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6 Apr 2010
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the usb perfect key
I am new to this site but for a long time I wanted a multiboot usb drive with all the tools I may ever need on the go. I finely came up with what I call Zeus's key i use an 8 gig patriot xt 200x drive works very well. I used multibootiso.exe which I will post links below for everything. It has portable apps with all of liberkeys applications installed so you have your in windows needs covered there are about 300 apps total that run in windows right off the drive. Then i put ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso, Parted Magic 4.9.iso,Damn Small Linux.iso,Ultimate Boot CD.iso, Offline NT Password + Reg Editor.iso, DBAN 1.0.7.iso, xPUD.iso, Hirens boot cd 10.1.3.iso, and last but not least my favorite Backtrack3 final files not iso. everything works except Hirens boot cd only allows you to boot mini xp. backtrack 3 takes some work but is very wort it. I will explain how to do this below :

1.) 8gb thumb drive at least
2.)fast internet connection

the software:
Files 1-10 can be downloaded from:
multiboot and most download links
1.) Multibootiso.exe
2.) ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso
3.) Memtest86+ Site (Get ISO from Zip)
4.) Parted Magic 4.9 Site (get ISO from Zip)
5.) Damn Small Linux Site
6.) Ultimate Boot CD Site
7.) Offline NT Password + Reg Editor Site (get ISO from Zip)
8.) DBAN 1.0.7 (Hard Drive Nuker)
9.) xPUD (Simple Netbook Distro)
10.) FreeDOS (put balder10.img on USB)

11.) Hirens boot cd 10.1.3
exclamation.gif Link removed. (Sorry, no links to warez here. MedEvil)

12.) Backtrack3 final backtrack3final download

13.) Portable apps portable apps download

14.) Liberkey ultimate liberkey ultimate download

15.) backtrack 3 video drivers try the top one first if this does not work search through for your card backtrack 3 nvida drivers downloads

Now that you have everything downloaded format your drive fat32 then run multiboot.exe
this will reformat and install grub with a menu list but we need to change some things we will get to that later.
You now need to copy over all of the iso's to the drives root folder so they are contigious and will boot then extract the boot and bt3 folder from the backtrack 3 final iso I do this using magic iso and mounting the iso. rename the boot folder bootbt3 and copy both folders to the root of the usb drive.
Now install portableapps.exe directly to the usb drive
and install liberkey to you computer I recommend the desktop
when both have finished installing copy the applications from the liberkey/apps folder to the portableapps folder on your usb drive when finished copy the rest of the file from the liberkey install on you computer to the root folder of the usb there should be 9 files and folders you must do this so the liber key apps will launch.
now copy the nvida drivers to the bt3/rootcopy folder on your usb drive
you can now create an extras folder and put movies games emulators etc for fun on the go
now we need to edit the menu.lst it is located in the root of the usb double click and it should open in notepad delete everything and an paste this:

default 0
timeout 30

title Hirens boot cd 10
find --set-root /Hiren's.BootCD.10.1.iso
map --mem /Hiren's.BootCD.10.1.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Memtest86+
find --set-root /memtest86+-4.00.iso
map --mem /memtest86+-4.00.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Parted Magic 4.8 (Partition Tools)
find --set-root /pmagic-4.8.iso
map /pmagic-4.8.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Balder DOS image (FreeDOS)
map --unsafe-boot /balder10.img (fd0)
map --hook
chainloader --force (fd0)+1
rootnoverify (fd0)

title Ubuntu 9.10
find --set-root /ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso
map /ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso (0xff)
map --hook
root (0xff)
kernel /casper/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper persistent iso-scan/filename=/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso splash
initrd /casper/initrd.lz

title DSL 4.4.10
find --set-root /dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso
map --mem /dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

title Ultimate Boot CD 4.11
find --set-root /ubcd411.iso
map /ubcd411.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)

title BackTrack 3 boot from dos load video driver via mc

title Offline NT Password & Registy Editor
find --set-root /cd080802.iso
map /cd080802.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)

title DBAN 1.0.7 (Drive Nuker)
find --set-root /dban-1.0.7_i386.iso
map --mem /dban-1.0.7_i386.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

# Suggested by Robin McGough
title xPUD 0.9.2 (NetBook Distro)
find --set-root --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /xpud-0.9.2.iso
map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 /xpud-0.9.2.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)

# Suggested by Relst
title Run a Linux OS from the Internet
kernel /gpxe.lkrn

# Not working yet (feel free to try)
# title Boot Slax 6.1.2
# find --set-root /slax-6.1.2.iso
# map /slax-6.1.2.iso (0xff)
# map --hook
# root (0xff)
# chainloader (0xff)

then save make sure it is menu.lst and not menulst.txt
now everything will boot hirens takes some time so be patient and only the mini xp feature works with this configuration.
you can launch portableapps.exe in windows and you will have tons of fun and useful apps

now to boot back track 3
when you boot from the usb drive select the Balder DOS image
then select option 1
now you have a dos shell
enter c: "press enter"
this should access the usb drive now type cd/bootbt3/dos "press enter"
then type: bt3.bat "press enter"
backtrack should begin to load when it gets to the log in user name : root password:toor
now you can try xconf "then press enter" then startx "press enter" if it does not load you need to configure the video drivers restart and go back through the steps and login but this time type mc "press enter: a blue screen should come up find the nivida package usually select ... then root copy and you will see it select it and press enter it should install without issue just select no to the connect to the internet... then agree and yes to everything once install is finished exit the mc and type xconf "then press enter" then startx "press enter" bt3 should now load if it gave you a driver error you may need to search the nvida download page link above and find your exact driver if you have an ati video driver then i cant help you as i do not own one. but for most of you this will work and now you have the ultimate tool again i've dubbed zeus's key. Im sure there are many other options out there but this one worked best for me. sorry for any spelling errors im a math guy spelling is not my thing .

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