Operating systems prior to Windows Vista including Windows XP and Server 2003 do not support what's known as image based rollout to unknown CPU types. 

If an administrator creates a disk image of a machine it may restore reliably to the same PC and hardware and even to certain other hardware, but restoring the image to a PC of another unknown CPU type is not supported by retail Windows versions prior to Vista as shipped. An image based Windows XP variant known as Windows for Legacy PCs addresses this need but is only available to Volume License customers and has limited support. Third party products developed for this deployment scenario include Acronis Universal Restore, for use with Acronis True Image.

The Project know as "Panther" XP overcomes this limitation using special tools that add real-time CPU detection to a Windows IMage (WIM) based setup originally from Windows Codename "Longhorn" Beta 1.

To support the Beta 1 WIM format used by "Panther" XP, a tool kit is included allowing users to add Mass Storage and PnP drivers to the install image. Windows Updates, software installers, registry settings, and other files may also be added with ease. A readme file describing these features and others may be found here.

        A step by step guide for creating your own truly hardware independent WIM based setup from Windows XP or Server 2003 is on the way. Please visit the site again soon to check for updates!