runtime, even if RSAENH.dll is loaded.Peter Schlang and thuun
  folder.project1112 BytesScripts on this folder are meant to preform tasks just prior to imaging.Boot Land Community
  PE PageFile0037.42 KbAdds a PageFile to the PE Build using addswap.exe (5 KB.) at startup. By default the pagefile is located at B:\pagefile.sys. Configure the PE ramdisk to reflect any change in location.thuun
  Post Processing10169.18 KbRuns Post Processing tools on the PE Buildthuun
  Project Profiler4416.52 KbA review of build files and registry settings, user profiles are finalized.thuun
  ResHacker5405.41 KbResourceHacker is used to modify system file resources.thuun

  7z Backup6388.84 KbCreate and Restore WinBuilder Project 7-Zip Sfx archivesthuun
  CDImage687.79 KbCreates an optimized and optionally bootable ISO from a folder or drivethuun
  Create Driver Scripts00362.72 KbAssists with creating driver scripts to include in a project.John Adamopoulos; edit, thuun
  FileDisk WB1254.88 KbFiledisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP that uses one or more files to emulate physical disks. This script provides a frontend for the provided cmd-line filedisk tools. Please use it with care.thuun
  folder.project169 BytesTools for NT System builders.Boot Land Community
  QuickBurn240.57 KbBurn and create optionally bootable ISO imagesthuun
  RamPE for NT 5.x10768.26 KbGenerates a compressed ramdisk image from a PE build and installs it to Windows 2K/2K3/XP systems next to the NTLDR boot file, the installation is accessed at boot time. Pebuilder files mkbt and nt2peldr are used for this script.thuun
  RegEdit WB0045.99 KbThis script loads the target registry hives into RegeditPeter Schlang
  USB Boot194.95 KbConfigures PE to boot from a USB flash driveHighwayStar
  WB Version0051.08 MbThis script provides a version of WinBuilder that's been thoroughly testedthuun

  folder.project196 BytesScripts in this folder are for testing the finished ISO.Boot Land Community
  Run ISO in qEmu7011.12 MbRun a selected ISO in qEmu for Windows, a standalone, open source PC emulator.thuun and Psc
  Run ISO in VirtualBox01820.76 KbRuns the Project ISO in a VirtualBox v1.5.0 thin clientthuun
  Run ISO in VMware512135.69 KbRuns your WinBuilder project ISO in VMware Player 2.0 or Workstation. You may manually select an ISO to run at the bottom of the script UI.Boot-Land Community

  Project tools directory1120 BytesProject tools and related subfolders are found hereBoot Land Community
  7za.exe505.50 Kb
  7zCon.sfx60.50 Kb
  AutoIt.chm55.18 Kb
  AutoIt3.exe122.17 Kb
  copying.txt26.32 Kb
  defragger.exe69.00 Kb
  DubDrv.exe49.00 Kb
  fdtray.exe17.50 Kb
  filedisk.exe26.00 Kb
  filedisk.sys10.70 Kb
  hiderun.exe1.50 Kb
  imdiskinst.exe114.90 Kb
  minlogon.exe17.00 Kb
  mkisofs.exe215.34 Kb
  QuickBurn.exe444.00 Kb
  ramdisk.sy_12.21 Kb
  Server03R2 Evl EULA.url189 Bytes
  upx.exe260.00 Kb
  wallpaper.bmp1.37 Mb
  winbuilder_help_en_s.exe156.93 Kb
  winMd5Sum.exe20.50 Kb

  cybershredder.exe168.00 Kb
  myuninst.exe33.50 Kb
  newsid.exe112.00 Kb
  oeminfo.ini362 Bytes
  oemlogo.bmp36.05 Kb
  regmon.exe142.00 Kb
  regscanner.exe37.50 Kb
  regshot.exe54.00 Kb
  xp-keyreader.exe22.00 Kb

  default.txt16.88 Kb
  German.txt11.63 Kb
  Italian.txt18.53 Kb
  Portuguese.txt16.01 Kb
  Turkish.txt17.63 Kb

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