WinBuilder is a free application designed to create small bootable environments.

On this page you'll find instructions and download links to the projects that will allow you to create these boot discs.

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Current Build: 072
License: Freeware

Included projects:

VistaPE - a project which completely customizes your Windows PE 2.0 which is available on Vista Install DVD's or inside freely downloadable WAIK from MS. More details can be found here.

LiveXP project is designed to create a 31~100Mb ISO file and contains Explorer as shell, Small CD-Writer, Notepad, RegEdit, Task Manager, driver support for USB pendrives, USB mouses and SATA/Mass storage drives.

nativeEx - the base project used for XP/2003 based builds, it is used to output a very slim and efficient result.

NativePE - Also based on nativeEx, this project features some extreme customizations provided by thunn and other .script developers.

picoXP - the smallest XP on earth! Not meant to be a joke because this project will really output a booting XP sized in 14Mb which can still be used to acess NTFS drives and use cmd.exe as shell. There is no support for GUI apps, only for console based tools.

MobileOS - Turning a full sized XP into a portable OS which boots and run from RAM. This project is still on experimental stage and it is the solution for carrying your OS without limitations to just about anywhere.

ReactOS is another project that is included for demonstration. It is an open source Operative System capable of running Windows programs, no need for external files from Microsoft, just press the Play button to create a boot disk based on this OS.

BartPECore - Will use Bart's PE Builder as core for creating a PE boot disk and allow you to integrate plugins along with wb customizing scripts.

More details on the scripts found inside each project can be found here:

LiveXP screenshot:
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WinBuilder is supported on Windows 95/98/ME/XP/XP-64, Windows 2000/2003 and Windows Vista

How to start a project?

It's simple.
  1. Download the latest binary from our downloads page
  2. Unpack and run WinBuilder.exe
  3. Get all selected files from wb's download center
  4. Select a project and a source (read instructions on main screen of each project to know more details)
  5. Press "Play" and see the results.. :

You can find the latest wb stable download version here:

Help pages are available here

Source requirements

LiveXP, nativeEx, nativePE, picoXP and mobileOS projects will use files from a Windows XP SP2 Install CD or from a Windows 2003 R2.

If you don't have a valid Windows Install CD to use then you can freely download Windows 2003 R2 trial directly from the Microsof Windows 2003 site here:

VistaPE will need a Vista Install DVD or a WAIK downloaded from Microsoft (free)


We really appreciate feedback. You're very welcome to write all your requests and place your doubts on the forums.

Thank you for testing our projects..

Have fun!