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24 May 2010
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Total "Sardu information"
Could we possibly get a list of the expected downloaded ISO image filenames?

The list was great in the pinned "SARDU information". At least I have an idea of what we are supposed to download in the antivirus category, but the others are just a big guess. Am I just missing the documentation somewhere?

A small list of which ISO is expected with each version number of SARDU would be extremely helpful.
23 May 2010
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Simple questions
I apologize if you have addressed this, I've had problems locating answers to my questions. I'm not very good at posting in Forums but here goes my first try. (newbie to linux and sooo much available info) I use Google Chrome for translating some of the entries, it works great for me!

1. Could you possibly make a list of EXACTLY which ISO's the tool is trying to download? Some links give too many options!
Clonezilla clonezilla-live-1.2.5-15-i686.iso <----fail
Puppy lupu500.iso <-----------------------------fail
UBCD4WIN U_B_C_D_4_WIN.iso <------------------fail

This would be a great help to me and others. Many of the ISO's I downloaded don't seem to boot when built using Sardu_1.0.7.3 Beta4.

2.How about you make a way for us to edit which ISO's Sardu will use for burning? Maybe some old distros for older computers?
My interest in this great tool is making a huge ISO with many distros and serving it up on my local network via gPXE.

I'm using Virtualbox for testing purposes. (works with linux and MS!) My physical machine is AMD Phenom Triple core 2.1 GHZ with 3G Ram 32 bit Vista home premium dual booting with Debian stable.

Great work so far Davide! I appreciate all your hard work, Ciao!

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