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29 Aug 2009
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chainloader --sdi argument
SDI file format specification by kolk

In this previous topic Boot Bart(X)PE using syslinux sdi.c32, I'm stuck

erwan.l reported success booting SDI image using grubloader thru pxe and load an SDI image with --sdi argument of chainloader.
edit : at least did I master how to boot an SDI file
Thru startrom/wintnt.sif, thru grub4dos, thru XPe boot loader, thru pxelinux+sdi module with nice findings here and there.

erwan.l use PXE boot device (pd) to load SDI file.

I would like to do the same but loading image from (hd0) device: \\.\PhysicalDrive0 Partition(1)

I have created new SDI file (BOOT+LOAD+PART BLOB's) as described.

Using Olof Lagerkvist ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver and 512-byte blocks offset, partition BLOB is mountable and i can check content.

The missing part is the entry to add to menu.lst

I hope erwan.l or diddy or tinybit can post a working menu.lst entry to check boot from grub4dos.

Added link to SDI file format specification by kolk
20 Dec 2008
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virtual storage driver
This is an example of a VSS hardware provider. Vsssampleprovider along with the virtual storage driver (virtualstorage.sys) and virtual storage controller (vstorcontrol.exe) located in the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\VSSSDK72\TestApps\hwprovst\bin" directory can be used to emulate the functionality of a hardware provider.

You will first need to download the VSS SDK.

Install it and play with it.

I hope The Finder will love it.
if this post is placed in the wrong subforum, Jaclaz rolleyes.gif will move it where it's more appropriate.

12 Feb 2008
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Imdisk command line behavior
In one of my previous post, i used to attach a virtual image file to a mountpoint.

When i'm logged on as administrator, i can attach and later detach the virtual image file with no issues.

When i'm logged on as user, i can attach the virtual image file but later i'm unable to detach it. I have to reboot to get back to the original point (no virtual image file attached).

I have also installed Junction Link Magic to list junction points created by ImDisk.

Have somebody using imdisk faced about this problem? Should I modify NTFS permissions for files or folders... appreciate if somebody could give me some suggestions.

Not in front of computer with this specific issue, I will post later current permissions and infos available through Junction Link Magic.
1 Nov 2007
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Mount DriveSnapshot backup image ?
Maybe Jaclaz would you be interested to inspect closely the content of a .sna file created by DriveSnapshot with your favorite hexeditor and with your level of knowledge find the magic value to load this image with ImDisk.

I know there is a built-in function to mount image but would like to know if we can use a single driver (imdisk) to load various kind of images...

29 Sep 2007
QUOTE (Olof Lagerkvist @ May 11 2007, 06:38 PM) *
All driver settings are in a very "techincal" format in the registry, basically based on the data structure the user mode applications send to the driver when a new virtual disk is created. You can create a registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ImDisk\Parameters.

I'm a little lost on this one, can someone help me out.

Basically, i want to automount at boot an image containing Lotus Notes 7.0.2 - NOMAD.

The command line used in batch script:
if not exist "%ProgramFiles%\Lotus" md "%ProgramFiles%\Lotus"
  imdisk -a -t vm -f %~dp0Nomad.img -m "%ProgramFiles%\Lotus"
::# "%ProgramFiles%\Lotus\notes\notes.exe" "=%ProgramFiles%\Lotus\notes\notes.ini"

ImDisk is already installed.
Should i set /v "Start" /t REG_DWORD /d "0" for both ImDisk and ImDskSvc? Current data value is "3"
What are the correct registry settings?

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