Current Work:

08.03.2008 - Did some working on the editor again and some additions (screenshot here)
             Now you can define user accounts which will be added after starting the profile.
             Next thing I will add is also the MAC change one startup during profile applying.

02.01.2008 - "PE Network Manager" seems to work so far unter VistaPE (take a look here)
             however, it need's some time to make the editor finish.
             Now it's also possible to predefine a MAC-address for a profile network
             Also I did some rechanging again which I scripted the last days cause there
             were some problems under VistaPE.
             The WiFi-thing is still in progress, however, I hope under VistaPE it will
             become more easily cause of the buildin NativeWifi under Vista which is more
             usable and has very much more possibilities.

27.12.2007 - @work again, in progress:
             * some bugfixing
             * changing Profile Editor interface (take a small look here)
             (it's full compatible to older profile files, cause there is no change
             in the save 'mode')
             * some additions: i.e. autoconnect network shares