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10 Jan 2008
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grubinst_gui and turbomemory
I have a new laptop with turbomemory (1 GB) built-in. It only works with Vista (readydrive, readyboost). XP ignores the device.
The problem is that grubinst no longer see my real hard disk (Partition magic, ptedit32 and XP/Vista disk management
have no problem). grubinst see (hd0) with 1075M as capacity. When I tried to install it refuse, need --skip-mbr-check.
Adding this option, got insufficient disk space.

Looks like grubinst need to be updated to support turbomemory :-), by only recognizing real HDD.

My grubinst_gui/grubinst are dated 29/8/2007.
11 Dec 2007
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VistaPE build errors
I have Winbuilder 072a and VistaPE 10 (I believe so, since there is nothing that list the version of VistaPE.
Maybe in the future in the log it displays this information? ).
When building VistaPE I got some errors and remarks:

1) After the build, I got in my temporay directory (d:\tmp) the following empty directory:
Could it be automatically cleaned ?

2) Typo errors. The log has few typo errors, "Prepering" instead of "Preparing".

File [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\Build\Standard-0-preconfig.script] Version [10]
Prepering system...
WebGetIfNotExist - File [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\devcon.exe] already exists
Prepering system...

3) I got following errors showed in the log:
FileCopy - Failed to copy [C:\Program#$sFiles\Windows#$sAIK\Tools\x86\wimfltr.sys] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\Windows\system32\drivers\]
FileCopy - Failed to copy [C:\Program#$sFiles\Windows#$sAIK\Tools\x86\wimgapi.dll] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\Windows\system32\]
FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\FILE_ID.DIZ]
FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\INSTALL.EXE]
FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\LIESMICH.TXT]
FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\README.TXT]
FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\INSTALL.CAB]
DirDelete - Failed to delete directory [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\d]
DirDelete - Failed to delete directory [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE\App\File Tools\TC\e]
DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\Program Files] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\boot.tmp]
DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\ProgramData] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\boot.tmp]
DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\Users] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\boot.tmp]
DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\Windows] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE\boot.tmp]

13 errors occured!

- a- Due to lack of disk space on C:, my WAIK is in d:\Windows AIK. VistaPE said it can either use Vista DVD or WAIK.
When I pointed to d\Windows AIK, no error. When I pointed to the Vista DVD, errors found.
So it looks like that VistaPE still use and still need hard-coded c:\program files\Windows AIK.
This has to be fixed or stated clearly in the documentation about WAIK being mandatory or not if Vista DVD is provided, and what is the
path for WAIK (and not assuming hard-coded default path).

- b- Errors on Total Command are minor and could be ignored.
What is strange that I see one script with TC7.02a and one totalcmd.script, and a download of tcmd65.exe or something similar.

- c- I got two error popups stating that bcedit.exe was not found. These errors are not logged in VistaPE build log.

The result is that the iso can boot but with winload.exe error. My WAIK is in FAT32, my WinBuilder is in NTFS.
26 Nov 2007
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Differences between USB2 enclosure
I have many different USB2 boxes (enclosures) to host different 2"5 IDE hard disks.
For normal usage of storing data, no explicit problems found, they are all recognized (plug-and-play) and have a drive letter under XP/Vista.
But for BIOS boot point of view, there is a difference I found with one box. This box (regardless of what kind of HDD put inside) is seen in
one BIOS (Phoenix) as removable, instead of USB HDD (note: my USB keys are always seen as USB HDD, which is good).
Being seen as removable, of course this HDD cannot be booted (MBR presence, while BIOS did not expect this).
Curiously this HDD could be partitioned without any problem or error message under hard disk manager of XP.
Partition magic 8 however issued error message about invalid partition table (which was for me at this time incoherent since XP hard disk manager
did not have any problem handling this disk, and I can do any read/write to the disk).

This problem caused lot of investigation hours because I thinked the HDD was faulty, while in fact it is only the problem of the USB enclosure and BIOS.
22 Oct 2007
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eSATA booting
In the PC world, there is no HDD Firewire booting. But how about eSATA boot ?
I believe on some new laptops there is eSATA port built-in, so I assume eSATA attached HDD can be booted
(menu in BIOS). Is it true ? And is there any difference (for BartPE, WinPE...) to boot eSATA vs. USB 2?
Any problem like BSOD 0x7B (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) for example ?

I do know that PCMCIA/ExpressCard providing eSATA ports could not be used for booting.
Only built-in eSATA port could.

Note : I do not have any SATA equipment, so I am newbie on this matter.

Edit: a Google search seems to indicate that it is possible:
21 Oct 2007
Read Topic
Booting test, boot on USB key, test/make portable applications, test, install applications... all these activities
require environments that are protected or at least be undone (rollbacked). I found those interesting sites:




The following sites should already be known by all members of this forum.






Virtual PC
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