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13 Jun 2010
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MEMDISK Driver for Linux
There currently isn't a Linux driver to provide MEMDISK RAM disks nor GRUB4DOS RAM disks. That means that you can't simply take an .ISO of your favourite Linux distribution, load it into memory, boot it, and expect it to work. Why? Unless everything the distro needs is in the kernel and "initrd," the system will need to probe for another source of files. It won't find the RAM disk, because there's no driver.

It would be good to fix this. What I want from you, the users who are interested in such a feature, is the following:
  • Distribution name
  • Distribution download link
  • The results of the following command, when you boot the distro normally:
    $ uname -r

We might as well start gathering this data now.
8 Jun 2010
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GRUB4DOS + WinVBlock
QUOTE (Doodoo @ Jun 8 2010, 8:28 AM)
...I read with a lot of interest your post about WinVBlock. However there is a tremendous amount of very technical information, which makes it quite difficult...to extract the useful bits. May I ask a few simple questions:

1/ In order to install WinVBlock on a running XP, do I only need to copy wvblk32.sys and aoe32.sys in c:\windows\system32\drivers\ and execute the commands found in the ReadMe file ?

In fact, if you don't care about AoE, you needn't copy AoE32.sys. WVBlk32.sys handles all non-AoE logic, and is the "core" of WinVBlock. You can use just the sc command found in the ReadMe.txt file for this driver to install it, yes.
QUOTE (Doodoo @ Jun 8 2010, 8:28 AM)
2/ Is an .IMG file (as created by IMG_XP_Create) bootable with GRUB4DOS, not from RAM but as a HDD image file ?

If I've read wimb's thread well enough, I do believe that you wind up with an HDD image file. These are indeed currently bootable with the currently released WinVBlock ( as of this writing). You could boot such an image either as a RAM disk, or directly from the disk on which it resides.
QUOTE (Doodoo @ Jun 8 2010, 8:28 AM)
3/ If the answer in 2/ is yes, which commands do I need in GRUB4DOS menu.lst in order to do so ? The example in the WinVBlock thread only deal with the "boot from RAM" case.

Assuming your HDD image file is called foo.img and is in the root directory of the first partition of your USB disk, you'd do:
title foo
  map (hd0,0)/foo.img (hd0)
  map --hook
  root (hd0,0)
  chainloader /ntldr

QUOTE (Doodoo @ Jun 8 2010, 8:28 AM)
Sorry to keep you busy, and many thanks for your any information you can provide !

Hope it helps. Just be sure that if you are indeed booting from a USB disk, be sure that the USB drivers are all set to boot-start in your HDD image. By the way, .ISOs are so-named because of the ISO9660 filesystem, also called CDFS in Windows, I believe.
6 Jun 2010
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GRUB4DOS Maintainer
Hello. SourceForge suggests that "bean123" is the current maintainer of GRUB4DOS. Is this accurate? I'd read that "chenall" had been doing some GRUB4DOS work. I'm wondering who's claiming control over "official" releases, etc.
14 May 2010
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Recovery Console XP/2003 "Builder"
In the code-box below, you will find a MkCmdCons.bat file which should build a directory structure and populate it with the appropriate files from an XP/2003 installation source. What you end up with should be sufficient for booting the Recovery Console.

If you are making a hard disk drive image, you will wish to follow the instructions regarding modifying the volume boot record for the partition. Thanks to jaclaz for this volume boot record information.

While not 100% exactly what a Recovery Console installation gives you, it's pretty close. You should most likely use the attachment to this post, rather than copying and pasting from the code-box, since copying from the code-box with some browsers mightn't handle spaces nicely.

At some point I will try to port this as a Unix or Linux script.

/* 456789A123456789A123456789A123456789A123456789A123456789A123456789A123456789
* ͻ
* ? Each line of this file is optimally formatted for 79 columns. ?
* ? Best viewed from a command-line interface ^(a DOS box^) with the ?
* ? 'type' command or in Windows Notepad with the Terminal font. ?
* Ķ
* ? Programmed by Shao Miller @ 2010-05-13_20:31 ?
* ͼ

/* For debugging */
set DBG=

/* To help with commenting. Heh */
set #= ^> NUL 2^>^&1 ^&^& ^(
set ##= ^) ^> NUL 2^>^&1

/* To suppress standard output and error messages */
set _= ^> NUL 2^>^&1

/* A message, possibly blank */
set @=echo.

/* Quit the program */
set Q=goto :eof

/* Simply to align the "splash screen"
set L=

/* Oh, and we should set this */
echo off
) > NUL 2>&1

/* %#%
* This is where the batch file lives
*/ %##%
call :_get_dir "%cd%"

/* %#%
* Are we in our own subdir?
*/ %##%
if not "%_dir%"=="MkCmdCons" (
/* Nope. Make the subdir and copy us into it */ %_%
mkdir MkCmdCons %_%
copy /y "%~nx0" mkcmdcons %_%
cd mkcmdcons
/* Run us again with no return */ %_%

/* %#%
* We're in our own subdir. Delete any previously run copy
*/ %##%
del /f ..\"%~nx0" %_%

/* %#%
* Tell the user something about the program
*/ %##%
title Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console "Builder"
%@% Windows XP/2003 Recovery Console "Builder" %L%Shao Miller, 2010
%@% Performing Dynamic Update
%@% Checking for the latest updates.
%@% Dynamic Update is:
%@% -^> Connecting to Microsoft
%@% -^> Downloading software
%@% -^> Just kidding!

/* %#%
* Check the Windows XP/2003 source
*/ %##%
set _src=%1
if "%_src%"=="" (
%@% No source given on command-line. ^(Example: \XPSP2\I386^)
set /p _src= Enter the path to the Windows XP/2003 source:

%@% Checking for %_src%\TXTSETUP.SIF...
if not exist %_src%\txtsetup.sif (
%@% Not found!
%@% Found.

/* %#%
* Build the keyboard .DLL list
*/ %##%
%@% Building the keyboard .DLL list...
type %_src%\txtsetup.sif | findstr /i KBD | findstr /i .DLL,2 > KBD_DLL.txt

%@% > KBD_DLL2.txt
for /f "tokens=3" %%a in (KBD_DLL.txt) do (
) >> KBD_DLL2.txt

%@% > KBD_DLL3.txt
for /f "delims=," %%a in (KBD_DLL2.txt) do (
) >> KBD_DLL3.txt

/* %#%
* Build the list of other files
*/ %##%
%@% Building the list of other files...
type KBD_DLL3.txt > files1.txt
type \xpsp2\i386\txtsetup.sif | findstr = | findstr _, >> files1.txt
type \xpsp2\i386\txtsetup.sif | findstr = | findstr ,_ | findstr /v ,_x | findstr /v /i .dll >> files1.txt

/* %#%
* Sort the list alphabetically
*/ %##%
type files1.txt | sort > files2.txt

/* %#%
* Take the first word of each line, which is the file name
*/ %##%
%@% > files3.txt
for /f %%a in (files2.txt) do (
) >> files3.txt

/* %#%
* Strip off the last character from each filename
*/ %##%
%@% > files4.txt
for /f %%a in (files3.txt) do (
call :_wild %%a
) >> files4.txt

%@% > wild_list.txt
for /f %%a in (files3.txt) do (
call :_wild %%a ?
) >> wild_list.txt

%@% Done.

/* %#%
* Copy files
*/ %##%
mkdir Root %_%
mkdir root\CmdCons %_%
mkdir root\cmdcons\System32 %_%
%@% Copying files...
for /f %%a in (wild_list.txt) do (
copy /y %_src%\%%a root\cmdcons %_%
copy /y %_src%\ntdetect.com root %_%
copy /y %_src%\setupldr.bin root\ntldr %_%
copy /y %_src%\txtsetup.sif root\cmdcons %_%
copy /y %_src%\auto???.exe root\cmdcons %_%
for /l %%a in (1,1,6) do (
%@%> root\cmdcons\disk10%%a
%@%[SetupData]> root\cmdcons\WinNT.SIF
%@%SetupSourceDevice = "">> root\cmdcons\WinNT.SIF
copy /y %_src%\ntdll.dll root\cmdcons\system32 %_%
copy /y %_src%\system32\smss.exe root\cmdcons\system32 %_%
%@% Done.

%@% If you are creating an HDD image, please remember to overwrite the
%@% appropriate bytes of the partition's boot record (NOT the MBR) with
%@% bytes 0x3 through 0xA as "cmdcons\0". That is, the fourth through
%@% 11th bytes. '\0' is an ASCII NUL character.
%@% You might now enjoy something like: xcopy /e /h root g:\

/* %#%
* Set _dir to the filename of the passed string,
* without the extension. This function is called
* with the current directory, up above
*/ %##%
set _dir=%~n1

/* %#%
* Strip the last character off a filename.
* Optionally append a string afterwards
*/ %##%
set _file=%1
echo %_file:~0,-1%%2


- Shao Miller
Attached File(s)
Attached File  MkCmdCons.bat ( 5.08K ) Number of downloads: 43
28 Apr 2010
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XP/2003 Hang at MUP.SYS (or other file)
Hello. When you choose Safe Mode because you are having trouble, and you see the list of files loaded by NTLDR, if you hang at the end and Windows never continues, I suggest these possibilities:
  • You are using the wrong HAL.DLL
  • One of the following files has been corrupted
    • HAL.DLL
    • NTBOOTDD.SYS (you might not have or need this file. If you don't remember seeing it, don't worry about it)

While the list of files is indeed showing you what files are being loaded, I do not believe that these files are actually being run at the point of the hang. So while you might get the impression that the problem is with MUP.SYS because it hangs after that, I don't think that's likely. MUP.SYS will be started later on, after Windows changes to graphics mode (I think).

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