Boot Land Newsletter

August 25, 2008Weekly news from the land of Boot disks.


After a good month worth of rest and vacations, we're back to work and ready for more talks about boot disks. On this week newsletter we focus some of the app scripts and interesting developments that have been made during the last days.


 Link exchange with PC Help world

Hello all you good people!!!

Holidays are over


 Making Portable programs (Graphic softwares) (Shirin Zaban)

 [App Scripts Guide] Adding Registry keys (Nuno Brito)

[App Scripts] Guide1/2/3 + considerations, link's to Guide's and development considerations (rawral)

Lancelot Tips (Lancelot)

Boot Methods and Portable Software

 MS-DOS 7.1, A new mix (Wendy)

What is a portable app ? (Sanbarrow)

Nlite Portable - No need to install DotNet Framework (ispy)

MOA 2.4 (sanbarrow)

portable-powershell (rawral)

wb developments

 random computer name

[script] PENetwork, Network support with optional profiles (Editor included) (Holger)

PXE / TFTP Boot of LiveXP now working! (krokodox)

App scripts updated or added

 Firefox 3.0.1 with addons, your settings (JonF)

 Acronis┬« TrueImage Home┬« version 11.0 (build 8.101) (Max_Real_QNX)

 Adobe PhotoShop v5.5 Trial & Full, :> why not, only 9 mb~(Lancelot)

Parted Magic 3.0, Parted Magic 3.0 script (Phatboy)

Process_Explorer_MS + Process_Explorer_SYS + Process_Monitor, all legal, tested with liveXP (lancelot)

Ghost32 v 11

Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.50727 scv.14 For VistaPE (Max_Real_QNX)

Paint .NET v3.35 Build 3106.20184 scv.14 For VistaPE (Max_Real_QNX)

TestDisk and PhotoRec in one! v. 6.10 (6.11b) (Amalux)


Lately these have been good days for boot disk talks, the more time one person spends creating a boot disk, the more fun it gets to see what else can be added or created.

No limits, no worries. Just think on what you want do next and we'll talk about it on the forums.

Have a safe and fun week! :)