Galapo’s LiveXP scripts


NOTE: All scripts are (primarily) written generically and most require the latest api available here.

Auslogics Disk Defrag v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware disk defragmentation software

AutoIt v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Windows automation scripting language

  Script includes SciTE text editor, AutoIt3Wrapper, etc.

CDImageGUI (download script)

            GUI for cdimage -- good for easily creating .iso images with no file length restrictions

CoreFTP v.2.0 build 1531 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware ftp client software

CrystalCPUID v. (download script) (software homepage)

  CPU utility software

DPs-Build_MassStorageDrivers v.051 (download script) (software homepage)

  Builds a DriverPacks Mass Storage drivers script suitable for XP/2003 nativeEx-based projects

Drive Snapshot v.1.39 (download script) (software homepage)

  Disk imaging software which is perfect for PE due to size and portability

FileZilla v.3.2.2 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware ftp client software

FileZilla v.2.2.32 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware ftp client software

FindOnClick v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Extremely fast file searching software (replacement for slow Windows search function)

GetRight Pro v.6.3e (download script) (software homepage)

  Api mod with enhancements of Max_Real Qnx's VistaPE script for GetRight Pro, a popular download and upload manager

GImageX v.2.0.14 (download script) (software homepage)

  Replicates functions of ImageX but with a GUI

ImgBurn v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware CD/DVD burning software

InfraRecorder v.0.46.2 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware CD/DVD burning software

IZArc v.3.81 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware compression software (.7z, .rar, .zip, etc.)

jv16 PowerTools v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Helpful registry editing of startup programs, installed software entries, etc.

KeePass v.1.15 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware password managing software

My ‘Other tweaks’ (download script)

  Add CMD.exe desktop shortcut; disable low diskspace warning; disable NTFS last access time stamping; unload dlls from memory after use; add 'Open cmd window here' to shell context menu; resize Explorer 'Name' column width to 200 pixels; add 'Show Desktop' shortcut to quicklaunch

NTFS Link v.2.1 (download script) (software homepage)

  An NTFS file and directory junctioning shell extension

O&O Defrag Professional v.10.0.1634 (download script) (software homepage)

  Api mod of Thunn's O&O Defrag Professional 10 script, a popular harddisk defragmentation software program

O&O Defrag Professional v.8.6.2336 (download script) (software homepage)

  Harddisk defragmentation software

OfflineSysPrep v. (download script)

                     My own program which makes offline sysprepping of an XP/2003 partition possible

OverDisk v.0.11b (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware disk space overview utility

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.0 Special Edition (download script) (software homepage)

  All harddisk managing operations (partition resizing, drive backup, etc.)

PowerDefragmenterGUI v.2.0.125 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware GUI for Sysinternals contig.exe

Runscanner v. (download script) (software homepage)

                     Modified version of script by Bits&PCs, now includes remote Regedit startmenu item, inter alia

SetResolution v.5.1 (download script)

  Set different default resolutions for virtual machines and native (non-virtual) machines

                     My own program which makes use of vmdetect.exe from here:

TinyHexer v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware hex editing software

TrueCrypt v.6.1a (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware container encryption software

Ultr@VNC v.1.0.2 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware remote VNC software

UltraISO v. (download script) (software homepage)

            CD/DVD image creation and editing; includes ISODrive driver to mount images (including compressed .isz images) to i:\

UndeleteOnClick v. (download script) (software homepage)

  For fast undeleting of files

WackGet v.1.2.2 (download script)

  Small freeware download manager

WinMerge v.2.10.4 (download script) (software homepage)

  File comparison program

xCHM v.1.13 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware .chm help file viewer

XnView v.1.95.4 (download script) (software homepage)

  Freeware image viewing and (basic) image editing software

ZoneAlarm Pro/Free v. (download script) (software homepage)

  Firewall software

DISCLAIMER: While I have spent some time writing these scripts, I am still learning - so I make no claims that they are good, bug-free, etc. I just hope that someone may find something useful!