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3 May 2010
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Win PE on sardu
Hi is that possilbe win Pe add to sardu?

Thank you
11 Apr 2010
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No unetbootin entry after installing

I ran Unetbootin and used the latest Linux Mint ISO, and selected C:\ drive and rebooted when prompted but it boots right back into Windows without showing up the boot menu. I then checked boot.ini and there is no Unetbootin entry in it. I'm running XP Pro. How do I fix this? Could I just add Unetbootin in boot.ini manually? If so, what exactly do I put in it?
6 Apr 2010
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BIOS Help For Laptop
Hiya All.
I wonder if this Community can help me? huh.gif smile.gif

I have been trying for ages (weeks) to try and flash my BIOS with an upgrade for my Toshiba Laptop. It is a Toshiba Equium A60.

I can get it to load Windows 98 (except that it tells me that the USB devices wont work because of conflicts in the BIOS)
My friend has exactly the same Laptop, and the BIOS Version is V1.9 and mine is V1.65 To me, this very simply means that mine is out of date! mad.gif rolleyes.gif

I have downloaded the newest BIOS Version from Toshiba’s website, and they say to execute the .exe file by using 1.4 Floppy Drive. This I do not have ! mad.gif
You can also execute this file in Windows, except that in Windows 98 it tells me I have an error! “Failure_DLL DetecChipset” sad.gif dry.gif mellow.gif
I have Googled this, and the only website that has the same error code is in German! And although Google will let you translate it, it don’t tell me anything!

As a last resort, I thought I could burn a CD, make that into a bootable disk, and add the Toshiba file to it.
Tried this with BartsPE but this is based on Windows XP and I cannot load XP, it gets as far as the XP Logo, then freezes. This is why I suspect the BIOS requires an update.

So, after more Googling, I have finished up at this website, hoping to make a Boot Disk, with the Toshiba Flash Files attached, but it has to be done in “Windows 98” and not XP

So………… that is my problem, anyone have any ideas please?

By the way, I used one of the "Freebie" Logons, and it worked a treat, thanks.

And, If you want to mail me with any ideas "geoff_and_olya@yahoo.co.uk"
12 Mar 2010
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Win7Pe Download Section

I have been downloading every script in the Antivirus and Antispyware section of the App Script section that says VistaPE on it and trying to run it on Win7Pe...

Most of them require combo_box (Which I can't get working on Win7PE) and it is basically trial and error. I know there is a forum posting for people to list the apps they have working... But, is it possible for that to be reflected in the download section? Can they at least say VistaPE/Win7Pe... or can Win7Pe get it's own section?

28 Feb 2010
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Mapping of compressed ISO's?
after several days of silent studying, now its time to ask one question smile.gif
because of the disabled new user registration, i had to use a bugmenot acc.

its possible to map gzip-compressed images. but what about cd-rom isos?
if not, can i convert a winxp iso file to an image format and use it for an installation?

i have several windows installations on my flashdisk (for now in directories), but i wanna save
some space on the flash disk. any suggestions for this purpose?


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