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2 Jun 2010
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Adding UBCD4Win to a Grub4Dos boot loader?
I'll apologise now if my post seems at all brash, but its getting late and I've been struggling on this one issue quite literally all day. Between searching the internet, constantly updating and remounting ISOs, and only achieving failures, I'm somewhat fed up. I really do appreciate all the help I've had from this forum so far, be it from reading, posting or private messages, and imagine I will do for a long while to come yet.
So, on to the matter at hand...

I'm currently working through a series of ISO files, adding them to UBCD's Grub4Dos boot menu. It started with 5 ISOs, but now is upto 18 with 9 fully operational. The 10th on my list is UBCD4Win. I'm struggling amazingly with it, though. I've tried everything I can think of and everything I can find on the internet that seems even remotely relevant.
Unfortunately the mixture of my lack of Grub4Dos experience and most people on the internet booting UBCD4Win in its HDD form off a HDD or USB stick mean the best I have achieved thus far is a BSoD.

I've managed to get to two different outcomes:
- trying to target UBCD4Win's syslinux/isolinux results in immediate failure
- booting to UBCD4Win's XP system results in bypassing the menu system and a BSoD straight after XP's loader bar finishes.

Things to note:
- I can't extract from the ISO as every source says folder/file paths are hardcoded in SETUPLDR.BIN and I will not settle on it being located anywhere but /ubcd/custom.
- I made my UBCD4Win from Server2003 as opposed to XP (as I don't have a proper XP install CD).
- I'm new to syslinux/isolinux, Grub4Dos, UBCD4Win (or any form of "LiveXP" system) and I've never used GRUB before (should you think I need to use it).
- I've read through hundreds of posts on tens of threads from forums all over the internet and can neither find someone who shares my aim nor piece something together by myself that gets the job done, so I'd prefer if you explain things to me rather than post links. That said, if your link really is helpful (ie an obscure forum/tutorial/documentation) then feel free.

Thanks in advance guys!

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