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25 May 2010
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Manual install and identifying file read/write
Hey again smile.gif

After playing with the source for quite a while (and now finally being able to compile it as well, thanks Olof).
I got several questions I've been asking myself.
1. Can I manualy deploy/install the driver without the INF file?
i.e Copy the sys files to the driver folder. Copy exe&cpl file to the system32 folder. Using sc to create a service to imdisk.sys (similar to filedisk).
2. Is there a way (from inside the driver) to see which files are being accessed? (read/write).
I tried to look into ImDiskReadWrite, but cant figure out where it is.
I tried looking inside the MdlBuffer (Irp->MdlAddress) and inside the Irp read/write buffers passed (io_stack->Parameters) but all I came accross is random data I couldnt make sense of.

Is there something I'm over looking?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion smile.gif
25 May 2010
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Problem compiling under windows xp
Dear friends,

I have been trying to compile the latest ImDisk, using the newest DDK available (7600.16385.1) with little success.
Some of the projects compile fine, but others (cpl for example) fail with this error:
1>errors in directory c:\proj\im\imdisk_source\cli
1>NMAKE : _NT_TARGET_VERSION value is unknown.
1>NMAKE : _NT_TARGET_VERSION is misspecified.

although using "set" I can see:

Any thoughts on what may cause it and how to fix
14 May 2010
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Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2010 from USB
I tried a lot of combinations but didnt work except this one worked 50% with me using grub4dos menu list:

I extracted the (kav_rescue_10.iso) image into the USB stick and also I copied the iso image to the USB, so I have both the ISO image and the exctracted image both on the USB and I edited my menu.lst as follows:

title Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2010
find --set-root /kav_rescue_10.iso
map /kav_rescue_10.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

it worked fine during booting and everything went smooth until i reach the desktop and here i have the problem, first thing i face that EULA empty editable and does not close, so i have to minimize it, and when i try to start the kaspersky rescues program nothing happens!! frusty.gif

I tried a lot of combinations in my menu.lst but all didnt work or at the best they gave me same result to what i mentioned.

SO, please anyone could help me with this without posting any links to things that dont work because i reviewed all links about this subject, and nothing works, please anyone has a solution just post his working menu.lst complete and with no mystery words or nonsence links, I would be very thankfull to him. worship.gif

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