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Full Version: Windows NT Service Pack integration (slipstreaming) toolkit
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SlipStreaming ToolKit (or SSKIT) for Microsoft Windows NT™ 4.0

Where to get it:
and additional mscab.exe utility -
And how to use it:
sskit.exe C:\INSTALL\SP6\ D:\I386\ C:\INSTALL\OUT\

  • C:\INSTALL\SP6\ is an expanded ServicePack6a location (sp6_i386.exe -x)
  • D:\I386\ is an original WindowsNT 4.0 \I386 directory location
  • C:\INSTALL\OUT\ is a directory where to place modified installation. It must exists!
NB: Note that you MUST have mscab.exe ( ) somewhere in your PATH or sskit cannot work properly!!!

After that you may overwrite \I386\ dir content with \OUT\ dir content and get an automaticly SlipStreamed NT4 installation.

But remember, that after you installed NT4 onto your hard drive YOU MUST apply official SP6a to make necessary registry and security changes (I cannot preload them with sskit, sorry).
Sounds usefull but I cant use it for I do not use NT.
ive been trying to get this to work but i cant seem to be able to do it.
when i run the command specified i get lots of not found messages, a few found messages, and the rest is found compressed failed

is there something im missing?

i was using 98se or nt4sp6 or xpsp2 to try and do it but i got the same results each time, with only about 100ish files ending up in the out directory
Maybe the expansion of SP6a did not went well?
Or the \I386\ does not contain all files from an original NT4 CD \I386\?

Can you attach in a .zip file the files resulting from executing these commands:
1) a DIR /S C:\INSTALL\SP6\*.* C:\SP6a.dir
2) a DIR /S D:\I386\*.* C:\i386.dir
3) a DIR /S C:\INSTALL\OUT\*.* C:\OUT.dir (after running the command)
4) sskit.exe C:\INSTALL\SP6\ D:\I386\ C:\INSTALL\OUT\ >C:\sskitlog.txt



Here are the logs:
First post corrected due to missing link to mscab utility.
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