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.script developer


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1 Sep 2008
I made a website for my "Panther" XP/03 project and thought I'd post it for anyone that might like a lOOk.


25 Aug 2008
The sdc format (Secure Digital Cabinet) is often used to store and distribute software images,
The well known MS File Transfer Manager decrypts the SDC format when files are stored online like this and the process is usually transparent. Lots of MSDNAA media is stored as SDC. ...

Should you ever want to explore the format for yourself,
a developer named imagi now offers a cmd-line tool to unpack sdc files!

get it, and more details,
http://imagi.pl/ (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif)

--unpacking multi part sdc files is done by copying the file parts together first.
copy /b file1.sdc + file2.sdc file3.sdc

please note,
dotnet 2.0 is required for the program to run.
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Attached File  UnpackSDC.zip ( 5.43K ) Number of downloads: 71
16 Aug 2008
Now that MS has acquired all the sysinternals stuff...
As of last year everyone now has a
GUI PE from MS to play with--
untested, but,
Likely the erd2005.


the setup copies 'erd50.iso' to programfiles.
23 Jul 2008
I was looking for a small ini editor when I found..


--looked like it might be of use so I thought i might pass it along.

There's allegidly a 1KB .com that mods ini files.

I've been using a tool called inimod.exe that works well enough, but the 40 KB. + size seems excessive for it's functionality.

I have yet to test it, but inside the IMB kit is an ini tool and and other stuff.


I just found one.

called inimod.exe also from another author.

seems good.


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Attached File  IniMod.zip ( 12.54K ) Number of downloads: 22
4 Jun 2008
On May 6th a debugged xpsp3 build 5512 was released...


the cab'd exe is over 25Mb. larger than the rtm build.

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