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“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”
Albert Einstein
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Nuno Brito
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26 years old
Born Oct-29-1981
I'm just a quiet simple person with a very quiet simple life living one day at a time..
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Nuno Brito

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10 Sep 2008
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[freeware] Command & Conquer Red Alert
There have been a few games released over the last few years that have generated widespread appeal. Some of these are from the Command & Conquer range – some of the most popular realtime strategy games. It’s easy to become engrossed in a Command & Conquer game for hours at a time, particularly when the weather wasn’t great.

Red Alert, for some, was the premier product in the C&C range, partly due to the fact you could play as the US or the Soviet Union and, quite frankly, the Soviet’s had some of the better and most interesting technology. Tesla Coil anyone?

Celebrating the 13th anniversary of Red Alert – and the forthcoming major launch of Red Alert 3 – EA have decided to give away the original classic Red Alert, for free! Better still, the game and installer has been updated to work on both Windows XP and Vista.

You need to download two different discs – the Soviet and Allied discs and then use an archive manager to decompress the content. They are supplied as RAR images. There are separate installation guides for Windows XP and Vista users.

Note the download here is to the initial Allied disc. You need to download the Soviet disc separately from the EA Red Alert homepage.


Based on a post made by Stidyup - http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11427

10 Sep 2008
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Forum stats - number of visitors and page loads
We've been passing some difficulties lately because of the high number of visitors.

Some of them were identified as spam bots / web crawlers but nevertheless a lot of people has been visiting the site, which kind of forced to do some serious arrangements to allow the server become more efficient in terms of CPU/RAM resources.

To ease understanding the amount of visitors involved in this situation I'm posting the stats from these last 7 days and also the stats of our growth since the last two years.

I'm quite confident that our server can likely keep up the pace for another two years if further optimizations are applied.


Mind you that yesterday was a record day as over 5000 people (and bots) visited the page which caused nearly 12000 page loads, in previous days there were surely quite as many visitors but the server would run out of resources and keep most people outside boot land for extended periods of time.

Last 7 days:

Last two years:

Hope you enjoy the stats and congratulations to all the community members that make this site a quality place worth visiting. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/thumbup.gif)
7 Sep 2008
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Newsletter - September 7 of 2008
A fresh newsletter has been sent away for members and is directly available for those interested in reading what has been done this week: http://boot-land.net/newsletters/080907-SE...Newsletter.html

Hope you like the selected topics.

4 Sep 2008
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WinBuilder mentioned on Shell Extension City
wb has been mentioned on shellcity.net:

WIN BUILDER.......... WinBuilder is a script engine that will run projects developed by several authors which produce very efficient boot disks available for several windows platforms


31 Aug 2008
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Newsletter - August 31 of 2008
This week's newsletter is available.

If you didn't received it on your mail box, it is also available here: http://boot-land.net/newsletters/080831-AU...Newsletter.html

Previous newsletters can be read here: http://boot-land.net/newsletters

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Nuno Brito
One thing to remember in life itself and all the challenges that come with it ... if you make a "mistake" and learn from it, then it never was a mistake to begin with...it was a "lesson"!
28 Apr 2008 - 23:21
Can I testify to the very apparent fact that you a very caring supportive individual armed with a great product & an excellant team of members long may you flourish & prevail mucho regards ispy
30 Mar 2008 - 8:28
Please check update the post MSFN for addons2WPI ;)
i just updatedthe transation in albanian and added a new translation in Macedonian ;)
26 Mar 2008 - 15:44
Thanks for your very kind comment. Much appreciated. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy helping "noobs" most of all.
Best regards,
Richard Virtue ("Arvy")
18 Feb 2008 - 17:46
Sometimes you amaze me with your ability to focus so well on so many things, few people display this gift the way you do.
Hasta luego mi amigo, -t
7 Oct 2007 - 17:05
Thanks for the kind comments, Nuno. I thoroughly enjoy the community here. Everyone here does great work. :D
9 Apr 2007 - 13:44
Nuno Brito
"Programming is an art form that fights back." -Unknown
29 Mar 2007 - 19:27


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