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VIRtech Integration example posted by Arvy

Skin Live Examples

List all Skins

#1: IPB Master Skin Set
#27: Webber
#35: IP.Board Pro (Import)

Set Skin

Get CSS from selected Board-Skin

Get all Datas from selected Skin

set_skin_set_id: 35

set_name: IP.Board Pro (Import)

set_image_dir: nexus1206480901

set_hidden: 0

set_default: 1

set_css_method: 1

set_skin_set_parent: -1

set_author_email: rikki@invisionpower.com

set_author_name: Rikki Tissier

set_author_url: http://www.invisionpower.com



set_css_updated: 1222580796




set_emoticon_folder: default

set_key: ip.board_pro

Function References

The following important functions were used for this example:

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