nativeEx Downloads

There are five URLs where you theoretically can download single files:
But you should prefer to use the download mechanism of WinBuilder.
Choose the server ''

For beginners:
  • Download WinBuilder version 072a here and copy it into an empty directory, e.g. C:\WinBuilder072a
  • Start it
  • Click the 'Download' tab
  • Uncheck all selected servers
  • In Servers, check ''
  • In the tree on the left, chaeck nativeEx_barebone and nativeEx_Core
  • Click download and wait until that is finished (Download button enabled again)
  • Click the 'Scripts' tab and choose your project
  • Click the 'Paths' tab and define your XP SP2 or W2003 CD
  • Do not change anything else!
    The projects are predefined and boot into qEmu in nearly all cases!
  • Click the blue 'Play' triangle in the upper right.

After building the project, the generated ISO should boot into qEmu, and you should have Internet access.


This script gives you the ability to include the latest nativeEx_Core inside your nativeEx based project.
Depending on the current WinBuilder download mechanism, it is always download to LiveXP\Tools.

If you have a different project, please, move it into the project's Tools directory.

When you have a well running project, after executing this script, your project runs with the same options / selections as before, but using the latest nativeEx core.