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15 Nov 2007
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WinBuilder syntax
A small suggestion.
I can't see a difference between the Message Information and Confirmation.
Perhaps the latter should show an "OK" and a "Cancel" button, giving the opportunity NOT TO confirm.
13 Nov 2007
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[script]autoCompress, autoUPX
A very minor request/suggestion.
These scripts automatically generate processCompress and processUPX respectively.
Would it be possible to make them create the scripts with "Selected=None"?
13 Nov 2007
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Sometimes, for unknown reasons, all enabled scripts of my project get unchecked. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/mad.gif)
I guess it's a WinBuilder issue, but I can't reproduce it...

If it weren't for WBManager I'd have to check them individually amongst many others that I want to remain unchecked.
Problem is that when saving my constellation with WBManager I get an Access violation error and when restoring it an Abstract error, as shown below.
Apparently, everything runs normally afterwards.
Any idea?
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26 Jul 2007
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[WB072] Conversion of scripts from WB068
My aim mainly concentrates in creating and putting together application scripts with great (IMG: basic building scripts done by others and installing the build to an USB stick for a RAM boot.
I've created a few applications and scripts to format an USB stick and install the build on it, either HD like or Ram ISO.

The WB project, that I follow since its beginning, is in great continuous development and many things have changed over time in the building approach (nativeEX_Core) and in other fundamental scripts (Ramdisk/ImDisk, CreateISO/BootSDI, hardware and network detection, etc) at a path that I found difficult to follow due to my limitation and/or to lack ot time dedicated to the subject.
Many working fundamental scripts (not only applications) have rapidly become obsolete.

The dilemma is: stick (IMG: with my working project and lose the new developments, or redo everything from scratch every time.
I don't like any of the two alternatives. (IMG:

Anyway, while waiting for a strategic solution to a problem that might also affect others, I decided to upgrade to WB072! (IMG:

I've now almost completed my task of converting my working set of scripts (actually a project) to take advantage of the many improvements introduced by the new engine and by the new building core (localization, shortcuts, etc), but need some help/guidance on the following subjects:

1. I assume BootSDI has advantages over Ram ISO. Where can I find a tutorial on how to use/configure the script, to use it instead of my "old" (perfectly working) CreateISO with Ram option?

2. Network management was made in an undocumented way with a combination of scripts by Alexei, HighwayStar, that I had to adapt someway to make them work for me. It is now done with PENetwork that I can use in version 010, but not in subsequent versions for unknown reasons (I understand that newer releases also manage WiFi, but can't use them! (IMG: ).
Is there any way to understand the reason of this error (possibly linked to the building/host OS)?

3. Hardware detection was made in a complicated but effective way that no longer works in newer builds.
I've created the needed drivers, but I can't now detect any other hardware than the network (thanks to PENetwork), particularly my audio card. Assuming that any change that makes old scripts obsolete substitutes them with better oners, what method/script is now supposed to be used to this end?

Thanks for any clarification.
26 Jul 2007
This is a 100 MB PE created with Winbuilder 068 and in the process of being converted to the new engine (WB072) and to the new building core (nativeEx_Core).
It's installed to an USB stick and boots from RAM, with a few external applications on stick to reduce the overall need for RAM.
It includes utilities for rescue as well as for every day use (local and Internet), with all needed drivers (network, audio).
I was about to upload it and publish it as a project for those interested to use USB sticks more than CDs, but many of its building scripts became rapidly obsolete (they work with WB068 not localised and with the old shortcut method), and I'll have to wait for the reconversion being complete.
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