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16 Jan 2008
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SP3 and the missing Address Bar
Hello, all

Playing with the SP3 update (update..? well...maybe...) and as mentioned here and elsewhere the Taskbar - ToolBar - Address Bar is missing as an option due, to deliberate action by MS.

To get it back is simple enough....

Replace the SP3 version of BrowseUI.dll with an earleir pre-SP3 version of it...

Reboot...right-click on the Taskbar, scroll to Toolbars...and the Address option should be visible.

Choose it...and it's back...and functional.

30 Mar 2007
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Script question - Bezel boxes and Radio Buttons
Would/is it possible to enclose a group of Radio Buttons within a bevel box...and to have them behave as they do only within that enclosed box...not across the entire script?

That able to choose only one Button within the bezel boxes...and not effect the other Radio Buttons enclosed within other boxes or elsewhere within the same script?

I can't seem to find anything on this...if the info is here and I've missed it...please point me to the right place.

Thanks Much.

4 Mar 2007
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The Chat Room feature on WB v068b9....

Nice idea...very nice.


4 Mar 2007
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Define Location of Docs & Settings
Would/could it be possible to define the location of the Documents & Settings folder....

The current situation has it such that only if a RAMDisk is loaded will a build properly function.

FBWF is now flaky and unreliable or just non-functional, unlike back in WB v052...and the various .SDI/IMA scripts aren't repeatable, reliable or functional.

Much of this seemingly stems from the Fundamentals script, and maybe the BuildHives one as well.
The proliferation of scripts doesn't help matters much in this regard...the situation is becoming chaotic.

It would be nice to be able to choose to use RAMDisk...FBWF or SDI...independantly of each other, and not just a matter of choosing one only...and to implicitly define the location of the Docs & Settings folder.

Great potential for these newer scripts and project layout...and I like the BuildHives setup too....but we are loosing order here...and it's frustrating tinkering with the scripts and trying (and failing...) to make them work.

Just my two pennies worth.

edit after above:

Downloaded the latest Thunn Package and...much to my surprise...the SDI script worked. Been banging my head against the wall trying to make that script work.

**Thunn** Thanks So Much!!!!

26 Feb 2007
Read Topic
FBWF...RAMDisk and WB v06x
As was mentioned elsewhere, it was possible to have FBWF and a RAMdisk within the same build, in earlier build packages.

The newer build layout, in the v06x series, is far superior over previous...but, try as I will I cannot make the FBWF and RAMdisk co-exist.

I have searched these forums top to bottom....tried the variations of the FBWF (Thunns and original) available..tried modifying scripts...and get nowhere.

So...I ask:

Is it currently an either/or situation...use one or the other, not both?
If it is possible...what settings must I use with v067 and/or v068b7?Note: I am attempting to use a boot from RAM build.

Any info...greatly appreciated.

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