Boot Land Newsletter

September 7, 2008Weekly news from the land of Boot disks.


Boot Land is growing and becoming a popular place for people to talk and place their questions and challenges about boot disks which is a wonderful thing but a rise in popularity also meant a significant rise of required server resources and at the moment we are just about reaching a point where better conditions need to be found.

As such, we are looking for people or companies interested in providing external hosting for our MySQL database. Please be ware that we require a mySQL DB running on a dedicated server with at least 1Gb of RAM to support our current daily load.

In return for this hosting we offer the chance of placing a logo image inside our "Recommended" box and our grattitude for this kind help.

To get in contact please send an email to nuno or post a new topic on the forums.

Thank you.


TIGSource De-make Competition,  Demaking New Games into Old (Moon Goon)

WinBuilder mentioned on Shell Extension City (Nuno Brito)

OSR Online, Everything Windows Driver Development  (rawral)

Holy browser wars, Batman!!, Google releases its web browser (JonF)


Fix Laptop with No floppy & Busted optical drive (EBook), The example illustrates XP (ispy)

Booting USB drive from Windows or Linux I don't care which, If U R interested post a request for info? (ispy)

Making Portable programs (Graphic softwares) (Shirin Zaban)

Making a Linux distro look like Windows XP (Mikorist)

Blow-by-Blow guide run 98SE in XP (QEMU), All freeware utils used & GUI 4 the most part (ispy)

Boot Methods and Portable Software

 Freeware alert - Easeus DiskCopy, New kiddie on the block! (ispy)

Make Utils Portable-JauntePE, Had a devil of a job getting holda this! (ispy)

Orca free at last! ;) (MedEvil)

How Can I Boot A Mandriva Live USB with Grub4DOS, My Mandriva One 2008.1 USB Boot Fine With Syslinux (Haiphong)

Creating a universal PE, the other way (MedEvil)

Disable the F8 Startup Menu on WIN98 Boot Disk., patching IO.SYS (scrumpyjack)

Boot Performance, Michael Fortin Blog 09/2008  (Brotosaurus)

wb developments

Timpack, LiveXP and Portable apps together (Lancelot)

How to start a service/driver,, when it is handregistered after boot? (MedEvil)

 LiveXP XP STyle Interface, How to obtain the well known blue styled XP theme in LiveXP? (Ralf Euser)

 Get (Nuno Brito)

VistaPe, LiveXp and an unatended install of Xp? (Anders E)

Simple Plugin to Script Requests -, Basic Pe tools (PaPeuser)

VistaPE open source driver integrator (markus8)

Updated Imdisk plugin, You guys left out the good stuffs :D (slothman)

App scripts updated or added

Adobe Reader Lite Eng. scv.14 For VistaPE (Max Real QNX)

Acronis® TrueImage Home® version 2009 (Max Real QNX)

Acronis® TrueImage Echo WorkStation® version 9.5 (Max Real QNX)

Acronis True Image Echo Omni with UR, TrueImage full script for all product versions (thunn)

 EmEditor, really portable and flexible (risolutore)

MS Paint (MedEvil)

[app script] FileZilla v.3.1.2, Freeware ftp client software (Galapo)

 CD-Opera script (MedEvil)

OpenOffice Portable, script for LiveXP (Lancelot)

Gimp Portable, script for LiveXP (Lancelot)


As you may have read on the introduction, we've been passing some difficult time lately because the DB gets overwhelmed by visitors. Let's hope a solution can soon be found for this matter.

In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy all the Acronis scripts that have been made available by Max Real Qnx and Thuun. I also recommend taking a look on the other topics that were mentioned on this newsletter with particular fun remark to the "Create Universal PE" project mentioned by MedEvil which seems a very cool way to boot up any computer flawlessly.

These are the news for the moment, be well and have a nice week!